Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Before 2013 Ends

So as I'm writing here, less than 3 hours till the end of 2013. I feel like I couldn't feel the presence of the time. It is running way too fast. I couldn't keep in the pace. There's ups and down occurred in 2013.

1. When I knew my bff Bibian decided to leave us to study in UK. But her secret didn't go well on me. I knew she just went to UK for vacation. To tell you the truth I stalked her unintentionally. She was the best friend of mine which practically I know all her families member. She just abandoned me right after the graduation. Ignored my message, never call me or explain anything to me. If you are reading this congratulation Queen B. You lied to everyone in your social media but you can never lied to me especially you live so near me. And truth will come out no matter how long you are going to hide. I introduced Sharon one travel agencies for internship which is now a permanent staff and guess what! Sharon was in charge with passport visa and also with your latest travelling in China. Sharon already checked up your passport. You never went to study at UK at all. You lied to us but we found out. This world is so small. I cried for nothing and you broke Sharon and my trust. We will never be a complete meal right now. Potato decided to find another way out. Its just left Beef chop with salad. 

2. I hate my job. I still managed to endured for 1 and 3 months in this company. My position is really stable right now but I never love my job. Everyday I always wait for work off. Waiting for time to passed by and end the day. I'm nowhere motivated. I am waiting for the opportunities to leave this company. I don't like the way I'm working now, I am a great leader and I know I can do more than what I have now but the position I'm standing doesn't favor me at all. Even if I take opportunities it won't work. I am still seeking for what I stand for and go for my passion. I don't want to regret doing things I don't like. I must love my job in order to pursue what I wanted. 

3. This year I managed to go travelling to new country! I went to Taiwan on the end of March. It was a great experience for me. I'll definitely go there again for their food and shopping paradise. Not to mention I went to Pulau Sapi for the first time on September. It was the first time I went to Pulau to have fun. I went to Pulau with my favorite colleague! Also it was my first trip with Sharon to KL! Went to KL meet few of my favorite blogger as well, then stayed at uncle's place, went to shopping and ate all the fast food in KL. 

4. This year I finally turned 21 years old. I am not sure if I am fully matured or not. But I am sure I am growing up to become a better person. I really hate the feeling of growing old. Because the older I am the more I need to know the real world. This world is really scary. How the society ruin people's physical and mind is really a challenge for us. Sometimes we cannot act according to our feelings but rationally that wouldn't harm or disadvantages us. As we are growing up older our surrounding people aged as well especially our loves one, parents. It makes my heart aches even more in pain. It also shows that the time I'm going to spend with them is going to be lessen. I'm happy to become a grown up but my heart is in pain to watch them grow older as well. 

5. Participate with Church activities really makes me happier. I am fortunate and lucky that this year I've managed to participate caroling! Its been 6 years since our Church has stop caroling. It was amazing. It brings back a lot of great memories. But of course this was a lot more different. This year Church member has finally expanded their activities and getting more active than before. It took a long time to make this happen, and I am happy to see a lot of new faces and old members getting involved with Church actively. It was really a great start. I can feel the strength and faith for making the Church more active than before. Praise The Lord. I hope I can make time for Church as well. 

What is my 2014 New Year Resolution? 
1. Seek job opportunities when the time comes.
2. Travel as much as possibles.
3. Love my parents even more.
4. Go to Church and participate as much activity they conducted
5. Exercise more and loss more than 10 kg fat. 
6. Forgiveness. 
7. Be more considerate and work hard on every wishlist I created. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sudden Change

I was just enjoying my December life week ago. I am now all depressed. Depressed with work. I cannot wait to throw letter of resignation next year. I can't wait that day to come. I don't know whats wrong about me. Such a sudden change. Maybe period is approaching so my hormone is getting imbalance here. I feel like I'm back to the old me which is full of grouchy feeling. 

Feeling so uncomfortable lately. Actually I've ignored my work a lot just to anticipate church activity for the whole month of December. Now that my routine got back to normal, I hate it so much. I'm nowhere motivated to work in this condition. I want my church life back! but I know it should be balance between work and personal life. 

I just couldn't concentrate at all with work. I spend the most happiest and fun day with church member and friends. I could even feel that I totally abandoned my parents lol. I hate the feeling of pressure, it disguise me a lot. I HATE IT. I have to pretend to be happy and work diligently when I'm not. 

I really hope I could attend Jumpstart talk on January 2014. Little bits of a miserable life. Oh btw 1 more days to go before 2014. I'm not sure I'm ready or not. It's just a date that change number every year. 2013 has given me a bundle of happiness that I couldn't possible had. I'm thankful to met such amazing people on December and participate church life again, they bring lots of laughter to me. I'm so thankful and grateful to my church family! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Friday, December 27, 2013

Praise The Lord

I am having a massive awesomeness this December 2013! I've never been so busy and excited for all the church activities before! I am deemed and motivated to join lot of their camp and activities next year. So much fun happening this year. I must motivate myself to go to church as much as possible.

I don't know why but I feel so much different. It feels like so many miracle is happening. Church youth is getting strong and active than before. A lot of youth joined camp and their event. Previously youth is really dull and inactive, nobody wanted to even join anything at all.

But nonetheless, Praise The Lord! Church spirit is getting really stronger than before. It is really hard to describe anything into words but I saw and experienced the difference from long ago and the current situation. We are changing for better and changing for stronger and changing for stronger faith in Lord Jesus.

Even tho I still seek for the other half and my passion, I believe God has plan for me. No matter where I choose the road I will still be guided.

All I asked is to be alive and I'm Thankful. I'm so thankful for all the happening and the greatness of Lord. I really feels like Lord Jesus is slowly open up my heart. To tell you the truth, I'm in doubt with Lord Jesus, there's a border in my heart take block the trust, sometimes I felt insecure and scared. But Lord Jesus has been patient on me all the way. 

He's taking a slow pace to heal me and giving lots of love no matter what had happen. I'm really grateful and Thankful for everything. I'm glad to take the opportunities to join caroling, and youth event. I really hope in the future I will join more of these event to open up even more. 

Thank You Lord Jesus! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Cheers and God Bless Everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Little bits of this and that

Hi guys! Hadn't had a proper time to do blog post! Busy with caroling and church and lots of event coming! Never had such amazing and busy December. My time was packed with caroling and church event and others as well. I am so happy to participate this year's caroling, it really brings back great memories I had back then.

Really anticipate the coming of Christ! I never anticipate as much as before but I'm glad I did. To spread the word of God, to spread the news of the coming of Christ. So amazing, words really can't describe how grateful and amazing things had happen to me. Feeling so blessed despite all the grouchy emotional from the all the previous post I have been posting in this blog.

There's a little bit of unsettling lust in my heart lately. It keeps fluttering. I don't recall anything or people that I like. It still the same, I do sometimes think too much. Even though I still haven't decided that if I wanted to study or continue to work, I really hope God will guide me with the choices that I've made.

Anyway this week I'm full with event! Monday (today!), Christmas song practice and also sharing from one of our church member! Tuesday, Going to church at night with my friend! Wednesday (Christmas Day!), church in the morning and youth party at night! Thursday, Sacred Heart Church Youth Party at night! Friday, Company dinner! I love love love December! So much event to attend! I feel like my life is not so meaningless at all. Feeling really really blessed and happy now!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In time songs

Every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every time. Singer or music producer constantly creating new and fresh music to people. We constantly seek music that fits our moods. Music is everyone's life practically. We can't live without music. It constantly pushes towards or backward based on the music we're listening. It gave us a lot of impact no matter what, where, when, why and how.

People like is moving towards anything we're doing. So we are used to listening new song every time we're on radio or on television. But once we listen back to the song we used to listen or song that it was popular on that particular time, we tend to reminisce the good time or hard time we had. 

Its finally Christmas month now. I finally had the chance to go out for caroling. Although its tiring but I feel great and amazing. Its feels so amazing to spread the good news of Jesus! I hadn't had this amazing feeling before. Singing church songs is still best. We even sing back all the song we used to be in prayer meeting and youth camp. I'm reminisce back all good memories I had.

Also I've been obsessed with White Christmas! It like my most and best and loved song! I've been singing it every time when I have the great mood. It feels so great! While I was singing the song it feels like or I really wish that it snow during Christmas time. How I wish! Hope you all are having a good time!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Number 300,000

When did number exist in our life? Why must it exist? What if it doesn't exist? That's where money conquers humans thinking. Money and numbers rule the world if you haven't know it yet. The higher the number the higher the money. That's where people's mind is corrupted

We as human will never be satisfied with all the things we have now. Not even a single thing. You want this, you want that, you want everything he/she has it. That's the kind of world we're living right now. We will never be satisfied.

By looking at the amount of money, I could do a lot of thing. I mean really a lot. 300,000 is not a small amount of money it is really big. I could use it to help my parents to pay house loan, buy at least a better small car for parents so that, the 20 years old car could be trade off. We still own a 20 years old car. Or at least fix all the broken and old furniture, house gate, water storage, television. 

300,000 for 3 years studies, is it worth? I am seriously thinking hard on this one. Will this amount of money of studies will determine my future? Am I able to finish the studies for 3 years? 1 year or 2 years of studies later will I regret choosing the course? 300,000 is not a joke here, it can be put and use for better place.

IF I really went to studies where do I get 300,000 for tuition fee, not even include living expenses?

What will you do if you're in my situation?

Thinking hard, thinking hard.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Friday, November 1, 2013

November 2013

I think not all people realize its November already. 2 more months we're going to hit 2014 soon. I still have a vivid feelings that Christmas 2012 just over, and now its going to happen again. Last year I was so excited with my trip to Taiwan and the long waited KL trip with my bff has officially over. Now I'm anticipating next year's trip. May, June, and July is packed with 2014 vacation list. Travelling is so good! It's the best getaway paradise for me! 

I'm going to postponed my studies for the sake of travelling. I was wondering if this is a stupid decision ever. Can anyone tell me about it??? But soon enough I think I'll just abandon my studies all along. I'm not going to waste money and time on studies that I'm not interested. Maybe I'll choose another course again or either way.

How I wish I'm in a winter country! I like to wear hoodie and jacket that keeps me warm. Experiencing the fall weather and sight seeing! Autumn / Fall is my favorite season of all!! One day I shall make it dream come true! It's on my bucket list anyway :P Great season is coming! ☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Pretending that you don't know that person.
Pretending that you doesn't exist.
Pretending that you don't care.
Pretending that you don't know anything.
Pretending that you're smart.

Each time when I'm pretending to do something it always implies to everyone that know me or worked with. Usually when I'm pretending are basically to hide my secrets or avoid being recognize or I just don't care face. 

Just come back from my KL trip. 4 days and 3 nights with Sharon. It was part fun part not fun. I don't know but we somehow had a bit of controversy in terms of action and decision. Sometimes I disagree and sometimes she disagree. Its like somehow our friendship suddenly when downhill (ok I exaggerate a lot) even we didn't fight nor had an argument, but somehow you'll know their true self even more. That's how I feel. Travelling with friends really shows own true self. I think I did show my ugliness and childishness in making random decision. 

But I'm more aware and a little bit more conscious in making decision or saying anything. We're not kids anymore. We can't bluff, we can't say something stupid, we must care about his/ her feelings. Sometimes I do wonder if they care about my feelings as well??

I need to find a prefect travel companion. Sharon is okay and we're having our next trip again next year! Looking forward anyway. Going to update about my trip on voomei.blogspot.com soon! Stay tune. :D

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, September 30, 2013


Do you know the feeling when the bull shit on you when you did nothing wrong? Yes I felt it. I wasn't able to counter back cause I don't know if it was really my fault or what. I couldn't. So I've been stuffing all these bull full of shit to myself. Instead of screaming out loud by counter attack (LOL) I cried. Stupid isn't it? Cause all the shit were stuffed into me, I couldn't let it all out. 

Even I let it out no one will understand. So why bother even let the others or force others to understand my shit-ness I've been through. Its not like they would exactly know or knew how I feel. Anyway this bull full of shit isn't going to last longer. But of course these shit wouldn't directly disappeared in a minutes. 

I wanted to curse everyone here in my life. But I couldn't do it. Cause I feel bad even saying vulgar words. I think I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm wanna cry till I'm satisfied. lol. I just want to get out of this place. Anyone lend me a shoulder? 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week before Oct

Short update for what I've been doing these day. Its gonna be fucking October in 1 more week! How time flies. Same as usual, working the shit out and online everyday. Oh I just started writing stories 2 stories to be precise. I had so many inspiration lately. lol can anyone tell me where to sell stories to entertainment agency?

And my trip to KL on Oct is going to be AWESOME! Please be awesome lol. This is the best year for me. Cause there's event on the day I'm going to KL CHURPOUT Event! OMG so fucking excited already.

All the thing we planned ahead we're cancelled just because I wanted to attend churpout event. Thanks to my bff for compromising with my plan! Best bff and travelling partner ever! Its my first time attending this big event. I've been wanting to go to this event since last year. And luck is on my side! I hope I could meet other bloggers as well take lotsa picture.

And have lotsa fun! Super excited for the event and the day to arrive. Hope everything goes on smoothly. Praying for good weather, praying for our plan to go on smoothly, hope we can had a blast! Anyone going?? ;) Hope to meet lotsa people!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, September 19, 2013


1. Happiness

Tears of happiness when my mom gave me the best 21th Birthday surprise ever. The best ever. That's when my first tear drop was from the right eye. 

2. Frustration

Finally of all these months I've been enduring, I've finally broke down for like 2 to 3 mins of hatred and frustration towards my shit job life. This is where tears fell down from both of my eyes together. 

3. Pain

For the first time ever in my life, I feel the pain of heart broken. So pain that my chest hurts like needle poking all over it. Don't get it wrong. It was a dream. A vivid dream. So surreal that I decided to create the stories that makes my heart so pain and heart broken.(the main story of it, is where and how I get so heart broken)  This is where tears fell down from the left of my eye first. 

P/S : Anyone wanna make my stories to a real movie?? I am willing to sell the stories so Imma not going to publish here. T&C Apply. I haven't finish the stories yet lol. Do contact me naoki_ying92@hotmail.com

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reaction Post : G-DRAGON - 삐딱하게 (CROOKED)

Ok guys, I'm not really a fan of G-dragon itself but since everyone is raving all over the internet so I joined in the crowd. lol Basically I'm writing this post while listening to the song Crooked shown above. 

My reaction towards the M/V was okay for me. High fashion, very unique, great location (does this even included???)  Overall it was really good. I really love this song, nice catchy tone and sounds like lotsa fun. But nearly in the end of the M/V GD cried. OMG who cares if he cries. I did read a few of the comment and some from my friends as well and they seems to be so emotional about it. 

Most of the comment we're like "lemme hug u T.T" "OMG I SO SAD" "Don't cry" "I feel so sad for him" etc etc I'm really sorry if I offended you guys and sound so sarcastic which it is. Cause maybe I don't really understand the lyric nor know what is he singing about! At least I did try to search meaning of it and understand a bit. But I did know that he's currently very emotional. LOL based on the Coup D'etat song and this as well. I don't like Coup D'etat anyway, it sound so weird. 

But after reading most of the comment and understand few lyrics. Yes I do feel sad about him and I feel like comforting GD but its because everyone is making me absorb into it with all the comment. Which makes him look really emotional and sad and needed to be comfort. -.-

Anyway it was really a good music! 4/5 rating! :)

*All are based on my own opinion, if you have anything to comment about feel free! But it doesn't mean I will reply especially those that feel offended by my post*

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 2013

I cannot believe 2013 is going to end in 4 months time. Its like I haven't had enough time to really enjoy 2013. All I do now was working from monday to saturday sunday is the day I get to relax but its not enough.  I need more holiday and free time to really see, feel and enjoy my life. At this age like this I should be travelling, to see the world. I hope I can soon be able to travel. So much in desperate to travel.

Anyone wanna go Korea to study Korean?? I was planning eh but I has no one to accompany with. I need to brave up and go alone someday. I need a friend who is not skeptical in anything and able to go with the flow without any complain. Making spontaneous decision and able to travel freely. Too much realistic inserted in everyone lately. Even myself as well so I can't complain too much either. :( Lots of mixed feelings as well.

I blank out a lot lately. Just staring at the screen or wall for no reason, when I realized it, it was just nothing but I stressed about it. Weird huh? Anyway I got to hang out with Coulson for 2 days. Uncle and Aunt was back for a short while and brought Coulson to beaches. We had fun, small family gathering. :)

Cutie Pie but super naughty boy!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hi Peepooo

First time in my life I've been sick for 1 week! So awesome! It started with sore throat that my voice totally changed into man voice. Two days later I had flu accompanied with cough. My sore throat got better and I can sing in high note, literally hahahaha I think I sang too much for the past few days that leads to sore throat (my own assumption lol) 

Yeah, last week I celebrated my birthday! I'm officially legal but I'm still not able to do the driving -.- You can read my birthday post Officially Legal. Oh! I got lazier and lazier this month, didn't do my proper pilate like last month, so I'm gaining weight but in physically I slim down, why arh???? Body problem. hahahaha

Gonna talk a bit about my working condition now. Now I have more work to do which is a good thing and I learn a lot lately. Thanks to a great supervisor who supervise properly which lead to no problem in my work but still busy lah. I was kinda starting to doubt if I should go to study eh. But I still insist starting my plan. I no care, must go study before I regret.

Oh and I hope I could make a blog post on baking in my 2nd blog soon! My girls and I suddenly were interested in making vegan dessert and non vegan as well. So I hope I manage to write down and capture the steps and make it into blog post soon. hahaha. I like to eat and everyone likes to eat lol.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Friday, August 9, 2013


Lately I have a lot of love controversy running in my head. Maybe I'm being a despo right now for having a relationship but I'm afraid. Yes I'm afraid to have a relationship. I refuse to find a boyfriend and refuse to fall in love. I still can admire lah but not love.

Its really jealous to see my friend to have a great relationship. Lovely dovey around, get to spend a lot with loves one, quarrel once a while, cuddle whole day, hold hands together. But somehow it still makes me afraid to love someone. I never had a boyfriend in my life. Seriously, its great to love but what if its only one side love? What if it doesn't last forever? Yes, I'm afraid of a fail relationship. Cause I heard too much from other people about their relationship to marriage life. Its love, happiness, sad, depressing and etc. All in 1.

I heard too much stories from different people that I let myself drag into this situation. Movie or drama is way too fake, but it still implies in anyone in the world. I have been reading fourfeetnine.com & timothytiah.com blog for 1.5 years when I started to know them through nuffnang website. Both of them we're amazing in terms of relationship and how they express their genuine feelings in their blog. Their journey a long throughout from their marriage stage started impressed me a lot. They are going through a lot of hardship now. I really pray that fighter will born healthily. 

I still doubt falling in love, even both of their love is so strong and amazing. I did think of my future if I get into this situation. Sometimes because of responsibilities we forgot the place we came in first. We get together because of love and responsible, not responsibility alone. I want to carry with my loves one with both not one side. When a couple gets old and have children I find that marriage is a responsibility, taking care of children is a responsibility when their passion in love has become dull, everything is just responsibility. 

I sometimes envy old marriage couple still lovey dovey holding hands like my cousin's parents. So loving. I think my parents has become parts of responsibility more than love. Its like 60% (responsible) to 40% (love) maybe its also because of me. I don't know, its also part of my fault. But family first no matter what. Even I fucking hate my bro but in the end he's still my bro. Family will never be apart even its only responsibility. (macam suddenly out of topic. lol)

Anyway I've been making my standard way too high. I don't know if its high or not. I really want a guy that has the opposite side of me. Who loves to make me laugh instead of quite one since I'm really a shy and quite person. Totally NO TO SMOKING (I don't want to die early). Tall guys! Where are all the tall guys?? Why guys nowadays SO SHORT?? HAHA One last thing is that he's hot and talented which doesn't mind me being ugly and sloppy. See my own standard not that good but requires a good one! See how greedy am I. HAHAHA LOL 

Okay what the fuck am I talking about. Been wanting to express this long time ago but its so hard to translate my chinese into English. lol Hope you guys understand. Urgh its another complicated mixed feelings lately. With all the work stucking in my head lately, I get so stress and tired a lot even if its not a big deal. I need to quit my job soon. 4 more months to go! 

Till Then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is happening to my life

Yeah seriously what is happening to my life. WHAT IS WRONG? Ok working ranting post again. I just can't help it but to complain, complain, complain and complain. Do you know what was I doing the whole day in office today?

I'm spreading message to every ex college classmate of mine that we're having a small gathering in Pulau Sapi. And I choose during the 9th of August which is on Hari Raya. I thought that they were available for the small reunion, apparently they weren't. I was like so pissed off and sad as well. Cause some were really unable to go and busy as well. Some were able to go but the amount of people going wasn't that enough. Some refuse to go cause its a pulau and some don't even fucking reply my message even though they've seen it. Urghh even the lecturer were not available. 

See this is my life in my office. Doing unnecessary stuff, online, online, online and blogging. I seriously need to stop doing all these stuff and resign and just go out for vacation. I need to seek out advice from my uncle and aunt instead of my parents. I'm wasting my time here and receiving salary for nothing. I DON'T WANT THIS LIFE. TIME PLEASE PASS FASTER TO END OF OCT, I'M SERIOUS.

On a happy note, I've got an opportunity to chat with one of my admire today. HAHA Even tho its just a short convo. :)

Story of my life.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The right way

Okay I think its like million or billion or gazillion times I was bragging and ranting shit on my work life. How or when will I stop that!? Until I find my true passion in life. No one I mean literally no one understand my passion or my life even I wanted to to share, which I did. They no understand my alien language I guess. 

I really wanted to share my passion by finding the one true work of my life just like finding one true love. How can you work at a place that you don't like. Lifeless, no self accomplishment, no I don't want all of this. All I wanted to do now was splat the letter of resignation in my boss face (in my dream) then pack my bags and go to Perth for vacation. Oh the irony of my life. haha

Was planning to do that during the end of Oct, so I can go to Perth on December for the whole month, spending my Christmas sipping hot chocolate (totally hate sweet drink except when its cold), enjoying the winter, visit amazing places, go to fishing & catch abalone and eat all the oyster! I was really planning to do so until my Aunt wanna come back to KL & KK in mid Nov till Dec, my dream crushed and oh the ticket to Perth is fucking expensive. 

Back to Reality. No I can't enjoy yet. I still have to suffer for another 5 more months, endure 5 more months. I'll be free!!! I basically or randomly told my parents that I want to resign or whatever it is. They were just like, your life, your choice, you like it do it. Doesn't sound convincing to me. Where is all the support???? Urghhhh. Story of my life. 

------------------------------------------Unrelated story------------------------------------------

Oh and my bro just got a girlfriend. I was like ewwwww and omgggggggggg the whole time when he bring his girlfriend back home. HAHAHA Mom and I was laughing all the way down. Then my girlfriends started to ask me when will I get bf. I was like WHAT!? Not until I went overseas ok. hahaha I want to find ang moh and have ang moh baby (totally jk) -.- 

Anyway still planning for my future! Will be making a big step next year. Hope that God will guide me all the way through. Hopefully I myself will take the step forward instead of staying in the same path. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Sunday, July 21, 2013

210713 : Mommy's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday! Wish her happy birthday!!! LOL By the time you guys read this its already over anyway. Procrastination early in the morning by refusing to go to church!! Typical lazy people. In the end I went to church with mom.

Before we went to church my tears just fall down. Having grouch feeling, feeling stress, kept on thinking about my work even its weekend. Cause its not time for my resignation yet. When the times come it'll be. Anyway I get ready for church eventually.

Then again I want to Thank God cause I went to church again. LOL and I really did. Listening to Father's speech which was so good. Cause I think its the first time I understand. hahahaha lame me. Today we talked about giving. The more you give the more blessing you will received. Which was totally true.

Its doesn't matter how difficult it is as long as you give and help honestly, passionately and truthfully you'll definitely be blessed. And no matter what I do now I feel so blessed. I'm so Thankful for everything even tho I'm no where good.

Oh and today is Father Micheal's birthday as well, as we sang the birthday song, silence tears went down my checks and the same time I wish my mom birthday silently in my heart and wish that she will always be with me together forever.

Our family has this awkward gene. Lol We don't wish each other Happy Birthday nor Father or Mothers Day. Cause its awkward. We never do that except when we're kid, I draw cards and stuff. We just celebrate by ourselves nothing more, nothing big, just the four of us. Family together is the most important. And I don't think I even want to celebrate my 21th Birthday this year. Just a dinner with family is enough. As simple as that.

Anyway I just wanna wish my mommy Happy Birthday! Lotsa love from me even tho I'm a stubborn daughter and awkward as well. I just hope that you'll live longer with Daddy and stay with me forever and God Bless everyone in the world!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was wondering what happened to my life for all these 20 years. (21 in August soon)

Am I doing the right thing?
I always thought that I'm making the right choice in working as a clerk for the rest of my life. LOL. Saving up as much as money for my parents and my future and my obsession in traveling. Paying for house loan (soon) and stuff. I haven't gave my mom monthly fees for food and gas at all except for paying bills during dinner. I'm a bad daughter huh?!  Hahahaha same goes to my bro, bad son. LOL

Am I making a great choice?
I must admit that I think I made the wrong choice working as a clerk. Cause you know kid like me just doesn't have the right path or ambition in life. I haven't found yet. Funny right, 21 soon but I still have no ambition and living purpose. 

Am I satisfied with all I have?
Yes, I'm satisfied with what I have now. Great family, amazing bff, peaceful country in Sabah, and I have God by my side. But I want more than that as well. I know being famous as celebrities or blogger or a fashionista is amazing but I can't do things what I'm not capable of doing it. I wanted to have this, have that, have those amazing things that people will envy on, but I can't, cause that's not me.

What's the purpose of life?
I think I have no sense on that yet lol. As you can see or have been reading my blog this year, I have been ranting a lot on my work life. Its just not there yet.

I'm going to make a decision soon. Real soon. Hopefully.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Pooping System

Shit is way too rude, feces or stool or constipate sounds way too nice. So pooping makes thing cute. LOL. Just ignore my randomness.  Hahahaha

Have you ever wonder that if you didn't poop for days what would you feel? Since I've been working my pooping system gets better. I pooped everyday. Okay but I just got so pissed off for this week cause I pooped once every two days. I felt uncomfortable and bloated. 

Previously while I was studying I pooped once every two days, cause as a student we eat a lot of junk food so its kinda hard to poop in the school. Hahahaha 

Then every time I brag on twitter or any other social media except for fb that I can't poop then few minutes later I pooped. LOL What sorcery is that????? hahahaha lame pun. Oh cause of the pooping system isn't doing its job well I get fucking horrendous pimples in ma face plus ma fucking hormone imbalance as well. 

Oh wells sucks being girls sometimes. Fuck you hormones. Sorry for the ranting post again. NOT. :P

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Okay I think I'm going to make a big decision by going back to study again next year. I hope the course I'm taking this time will lead to my goal. I'm planning to retake the diploma course but its totally a different thing not commerce or science btw. So I have to decide within this year whether I should study or not. Cause I don't want to start my study so late. By the time if i really go for degree I might be already 26 or 27 years old when I graduated. LOL

Cause I don't want to waste time working, sitting in front of the computer every time. I want something different and I finally found the course that I wanted and my Aunt has been raving to me all these years. But I thought that the course is all about taking care of sick children but apparently no. I got it all wrong. Cause maybe I was stupid that time so I kept on saying no. But now to think of it I think its the best since its very niche in market now.

I tried all source of working, online sales especially clothes and accessories and stuff but no one buys from me at all. I mean no one at all. I tried to become a full time blogger but KK is not the same as KL, epic failed. I tried to work part time for like starbucks or whatsoever, but no one wants me. Photography is the most epic fail, only need guys n mom is against it.

This time I'm taking this course will it lead to my future? I don't know. It depends. But I hope this decision will prove me right! Oh btw If I really didn't make the decision by going to study that course, I might be still at the same pace like right now. So I hope I can make this big decision!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Real Friends

I don't know where to start anyway what are friends for? Why are they in our life? Why told them everything  or secrets instead of parents? Friends are just part of our life's. If we have no friends, we have nothing to share, nothing to gossip, no one will defend you, no one will care about your existence. 

I have a lot of BFF. Since from primary to high school to college. Different level of school has different level of people. LOL hahahahaha You find them with a lot of personality. It was kinda fun. And as we grow up we know which one is the best! And my BFF have been narrow down a lot, I mean A LOT. 

Oh actually I wanted to rant about one particular BFF that gone missing for years. Yup 1 FUCKING YEARS!! WHERE ART THOU?? hahahahaha Okay basically not that serious since you DID update yourself with picture. I wrote you like fucking long paragraph of essay of message and you just reply me 'wait i'll back soon' . LIKE WTF!!

I'm so pissing off cause you didn't tell me everything I've wanted to hear. And you know that I notice something which you should just fucking tell me. And I've been waiting for the stories you've been hiding from me for at least 1 year and still counting. LOL

I AM FUCKING WORRIED if anything happen to you. I AM WORRIED that something bad might happen. I AM WORRIED because you didn't talk to me at all. I AM WORRIED AND I REALLY CRIED WHEN YOU SAY YOU GO OVERSEAS STUDY AND DIDN'T TELL ME THAT. FUCK YOU BITCH! But I still treasure you. KTHXBAI.

P/S: Sorry for the ranting post again, which I don't care at all, my blog anyway. And so sorry about the vulgarities. I.J.U.S.T.C.A.N.T.H.E.L.P.I.T. I hope you see this FRIES. ♥

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, June 17, 2013

We All Die

Lately, I've been thinking a lot lately. So much of thinking. Maybe because I can't online due to my laptop crash. Now I finally have the time to blog in my office. :P Thinking too much as usual and it sucks and weather these days were crazy shit. SO FREAKING HOT EVEN NIGHT TIME. 

Just so you know, lately I've been thinking about death. Okay not to creep you guys its just a thought in my head when I'm getting old. No suicide attempts or anything that harm myself okay, just a thought. Had a few conversation with my parents lately and suddenly death conversation comes up. 

Cause you'll know when we get older we'll eventually die. So my mom thinks that instead of bury her in the ground she wanted me to throw her ash into the ocean. We all have a realistic thinking. When we die, we need a ground to place the coffin (for Christian, I don't know about other religious) but it cost a lot and mom said, even if we really place it in the ground doesn't mean that your next generation will came and visit the grave, all you have to do is remembering me.

I was kinda sad when we talk about death but that's life and its true what my mom told me. And my cousin's grandpa just passed away on few days ago due to cancer. We didn't tell my cousin since she's having exam soon. So its best to keep secret first so she won't be distracted by her exam. Even reality hits so hard when we're going to die. 

So guys, live your life to the fullest. Don't regret anything. You don't know what will happen.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Step By Step

In life nothing goes for short cut. We take things step by step. Cause we never know what will happen. Some took days, some took months, some took years to be accomplish.

Each step we're going is different. Some were fighting for their life, some were working hard to achieve their goal, some still searching for what they wanted in their life, some were going on a parenthood life, so many characters, personalities, dream, future, people, life.

What would be yours? Have you ever think that the path you're going seems different or you don't like the path you're going now? I've been feeling that as well. It somehow take too slow to reach my dream even tho I'm taking it step by step. All I ever think of is that if I'm going to accomplish my dream will I be happy? Will I feel satisfied? Will I own the universe? I don't know cause I haven't reach that yet.

When will I reach my goal? my dream? Will it be too late if I achieved it after 30 years old? 40 years old? or even 50 years old? Won't it be too late for that? When things get too slow it will definitely drag up to many years, when reality is the one that drags you down hard. So hard that you stay at the same pace for so many years.

How to achieve your dream your goal? Every one says just do it, go for change, you can do it, just change it. What if it leads to failure that will never let us rise again? What if it really brings to success? What are you going to next? Continue the dream or search for new dream? or going back to the place where you belong? or just don't take the step at all?

Have you even think of the consequences? That may lead to different disadvantage for your health, mental or physically? Or we may eventually brings to benefits to others and ourselves. I don't know what will happen to me.

I chose the path I'm going but Jesus leads the path we're going. It maybe difficult, it maybe easy, it maybe uncertain. There are so much possibilities that is going to happen, we just don't know what and when will it happen.

All I know is that I'm choosing travelling to be in my list. Earn money and travel every year. That's my dream now. I don't want to take big risk in changing my path even tho I wanted. Its just unbearable, my mind can't take it. I have my own limit. But I still wanted to try. Maybe it will take 10 years or 20 years to achieve it. I'm taking it slow, very slow, slower than snails.

What about you all?? Have you ever had this kind of thoughts? Do let me know, I wanted to know more stories from my reader! Cause you know, different people has different thoughts.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013

Holla people! Not going to rant today WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!! HAHAHA So its June already! Like so fast time passed by! I still have a fresh memories of CNY  lol Another new month to go! Can't wait for August and October! 

Back on work yesterday, kinda weird cause I'm so productive. Seriously, never been so productive before maybe because I have work to do, so I didn't laze around and I make use of my time in office. Can't blog these day too much work but still manage to play games in the same time. I'm so pro lol.

Lately our office is hiring QS, Site Supervisor, and Draftman. So many fresh graduate apply for QS, what is QS anyway? I didn't even want to look up in Google. LOL. Cause we got few big project so its going to be very busy and it requires a lot of employee to work with. So I'm hoping to get more colleague! My office is too boring. lol

Oh I did a short ranting post what I did for 3 days of holiday in Sandakan. 3 Days 2 night You guys can look into it. No picture btw. I posted on the new blog since its also part of the trip I'm going. So read it lah. hahaha

Oh last thing I wanted to rant about is I'M GETTING OLD!!!! DAFUQ!! How can I look so old now? I'm only 21 years old. Photoshop works for photo but not in real life. LOL. Taking good care of my skin now! Asking for my friends to introduce me some skin care!

If you girls have any good skin care product (mostly for face with lotsa acne and oily face) you're using now please comment some of the brand below in the comment box! Appreciate it! Thanks ♥☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Suddenly I have the urge to buy more books. I've been reading books again that I've been neglect it for months? years? Yup I bought books when I'm on the bookstore. And when I'm home it will be on the shelf for months or years. 

Reading back some books is so good! Never been so enthusiastic in reading before. How long have I stop reading books properly? After I graduate? Yeah its been so long. Maybe because there's a phrase that wanted me to read more. 
This book is what I wanted to read. Looking for Alaska - John Green. My friend posted this on her twitter. I felt so deep, so untouched, so loved. I'm deemed to buy this book! Found out that Times Bookstore has it. Can't wait to go shopping. 

Reading really calm my heart instead of playing games all day long. Gaining knowledge on words, thinking about the scene while reading. Gonna continue with reading more and more. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi I'm back with ranting again. haha Literally. I just wanted to share a little bit of my thoughts lately. I've been thinking of changing job again. Yup I wanted to find another job. Oh and I DID found one. Photography!!! Like finally there's wedding studio offered it and its also my FAVORITE wedding studio ever! Do visit their blog! ALL ABOUT LOVE They are more into art and most of the wedding picture were outdoor! Super love their picture.

Oh the bad news is I can't apply cause they ONLY NEED MAN! WTF! Totally screwed. By the way they offer Sales Admin as well, which I'm totally okay with it.

I told mom about the vacancies she was okay about it. Sometime you need advise from parents cause they know more than us. Mom was okay about it until I told her the location of the wedding studio! She didn't say no but the way she told me was TOTALLY NO. So no means no. *depressed mood*

It totally makes sense for mom saying no. I have no transport to go way up to their wedding studio. I proposed by buying my own car but my mom again saying no. I have to pay installment every month, even I have cars I need to pay road tax, parking fee at Lintas is not cheap, maintenance, petrol and allllllll fucking expenses.

I mean how could we live like these. So much debt and expenses. We're so much poorer than beggar. I've been saving money. I bring lunch box to office everyday, I don't own any smartphone cause I don't want to pay for the monthly plan fee. hahaha I do still spend when I'm out with friends but I try not to buy expensive stuff. but somehow all the things I've been saving doesn't seems to have a lot. I was wondering where did my money gone to? Maybe because my salary wasn't high at all. lol.

Instead of buying stuff or unnecessary things, I tend to spend money on food! HAHA I LOVE FOOD! Oh and travelling as well. Planning for the next trip soon! hahaha I'm a happy kid but my wallet suffered. Oh wells, government sucks and everything sucks when it comes to money.

My dad is nearly on the age of retirement but he doesn't want to retire, cause of house loan and other stuff,  JUST BECAUSE OF FUCKING MONEY. If money doesn't exist we're the world most richest people. LOL  To those people who were rich STFU DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT MONEY IN FRONT OF US.

Anyway, get advice from your parents, cause they help out a lot in terms of money lol. Can't possibly waste money so much these day. NEED.SAVE.MONEY.FOR.FUTURE. Sorry for my rant post and I calmed down a lot when I write this. lol

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Who Am I

Cool-headed people have very calm dispositions, and tend not to succumb to emotional extremes at all. A thoughtful, measured approach can help anyone to keep a cool head in any situation, but too much emotional stoicism can seem distant and unhelpful to other people. It’s important to be sure that your good intentions and suggestions come across as just that.

Helpful people naturally want everyone around them to be happy and will actively work towards helping them achieve this. They are even prepared to work long and hard on difficult and thankless tasks until they’re finished so others don’t have to. You have a good amount of self discipline and are able to channel this toward benefitting others.

You may be very slow to anger, and reluctant to express it when it arises. As a result you may come across as too placid and seem like a bit of a pushover – but it’s just that you’d much rather forgive and forget than harbour a grudge until it festers. You know that there are two sides to every situation.

Measured people have a clear sense of their goals and what they need to do – and focus on – to achieve them. They tend not to be overly affected by external factors and take unexpected changes and opportunities in their stride. It’s crucial to maintain a realistic sense of achievement so you don’t let your ambitions run away with you.

You’re very content in your own world, or in the company of a select few other people. People who share this characteristic enjoy simple pleasures in life, and are more likely to look for excitement and adventure in their own heads than by heading out into the wilderness for thrills.

People with this characteristic tend to be modest and self-effacing – sometimes in the extreme. They enjoy their privacy and their own company, but are also sympathetic to the needs of others. In fact, sometimes they can be too trusting of people, which can lead to them being taken advantage of. If you recognise this trait in yourself, it’s important to have someone you’re sure you can trust looking out for you.

Methodical people know how to concentrate on any task they’re set and keep focus on it to completion - so focused in fact that it’s impossible to distract them. Your slow and steady approach may frustrate some people, but their concerns will always be allayed when you deliver your work on time and on spec.

People with traditional attitudes rely on their values and beliefs to steer them through life’s problems. This means they have deep and strong connections to family and heritage, and have faith in all that has gone before. As a result they tend not to question the order of things as much as they could. You think things are a certain way for a reason, and you’re happy with that.

Organizers tend to be extremely methodical and diligent in their approach to work. They like to stick to the rules of the game, but this can mean that they lack imagination and creative flair at times. You may prefer structured learning to free thinking and like to have a clear sense of the start, middle and - crucially - end of a project.

Practical people are unlikely to be derailed when they come up against difficulties. Rather than focus on any negative emotions that might be thrown up, they prefer to push them aside and focus on concrete actions and problem-solving, that will help them overcome the situation. Having faith in your ability to get through things is key.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Those Nights

 As someone, just like you, who’s felt extremely low and lonely, I understand those feelings, the fear and discomfort. But amazingly enough, with time I’ve made my way out of that period and can look back, finally understanding why all of it had to happen. I hope the viewers can see this as my encouragement to them. That while there will be difficult times ahead, or there are difficult times now, it won’t last forever. You’ll learn from it, and grow, and eventually… “we’ll all get there, happy”.


That's the part where Phil made it clear through encouragement note. Yes, sometime we felt lonely, scared, insecure, but as time goes by things change for better. Everything happened for a reason in our life. I think I'm going through it now. Still on my way of reaching the lights, reaching my goal, reaching for thing I've always wanted for. When I reach the lights I'll be happy and forever love and being loved. 

Til then,
Cheers and God Bless

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hi guys I'm back again after blogging yesterday. Cause I was so frustrated so I decided to blog again. hahaha You know the feeling when you want to speak out but you don't know who you wanted to talk to or express. So blogging is the best way to express or let out everything I wanted to say.

So much of nagging post in this blog huh? but more happy side on my other blog right. So if you guys are wondering why I have 2 blogs, voomei.blogspot.com is only for event or stuff that normally do, from food post to travelling post. But here is a place where I speak out. Small part of my life that I've been keeping silence all by myself.

I can't possibly keep everything secret or silence I may burst out or bombed anytime. FUCK U HORMONE AGAIN. hahaha Lately my mind is making me headache, so much of thinking going around and also because of my working environment

1. I have nothing to do at my work. Yup I'm serious. I've been online-ing facebook, twitter, tumblr, weheartit, and I even watch manga online. I can't watch youtube since my computer doesn't have speaker. If not I'll be watching drama everyday at my office. -.-

2. Maybe because I work so fast. I tend to work even slower when I was given a task cause I have nothing to do. Example, the task took 10 min to complete but I extend it for like 30min. That's how it is. Cause I have good reaction towards working, so I tend to work so fast and quickly ended up waiting for the correct timing to pass up the work. hhahaha geddit?

3. I don't talk in the office. I try not to talk. Cause I don't want them to know about story of my life or adding me on facebook or let them know I have blog or whatsoever. Cause they are still strangers to me even tho I've been working work half a year already. I just listen to them, I only tell them anything when I asked or been asked.

I don't know if I've experience failure before or not. It somehow has, it somehow hasn't. I wanted to feel the self accomplishment in my life, I wanted to feel the biggest failure in my life, I wanted to be loved by somebody, I wanted to travel to the place that I've wanted, I wanted to work in a place that I love that I don't mind working more than 12 hours out of it.

Somehow that travelling part is on its way. hahaha cause I've been saving lots of money just for travelling. Someday I will go to CALI aannnndddddd met him! Hope he's not married by the time I go there. LOL I have a dream man far away from my country. A very talented person, non smoker is the biggest point of all. ☺ I never met him in real life and he never met me in real life. I'm just his fan from far away land. hahaha LOL. Why is it so hard to find an ideal man HUH!

To those who are smoker, GIRLS HATE SMOKER, Cause guys who smoke won't die early, its the person who smell the smokers smoke dies early. Geddit?? Okay totally out of my topic. LOL

Bye enough of my nagging and problem. I have nothing to say anymore.
I really hope that I could find a work place where I was belonged to, even if I can't find it hopefully the path I'm going right now will eventually lead to the place where it will be. And I'm blessed with all I have now.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Oh Hi guys! Back here for a little self diary time. Been tumblr-ing and weheartit everyday every night lately. So much amazing, pretty, cute picture. Tumblr : yvonneying92.tumblr.com Weheartit : weheartit.com/voomei Do follow me! I loved being follow! Not stalker please. haha

So apparently, yesterday was mothers day and we celebrated with grandma on Saturday one day early. We have sushi for dinner! So happy and grandma is happy except for grandpa. LOL haha Anyway grandma told me that she might plan to go overseas with my yee yee (mom's sis) again. 

So I decided to join as well. and of course I proposed USA! I WANT TO GO TO AMERICA!!! My dream is just getting nearer thinking that I could go to overseas, to the place that I've always wanted to go CALIFORNIA!!! 

Anyway did some chatting with yee yee today. Apparently my dream kinda scattered all around, kinda heart broken caused yee yee said its too far away and expensive as well. :( Mad sad!!! Seriously sad. Cause I've been dreaming for 2 days. I know, weird right? As long as I've plan/ proposed I get so excited easily. As if I'm really going overseas anytime.

So I was over excited till my yee yee said not going to America. I'm overly emotional now! FUCK U HORMONE AS WELL! I've been dreaming that I could bump into youtubers or celebrities!!!! OMG HAHA. I WATCH TOO MUCH Youtube lately! Oh youtubers who saw my blog! Please come to Sabah! I'll definitely bring you to the best place in every corner of SABAH, East Malaysia! 

SO I said Korea maybe? She said yes. Since grandma wanted to go again. At least I can go to a place that I've never been so maybe I should take it step by step and save money as well. I really wanted to go to Cali tho. :( 

Lesson learn : Don't get excited over things that doesn't even happened yet. :(

Anyway hope I get confirm on the next trip!
Sorry to hear me nagging all way long.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. :D

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello May

So its been a while since I've post anything on this blog. ☺ This is the second week of Month May. A lot of things happened with just two weeks. Attended my colleagues wedding , updated part of my trip Taiwan Day 1 Taiwan Day 2 and Taiwan Day 3 (still have a 5 more day of Taiwan post) You can view it ☺

So last week on 5th of May 2013, was our most historical day in Malaysia. Yup election. The most intense day, where every one of the voters did their job and vote for their preferable future leader. Not gonna say much about politics especially the bad one cause kinda serious shit. Cause I can't vote since I'm not 21 years old.

Sea of Malaysian

A lot of things happen before election day, during election day and after election day. So much of riot going around the social media. But one thing for sure, we are one Malaysian. We were united as one, we want fair and clean election (which did not happen), for all the things happen it strengthen up us as Malaysian. Proud of them.

Not gonna say much but yeah check out on fb since everything was there.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.
Peace (Y)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Some people are wondering

Some people are wondering:

If PR wins, there will be chaos

~ PR won in Selangor and Penang. Chaos? No.

If PR wins, Malaysia will go bankrupt.

~ Bro, Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan bankrupt? Penang and Selangor are in fact in the top three ranking for Foreign Direct Investments in the whole Malaysia.

If PR wins, they will bankrupt Malaysia with their policies. Lower excise fees ffor imported cars, free water, free education.

~ My friend, BN said that right? Did Selangor and Penang go bankrupt?

But BN promises to deliver their manifesto.

~ Fool me once, fool me twice. Seriously? You gave them 12 chances for the past 12 General Elections. Now you want them to have their 13th chance? Come on. Give 1 one PR lah.

But BN gave out BR1M. RM1000, RM500, RM250.

~ Dude, for the past 50 years, did they give you anything? If PR didn't win 5 states in 2008 you think they'd give you anything?

But BN promises free water now!

~ Stupid. I thought they said it'll bankrupt the country? Why slap their own mouth?

BN promises more money if they win!

~ Eh, smartass. Did the money just drop from the sky? It's from you own pocket lah.

BN give free smartphone!

~ It's not free! It's a rebate of RM200. And your smartphone has to be below RM500. You think smartphone no need internet bill?? You pay RM58(Digi), RM100(Maxis), one year how much? If you can afford iPhone or Galaxy or other more expensive ones, this RM500 smartphone you still want? If you can't afford, then you buy new smartphone no need bill? What we want is free WiFi like Penang! Adoiiiiiii!

BN promises cheaper imported cars.

~ Amboi, copy and paste from PR again. Hishamuddin, Nazri, Ku Nan, Najib all said cheaper imported cars will bankrupt Malaysia, and borrowers will go into default. Then why taking a U-Turn now? 

BN promises prosperity.

~ OI, prosperity for who? Cronies? Are the majority of Malaysians prospering now?

But UMNO warned the Malays that if DAP wins, Malaysia will be a communist country. Islam will be wiped out.

~ Bodoh! DAP is contesting less than 60 seats out of 222 seats. Even if DAP wins all, they still don't have control parliament.

And MCA warned Chinese that Hudud will be implemented.

~ I'm tired bro. But isn't this contradicting to what UMNO just said?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Heart Beats Fast

Hello! *waves* Its been a while since I've wrote my personal post here. Anyway this is the 200th Post!! *Poppss Confetti* Hurray. LOL Follow my other blog kay voomei.blogspot.com I update more on that blog. :)

I can't believed its already April 2013! Time flies so fast that I couldn't catch it up. *running* panting* lol I thought that I just ended my Chinese New Year weeks ago but NOT! Been travelling to Taiwan Last 2 weeks. Will post it on my new blog soon. :)

Anyway, recently or should I say last year? Yup last year around this time. I started to have heart beats fast. So fast that I thought I could die anytime. Cold sweats, cold hands, can't breathe properly, suffocating, these torturing symptoms is just too much. Too much that I thought I would really die that time.

Every time it comes back, I would definitely ask my parents to bring me for medical check up. But somehow my parents were a little bit not so concern about my heart beats fast. Here's a short convo I had with in front of my mom & dad.

Me: Mom Dad, My heart beats fast again. Its been a few times already,
Mom : So? Drink water lah
Me: *worried & heart burn feeling* what happen to me??
Mom:  How'd I know?? You think I'm a doctor arh??
Me : Bring me go see doctor lah
Mom : *Ignore me*
Dad : *goes to kitchen & comes back with a glass of honey water* Nah drink it
Me: *Slowly drink it and I feel better*
Mom: See nothing big, either is your body weak or hot.
Me: =.= yalah yalah

Few months later it got worst during my school time almost every week I had these some sort of heart beat fast that I skip the class and sit outside till my heart calms down. So finally one day I just can't stand it anymore so I ask my dad to bring me to see doctor.

Sooooo...... Nothing happen nor nothing wrong with my heart. I was like what?? But in the same time I'm so relieved that nothing serious happen to me. The doctor just gave me some medicine for heart calming. I basically took the medicine once and I stopped consuming until it came back again after I graduate.

So as long as these heart beats fast occur again I try to calm myself down, drink water and apply some minyak kapak (oil axe). I still have the medicine but its for emergency only. Gonna go for doctor again if my medicine is finished or soon to be finish. haha

After graduate, I started to work and sometimes it occurs again. So I have to be careful of things I do and things I eat. Since I've started working for almost 1 year, changed work for 2 times in 1 year. Still working for the 2nd company for 7 months already. I've been eating very healthy, morning either its biscuit or bread or some snacks, Lunch & dinner is all home cooked meal.

Yup super healthy and I lost 7 KG at first and continuously losing again with the help of exercise :D Not only makes you healthy and save me a lots of money from spending lunch during lunch hour. But I still eat outside food or take out foods during weekend or party or any occasion.

Anyway, I still have loads of things to achieve and tons of bucket list to do so take care people, you only live once, so stay healthy people and eat healthily!
Cheers and God Bless.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Facts About Sabah

This is especially for West Malaysian who might think Sabah is a pain in the ass because of the Lahad Datu standoff.

PS: I have a great friends from the Peninsular that I don't intend to offend, so this is meant for West Malaysians who are anti-East Malaysia, or thinks that Sabahans live on trees and are jungle men.


Facts about Sabah :

- Size of Sabah : More than half (55%) of the whole Peninsular Malaysia.
- Sabah + Sarawak = 60% of Malaysia's economy.
- Contributes to 14% of Malaysia's natural gas
- Make up 30% of the national crude iol reserves
- Produces 392,000 barrels of oil a day, out of Petronas's 650,000 barrels output.
- Accounts to 30% of Malaysia's palm oil exports.

Too much economical talk? Lets get to something you can comprehend with slight ease.

- Malaysia is a multi racial country where all people live in harmony :
Sorry, you meant Sabah and Sarawak is multiracial, no? Sabah, Sarawak has Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Ibans, Bajau, Bidayuh, Melanau.

- You want to know what's racial harmony and "1Malaysia'? Come to Sabah. Its everywhere on the streets, to restaurants, to shopping malls, to schools. We can all sit in one table and have our meals without any problem.

-Malaysia has a lot of wildlife :
You mean Sabah and Sarawak, has lots of wildlife is it? The Proboscis monkey, Saltwater crocodiles, Borneon Pygmy elephants, Hornbills, Sumatran Rhinos, Orang Utans, ildboar, Tembadau (cattle), Fireflies, endangered spiders, snakes, insects. Aren't these animals/ wildlife Malaysians are proud of? Lots of tourist come to Malaysia because of its wildlife. So where're these wildlife be found? They're from Sabah and Sarawak bro!

- Malaysia is rich with flora :
Sabah is home to more than 4,000 species of flowers out of the 10,000 species in Malaysia. Ferns, orchids, pitcher plants, you name it.

- Vascular plants? Trees I meant. East Malaysia has 15,000, Peninsular has 8,500 species. We're close to two-thirds.

- The largest flower in the world? The Rafflesia. Where's it found? Sabah!

- The highest mountain in South East Asia? Mount Kinabalu. Where's it found? Lying on the backbone of Crocker range, in Sabah.

So, before you continue saying "I don't mind giving back Sabah to Philippines or Sulu Sultans, do a bit more research and thing about the repercussions".
Before you think Sabahans live on trees, be sure it's Orang Utan, not Orang as in humans.

Sabahans chose to be part of Malaysia prior to 1963. Despite political turmoils, and being the oppressed victims for the past 50 years by the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, we still remained as Malaysians. The twin towers Malaysia was once so proud of, the highways and flyovers, the high rise buildings, aren't these developments from the pockets of Sabah? East Malaysia, Sabah in particular, has contributed so much to the economy, who are you to say "We don't mind giving Sabah back to Sulu"?

All we want now is peace and justice.
Pray For Sabah.