Monday, February 27, 2012


Many of you must be wondering what is LYNAS.

LYNAS is an Australian rare earth mining company. They have a mining and concentration plant in Mount Welde, Western Australian. Outside Australia, they are to build a refinery for rare earth extracted in Australia.

The Malaysian government has given the 'pioneer' status to LYNAS for the construction of this plant in Kuantan, Pahang. Also granted is a 12-year tax exemption. The plant in Kuantan is called Lynas Advanced Material Plant(LAMP). If completed, it would be the third biggest ore refinery in the world, and the biggest outside China. This plant would thereby meet 30% of the world's demand for the rare earth extracted.

Currently, China controls 95% of the worlds rare earth extraction. These rare earth extracts are used to make cellphone chips, computer motherboards and other electronic devices.

What's the fuss?
These ore extract involves the yielding of several thousand tonnes of waste known as gypsum which contains low concentration of thorium, a radioactive substance.

About 20 years ago, Mitsubishi Chemicals built a rare earth plant in Bukit Merah, West of Ipoh, Perak. Till now, the Malaysian government and Mitsubishi are paying the price of the aftermath- 300million used to clean the radioactive leftovers that caused 8 workers to die of leukemia.

In June 2011, New York Times reported that AkzoNobel, a Dutch Contractor and a key contractor in supplying resins to LYNAS pulled out of the project stating worries the way LYNAS is taking safety measurements.

Thorium causes leukemia if not properly dealt with. Not only that, Malaysians from all around the country will be affected by the content of thorium in the air. In 1986, radiation by the meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Russia even reached Scotland! Look at Japan, radiations caused by the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima in 1946 is still taking it's toll with birth defects among newborns. In USA, the wastes are dumped and buried hundreds of feet below the deserts of Nevada. Where to find a desert in Malaysia?

The current government is seeking to approve the applications by all means. Why? This is a billion dollar project Najib can boost about. Besides that, LYNAS is also taking advantage of the Malaysian environmental laws, which are known worldwide to be not strict.

Although there's only proof that these radiation causes the death of a few lives and not thousands, the worst in Malaysia being the 8 that died in Bukit Merah, this is proof that the government are only interested in $$. Even if it's a few lives, would a caring government sacrifice a few lives for $$?

This is an apolitical issue, it doesn't concern whose government and whose opposition. A right mind would tell you it involves the health of millions, if not thousands.

Citizen's Voice
By : Adrian Lim

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Small party at someone's hse

Celebrating someone's anniversary.
Having fun with 6 Queens. 

One is talking and one is staring at her. hahaha

Blue & Red <3

Nice weather that day

Food is scrumptious and delicious! YumYum

The shortest and the tallest. hahahaha :P

Some of their friends.


Last dancing with 6Queens

Bboy small kidz. He's awesome!

The girls partner.

SS only.


I Dong



Pimples :O

Sot sot


Are you the Schumacher reincarnate? Buzz around with a 2 stroke #GoKart at Speedway PLUS Circuit @ RM120.

Are you the Schumacher reincarnate? Buzz around with a 2 stroke #GoKart at Speedway PLUS Circuit @ RM120.

Don’t want your hair rebonded? Go for the cold perming treatment and finish up with a hair scalp protecting treatment. #senseshair

Don’t want your hair rebonded? Go for the cold perming treatment and finish up with a hair scalp protecting treatment. #senseshair

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talentine 2012

Last year in IS so we decided to participate Talentine
Talentine is an event where students are able to 
show their talent to everyone else. 
As well as increase their teamwork between their group.
So we were called 6 Queens
Previously there were 7 Queens 1 chicken out.
So ended up 6 people in the group.
Having lots of fun during, after practices.
And we become friends together.
Make a great memories together before we end our Diploma.

During the Talentine day. 
I didn't perform well.
I did a lot of mistake and off beat too.
So I don't even like the video my friend post and I keep hating that day.
But still okay lah.
Picture below shows that I looked happy but I'm not.
Enjoy though. hahaha :P

After the Talentine I feel so shamed on performing that day
And suddenly I lost my passion on dancing.
I don't have the OHM to dance anymore after Talentine,
Till I drop out myself from the Cheer practice.
Seriously, my passion of dancing suddenly disappear.
I don't want to dance anymore.
I only have the passion to join the games instead of cheer.

For those who love to dance just continue what you are doing now
Just don't stop because I have lost the passion of dancing.
Gambateh everyone!!
God Bless

Saturday, February 18, 2012

China and HK trip

Amazing trip with mom, cousins and Auntie.
Its winter time when we go there.
Freezing like freezer. hahaha
Actually quite awesome lah.
But the food at restaurant wasn't that good compare to street food.
People at there were super rude!
Especially the tour guide at Hong Kong and also market at China!
Overall 3.5/5

This house tengelam! haha
Its some sort of science laboratory.
Just showing the weird architecture. 

I think its the biggest bonzai ever!

Pretty flower but not all were open.

The door looks like room right!?
Its actually the toilet door.
They called this toilet 5star hotel.
This place were located somewhere near and inside the museum.

Looks like a broom actually its the root of the tree.
Awesome, they color it red on the bottom,
as well as trim it properly like a hair style. hahaaha

Group photo at Macau! 

The church door is seriously big and awesome.

Decoration at the lobby hotel.
Did you notice the wall at the back!?
They hang or stick the panda bear at the whole wall.
Amazing!! hahaha

Celebrities hand print.
No one cares they just step through it.
Seriously, nothing special about it.

Super cute and huge pig.

Enjoy and have fun those who travel.
Especially at China you must bargain 
when they sell stuff that doesn't put price in the beginning.
If you don't bargain then you'll loss a lot.
Try to bargain as much as you can.
Ohya 1 more thing, they are rude people kay!
Its their culture so don't punch them when they are rude to you.
God Bless