Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hi guys I'm back again after blogging yesterday. Cause I was so frustrated so I decided to blog again. hahaha You know the feeling when you want to speak out but you don't know who you wanted to talk to or express. So blogging is the best way to express or let out everything I wanted to say.

So much of nagging post in this blog huh? but more happy side on my other blog right. So if you guys are wondering why I have 2 blogs, voomei.blogspot.com is only for event or stuff that normally do, from food post to travelling post. But here is a place where I speak out. Small part of my life that I've been keeping silence all by myself.

I can't possibly keep everything secret or silence I may burst out or bombed anytime. FUCK U HORMONE AGAIN. hahaha Lately my mind is making me headache, so much of thinking going around and also because of my working environment

1. I have nothing to do at my work. Yup I'm serious. I've been online-ing facebook, twitter, tumblr, weheartit, and I even watch manga online. I can't watch youtube since my computer doesn't have speaker. If not I'll be watching drama everyday at my office. -.-

2. Maybe because I work so fast. I tend to work even slower when I was given a task cause I have nothing to do. Example, the task took 10 min to complete but I extend it for like 30min. That's how it is. Cause I have good reaction towards working, so I tend to work so fast and quickly ended up waiting for the correct timing to pass up the work. hhahaha geddit?

3. I don't talk in the office. I try not to talk. Cause I don't want them to know about story of my life or adding me on facebook or let them know I have blog or whatsoever. Cause they are still strangers to me even tho I've been working work half a year already. I just listen to them, I only tell them anything when I asked or been asked.

I don't know if I've experience failure before or not. It somehow has, it somehow hasn't. I wanted to feel the self accomplishment in my life, I wanted to feel the biggest failure in my life, I wanted to be loved by somebody, I wanted to travel to the place that I've wanted, I wanted to work in a place that I love that I don't mind working more than 12 hours out of it.

Somehow that travelling part is on its way. hahaha cause I've been saving lots of money just for travelling. Someday I will go to CALI aannnndddddd met him! Hope he's not married by the time I go there. LOL I have a dream man far away from my country. A very talented person, non smoker is the biggest point of all. ☺ I never met him in real life and he never met me in real life. I'm just his fan from far away land. hahaha LOL. Why is it so hard to find an ideal man HUH!

To those who are smoker, GIRLS HATE SMOKER, Cause guys who smoke won't die early, its the person who smell the smokers smoke dies early. Geddit?? Okay totally out of my topic. LOL

Bye enough of my nagging and problem. I have nothing to say anymore.
I really hope that I could find a work place where I was belonged to, even if I can't find it hopefully the path I'm going right now will eventually lead to the place where it will be. And I'm blessed with all I have now.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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