Friday, April 19, 2013

Some people are wondering

Some people are wondering:

If PR wins, there will be chaos

~ PR won in Selangor and Penang. Chaos? No.

If PR wins, Malaysia will go bankrupt.

~ Bro, Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan bankrupt? Penang and Selangor are in fact in the top three ranking for Foreign Direct Investments in the whole Malaysia.

If PR wins, they will bankrupt Malaysia with their policies. Lower excise fees ffor imported cars, free water, free education.

~ My friend, BN said that right? Did Selangor and Penang go bankrupt?

But BN promises to deliver their manifesto.

~ Fool me once, fool me twice. Seriously? You gave them 12 chances for the past 12 General Elections. Now you want them to have their 13th chance? Come on. Give 1 one PR lah.

But BN gave out BR1M. RM1000, RM500, RM250.

~ Dude, for the past 50 years, did they give you anything? If PR didn't win 5 states in 2008 you think they'd give you anything?

But BN promises free water now!

~ Stupid. I thought they said it'll bankrupt the country? Why slap their own mouth?

BN promises more money if they win!

~ Eh, smartass. Did the money just drop from the sky? It's from you own pocket lah.

BN give free smartphone!

~ It's not free! It's a rebate of RM200. And your smartphone has to be below RM500. You think smartphone no need internet bill?? You pay RM58(Digi), RM100(Maxis), one year how much? If you can afford iPhone or Galaxy or other more expensive ones, this RM500 smartphone you still want? If you can't afford, then you buy new smartphone no need bill? What we want is free WiFi like Penang! Adoiiiiiii!

BN promises cheaper imported cars.

~ Amboi, copy and paste from PR again. Hishamuddin, Nazri, Ku Nan, Najib all said cheaper imported cars will bankrupt Malaysia, and borrowers will go into default. Then why taking a U-Turn now? 

BN promises prosperity.

~ OI, prosperity for who? Cronies? Are the majority of Malaysians prospering now?

But UMNO warned the Malays that if DAP wins, Malaysia will be a communist country. Islam will be wiped out.

~ Bodoh! DAP is contesting less than 60 seats out of 222 seats. Even if DAP wins all, they still don't have control parliament.

And MCA warned Chinese that Hudud will be implemented.

~ I'm tired bro. But isn't this contradicting to what UMNO just said?

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