Friday, May 27, 2011

Class Picnic (21.5.2011)

So awesome day.
Breeze wind, sunny day, 
having picnic at Tanjung Aru 3rd beach with classmate
We reach there around
and almost everyone were there.
They went there early to light up the charcoal
started the bbq session earlier so Ms Jossy can eat 1st.
There were pasta, salad, sandwich, meehoon, fried rice,
nugget, fish ball and lots more.
when we arrived they started to ate,
play and walk on the beach.
This time we didn't play any games since they want to gamble
So we enjoy the scenery and take lots of picture
Thank goodness Jajay went there
and he brought his camera Nikon.
Grace and me take turn to play and took lots of picture.
I think its around 200++ picture
hahaha and its amazing and memorable day
although its just a small picnic.
but we have lots of fun
some other lecturer also attended our picnic.
but only a few of them.
So enjoy the picture below :)

I'm a monkey!!!
hahahaha :P
Nice timing. Taken by Grace :)
Ohya actually there were lots of picture taken
by me and Grace but almost 3/4 picture were deleted
Some of the picture that very nice were deleted
 too bad :(

we have fun
God Bless!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Study and Life

Currently our schedule has been reschedule back to our normal time table. But basically there's nothing change tho. So Imma taking back QM subject since there is no BIS subject this semester. Most of my classmates did not take this subject because its optional. Now only 7 people took this subject but I won't know whether one of them will drop this subject later on. Next week were going to have quiz 1. I think almost all subject is going to has quiz next week. So I need to do my best since I have 6 subject to learn.

God Bless

Friday, May 6, 2011

Part time working??

Basically I'm helping my friends to sell contact lens
Lots of different types of contact lens 
are available.
And most of them were ready stock from the supplier.
So I just help my friend sell it so I can get commission 
or its some sort of agent thing.
So I can earn more money from there :)
I don't know whether this is a part time job or what.
Almost everyday late sleep 
because uploading picture and tell
everyone in fb that I'm selling this kind of thing.
I'm so noob at counting profit actually.
hahaha. I can't help of questioning how to get the profit
when I sell it with low price and discount.
but when my mom and dad told me the solution
WOW!! I can earn more than I expected.
but I still have this question in my mine.Nevermind.

Come visit and view my photo since its not private.
When sending me a friend request I won't
accept anyone if you are the buyer or not the buyers.
Just personal message me and I will tell you the procedure 
through there.
Sorry for the inconvenient 
for not adding potential buyers 
Because my fb is quite private.

God Bless 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd day of school.

Its the second day of school now
Everything seems to be okay.
Nothing special for today as well.
Will fully start our lesson in this week before we get our books.

Talking about books.
I've currently sold my old text books which won't be in use anymore to my junior.
we were so desperately selling it out just to buy new books as well
Most of our senior graduated,
so second hand books were limited.
If I bought all new books it could cost a lot
to keep our environment healthy use back old books.
Hahaha. :P
Currently all subject that we are going to study now are all Laws.
Almost, Literally.
And I will drop 1 subject. Its maths anyway.
Although I'm good at maths but my schedule its to tight 
and unplan yet
the new schedule for our course is quite complicated.
So i think I'll won't be graduate on time next year :(
So sad.
I will do my best.

May intake was okay for me
They look like kids to me.
But they all seems to be so fluffy and soft. :P
Hope they are active for next years sport. :)

God Bless.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Day 1.5.2011

Wake up early in the morning.
Did not sleep well due to hard pillow. 
So we get ready to go for breakfast.
But Dad went to office to see whether got work or not
Then we end up at Tuaran since my Dad was free.
We went to the pasar for a walk first
and bought some oyster mushroom and ginger.
The fish were so fresh but we are Chinese
so the price are slightly higher. 
Because they know that Chinese people were rich.
But I'm not.

So basically we went to 
Lok Kyun Restaurant for breakfast.
The tuaran mee was awesome.

Then we went to Shabandar Resort.
(Actually it is just a name not a real resort)
We walk around the beach for a while and 
I found some seashell.
It is way too thin and fragile 
and I just pick up a big one, actually not so big. haha

On the way home
We bought coconut pudding.
We saw this group of Myvi car went there to enjoy their food
such as coconut pudding and kerang and kelapa bakar.
and I bought 2 coconut pudding as well
Now I'm so enjoying the pudding.
Enjoy you guys during this holidays.
My school start on 3rd of May.
Can't wait to start school.
God Bless. :)