Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013

Holla people! Not going to rant today WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!! HAHAHA So its June already! Like so fast time passed by! I still have a fresh memories of CNY  lol Another new month to go! Can't wait for August and October! 

Back on work yesterday, kinda weird cause I'm so productive. Seriously, never been so productive before maybe because I have work to do, so I didn't laze around and I make use of my time in office. Can't blog these day too much work but still manage to play games in the same time. I'm so pro lol.

Lately our office is hiring QS, Site Supervisor, and Draftman. So many fresh graduate apply for QS, what is QS anyway? I didn't even want to look up in Google. LOL. Cause we got few big project so its going to be very busy and it requires a lot of employee to work with. So I'm hoping to get more colleague! My office is too boring. lol

Oh I did a short ranting post what I did for 3 days of holiday in Sandakan. 3 Days 2 night You guys can look into it. No picture btw. I posted on the new blog since its also part of the trip I'm going. So read it lah. hahaha

Oh last thing I wanted to rant about is I'M GETTING OLD!!!! DAFUQ!! How can I look so old now? I'm only 21 years old. Photoshop works for photo but not in real life. LOL. Taking good care of my skin now! Asking for my friends to introduce me some skin care!

If you girls have any good skin care product (mostly for face with lotsa acne and oily face) you're using now please comment some of the brand below in the comment box! Appreciate it! Thanks ♥☺

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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