Thursday, April 29, 2010

result day aye!?

didn go to school n see result..
ask christabel to see my result
Thank God!!
no need re-sit or re-take
some of my classmate
need to retake n resit the subject..
mostly is moral n malaysian studies
actually i'm still a bit nervous
coz its not me myself who go n see the result
mana tau christabel salah tgk!?
hopefully no..
so finish 5 subject and 27 subject to go!! XD
ALL the BEST for THE re-sit AND re-take!!
God Bless Us All!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

what a day again!

wake up late today
suppose to go out eat breakfast at all saints thr
bangun lambat
buy ngiu chap as LUNCH! not breakfast anymore..haha
after that sleep like a pig till 5pm then wake up
after wake up my mom ask me what  u want to eat for dinner
i was like.. huh!? macam baru makan mau makan lagi??? xD
then my bro say wanna eat KFC!
doesn't want to eat that..but no choice
don know want to eat what...
so just KFC loh!

then me n my bro download lots of stupid stuff
google chrome lah,
something thats with in chinese word (download songs very fast),
then photoscape lah ( last week..i think)
looks crowded with all stuf..but i think its fun GUA!!! XD
don know why we download lots of stuuf like those
makan tempat jak..XD

n i try to SS again so i can edit a pic..haha
LOVE!? ♥

just edited 1 pic..malas want to take a lot..
not always change profile pic oso..XD
God Bless Us All!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

as usual!

nothing to say much
went to see doctor with my grandma
sakit tua memang gitu
very hard to find the man
last last find out ody..thank God man
punya main ssh want to find that place

then chat with Jennice
haih..kasi delete her fb don tell us..
apa lah..hhahaha XD
chat as usual
she is working now as a admin
not bad...

hmm n finally download photoscape
its fun to use..
but i'm still a beginner..
so still not that pro yet
have to ask yekling to teach me
hahahaha XD
then all my pic that i took will look pretty n pro..
i prefer original
but if the effect can make my pic look more good
i will use it..=)
this is the picture i edit..not that nice yet..
still in the improvement..XD
at least got my name thr..hahaha

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boring day!

what a boring day for me..
its only the 1st day of the holiday..apa lah nie..
then i think i need to find work on the school holiday lurh
if not i think i'll become fui po loh..hahaha
but now only 1 weeks of holiday..
so i'll just stay at home or i go Bibian's hse..hahaha

i think Bibian's hse are more fun...
since i hav frens with me so i'm not that boring
i think i can update my blog everyday if i really hav nothing to do..haha

yesterday was the last day of my exam..huh!!
soo happy to free from stressness
but now boring leh.. what to do..cari kerja to do loh

yesterday i went to Bibian hse..
n tiba2 i became a photographer!!!???
i took a lot of pic.. but only 13 pic of her are put in my album..haha
coz she want to consider if the pic is pretty or not..haha

this emo pic is the one i love most..♥♥♥~

this picture also very nice..
sharon says looks like a wedding picture..hahaha
hahaha..ain't i hav the skill LOL!! hahaha

i think i really like taking pic but my mom was like ignor me..
nvm then i'll just make it as my favourite hobby..
then i'll really buy my OWN DSLR using my OWN $$$$$$..
wait till i start work 1st lah..XD
can wait to hav my own dslr...COMING SOON!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

exam aye!? blog aye!?

exam started yesterday..
a bit tension when the paper has not started yet..
but overall still okay..=)
still manage it out with the essays..
i'm not confident with the objective n subjective..
since its quite hard for me..
still left 3 more subject to gambateh!!!!
hope everyone will do well on their exam..
n NO repeat OR retest!! hopefully no one in our class..

today is my relax day since 2 papers has over..
but will start my studies again in the afternoon..
scare my maths fail eh..
maths Maths MAths MAThs MATHs MATHS!!!
wont update my blog on exam week or on9 yeah!!
mayb curi2 also wont hurt lah..hahaha XD

i didn realise that a lot of ppl see or read my blog..
ain't i'm famous..hahaha jk jk..i thought no one will see my blog
since its only WORDS WORDS N WORDS!!
except my faithfull followers..XD
but nvm its their freedom to see my blog..
so whoever read my blog don blame me for anything
its my blog n its my freedom to write what i want..
so if u think it irritates u..them don see it..from my advise lah..haha XD

anyways..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i give u an outline stories..THAT WILL IRRITATES U!!!

potato : do u think it is a good memories to study in IS??
me : yes

potato : what is it then??

me : to study especially from lovely tchers..

potato : how bout the students??

me : nahh..still in the process to know each other..

potato : why do u say that??

me : coz it seems that..they r not that friendly especially girls..SOME!

potato : owh..then who do u think that they don like u??

me : some human..i wont tell u ltr u tell its CONFIDENTIAL!! XD

potato : haha..confidential aye!? so y do u think that??

me : when i 1st step in IS..i was a shy person..and we get 2 introduce ourself in the class..then few weeks later..we started to talk like a friend..

potato : see its a nice starting 2 know frens..

me : yaa..BUT..when i get choosen 2 become a GL...i start to rushing everything here and thr..and most of them we're like..who cares lah..BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA N BLA..!!! ALL NONSENCE!!

potato : owhh!! so what happen next??

me : BECAUSE IS is not like 2ndary thr is a lot of activities and event that is going i have the job to get organize with my classmate..when the 1st time, only boys were lagging here and thr except the four of the end the girls STARTS to lagging off too..SOME!!

potato : wonder ur so slim after u came back from ur leadership camp..then?

me : n i keep calling up them like 24 hours non stop...ask them to come 4 this and that lah..BLA BLA BLA LAH!!! EXCUSES LAH!!! NONSENCE LAH!!! the end some of them HATE ME!!

potato : who hate u owh??

me : aiya..malas want to tell... u will know it soon since they ignor my existence and some1 BLOCK ME IN FB!!! =P

potato : owh..dia saja??

me : ya only 1 person who block me..and it was also a sudden for me that some1 hates me..TIBA-TIBA this..macam lah i hate him or her 1st..i just put all my thought in my blog..and then he or she was like taking things so serious..untill block me in her fb..apa lah tha person..sooo *xiao qi*

potato : then what happen lah??

me : we didn spoke for 2 month already..hahaha its a world breaking news man..1st time some1 hates me soooo long..what a bad hatred he or she has..not me!!!!!=P because some1 saw my blog or what..then he or she was like GOSSIP here GOSSIP there..then GOSSIP WITH HER FRIENDS about me and my frens..then GOSSIP again..NON-STOP!!! WHEN R THEY GOING TO STOP!??? SO ANNOYING...

potato : owh...i hate gossipers too although i gossip too...but i wont be like them lah NON-STOP!! till hurt others ppl feeling..they r so bad owh..its not worth it 2 be friends with them..

me : hahahahaha..true but i have to face their face for like 2 and a half i try to forgive them for what they did to us..and just IGNOR them if possible except for group study or anything that is important yeah..i just accept some1 with a small difference..that all..

potato : ur so kind-hearted..=)

me : not really..dulu i like to gossip so badly but then i hurt some1..n i realise how bad is it to gossip other ppl and hate other doesn't feel yeah SAY NO TO GOSSIP!!! xoxo gossip girls!!! XD

weeeeee!! =P

today was our last day to entered our malaysian studies class
it was really fun..n we do a bit of revision
haha..finally i understand the malayan union n anglo dutch
better than none..and we took some pic with Mr.Lai..
this is our group photo..
but not all are inside anyways..taken from bibian's fb

recently tseu is getting emo..i don know y lah..
its such a sudden thing to happen
since yesterday i didn feel the highness of him after
 he ask elaine a question on the car presentation about the interior and airbags thing
then after that he became an emo guy..
no more teasing, no more joking, no more laughing, n no more helping..
buuussssshhhh* all this thing suddenly dissapper..haha
is it someone say something bad bout him or what?? i think it related to them when he ask elaine question..
didn hear what they say..but they laugh at tseu..n some1 is showing a LOSER sign on her hand..i think..
if he or she suddenly say something bad..they sould understand or know the consequences..
and they should tell him what is the right thing..or appologize to him what U'VE have done..
they should NOT laugh at tseu although he missunderstood the information..
anyways i'm not scolding anyone..i just to let some1 know if he or she READ my blog..
if u want to blame me anything just BLAME!! who cares man..if ur so great then next year u become the GL lah..i want to see how u suffer like me..hahahahahahah =P
in the end a little bright future guy..became a EMO guy... how sad aye!?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

All about HIM!!! XD

ain't he handsome!??

i add him at msn like 7 years ago
n i never saw him open his msn b4
mayb its fake 1..MEMANG PUN!! XD

he is a singer and a model..i think..haha XD
ain't HE CUTE!?? ♥♥♥

this pic are put in their korean magazine..something like that..
i ♥ the scenery, & i ♥ the person in the PIC!!! XD

pic of him again..XD
isn't he handsome..i was thinking that did he do plastic surgery!? jk jk

this pic is for the advertisement of the biscuit that he was eating..
like chocobe..haha XD

this pic where taken during their drama
and he ate a was freaking sour..and his expresion were cute!! XD

and this too..
the thing he is hugging is a half bunny and half pig!
hahaha i want that half bunny and half pig so badly..=(

this is the anime of their drama..
and i realy like
GO MINAM(park shin hye) and HWANG TEAKYEUNG(jang guen seok)!!!♥♥♥~

watch this drama peeps..its quite dramatic..not really thou
but its nice to some of these half comedies and half drama
so watch it peeps..
this drama was out last year..
so who ever not yet watch this movie..
WATCH IT!!! XD ♥♥♥~

Friday, April 9, 2010

study and time!?

just start my study..
still dont hav the mood to study
since my assignment still not yet finish
but i try to study now
coz exam is going to be next week
n i'm very nervous about it..

n now i hav to pay my new semester fees already
when i received the letter i felt like
time passess so fast in just one blink
everyday do the samething like nothing happen at all
but time runs every day, every hours, every minutes, every second

and my parents are getting older n older now..
pain here n there..makes me heartaches
but then what did i do for them??
nothing but lazy lazy n lazy..
so i try to study very hard if my brain want to absorb it..haha
make more $$$$$ for my parents so that they can live a more comfortable life
that is what i think my point of study..i think..

or i just married a rich guy
then i bodek all his $$$ or cheat him so i can get alot of $$$
hahahahaha LOL!!! just imagine only..

All the best in my life
n God Bless Us All..

Monday, April 5, 2010

hang out day

hav a great day with bibian n sharon
although its just for few hours..but then we really have fun
since we stay at sharon's hse for a while
and didn manage to take pic at the mall but
we got take pic at sharon's hse..hehe
this is our pic...

3 Blackies ♥♥♥~

we laugh a lot n shop till drop..not really though
i bought a blouse!? i think n a sandals!? i think..hahaha
n bibian bought a flats n hairband..
n sharon bought nothing but a hairband...hahaha
at least all of us got buy at least 1 thing..hahaha
quite a rushing time for us to spend our shoping day
n didn even hav time to sit down n
relax with a cup of cuppocino or a chocolate indulgence time we're going to karamunsing
that time we'll sing out loud for the whole day babeh!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


not really hav a great day though..
coz need to rush my assignment in 3days
but now only left 1day...still not yet finish
haih..n tuesday we need to pass all the assignment liao..
n i still left out my individual assignment again..
but is still have time to update my blog..hahaha XD
just wanna let u guys know where is my progress now..
quite tired also lah..n i strain my neck..
very painfull till now..i put yoko yoko more than 5 times liao
feel more better liao lah..

malaysian study is my ENEMY!!! XD
n i'm very worried bout my assignment not finish in time
coz 2mr i'm going out with my friends to cp
n i didn even start to study my maths lagi...owh NOOOO!!!
i really hope my math can get 10% out of 10% loh...
hopefully lah..n manage to finish all my assignment in time..hopefully..=(

Thursday, April 1, 2010

skype N school

just downloaded skype
not realy know how to use it yet
its like msn lah
but slightly different
quite okay n i try to add some friends that i know n rapat
since its about webcam
mostly i'm going to call my xiao yee at australia only..
just fo a little chat..
today we've been skyping bout 50minutes since i'm with my mom also happy loh..
coz i got try new things AGAIN!!

n today i'm a bit dissapointed with my result AGAIN!!
this time its maths..alamak!!
i totally forget how to do even open book!! n i only get 1.5% out of 10%
NOOOOOOO!!! n i hav to retest this subjek again
n this time i need to study hard..
coz if i don't get 10% out of 10%
tcher will take the 1st marks as my course work marks..SHIAT!!
n i don think i will get full marks lah
but hopefully my tcher will help us by using the retest marks as the course work marks lah
haih!! college life is just like a secondary life..
nothing chage eventually
its just that thr is a lot of homework n assignment to do only..
that all..hahah XD

anyway tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY
so lets fasting babeh!!
but i think i will forget to fasting..haha
hopefully I REMEMBER LAH!!