Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Before 2013 Ends

So as I'm writing here, less than 3 hours till the end of 2013. I feel like I couldn't feel the presence of the time. It is running way too fast. I couldn't keep in the pace. There's ups and down occurred in 2013.

1. When I knew my bff Bibian decided to leave us to study in UK. But her secret didn't go well on me. I knew she just went to UK for vacation. To tell you the truth I stalked her unintentionally. She was the best friend of mine which practically I know all her families member. She just abandoned me right after the graduation. Ignored my message, never call me or explain anything to me. If you are reading this congratulation Queen B. You lied to everyone in your social media but you can never lied to me especially you live so near me. And truth will come out no matter how long you are going to hide. I introduced Sharon one travel agencies for internship which is now a permanent staff and guess what! Sharon was in charge with passport visa and also with your latest travelling in China. Sharon already checked up your passport. You never went to study at UK at all. You lied to us but we found out. This world is so small. I cried for nothing and you broke Sharon and my trust. We will never be a complete meal right now. Potato decided to find another way out. Its just left Beef chop with salad. 

2. I hate my job. I still managed to endured for 1 and 3 months in this company. My position is really stable right now but I never love my job. Everyday I always wait for work off. Waiting for time to passed by and end the day. I'm nowhere motivated. I am waiting for the opportunities to leave this company. I don't like the way I'm working now, I am a great leader and I know I can do more than what I have now but the position I'm standing doesn't favor me at all. Even if I take opportunities it won't work. I am still seeking for what I stand for and go for my passion. I don't want to regret doing things I don't like. I must love my job in order to pursue what I wanted. 

3. This year I managed to go travelling to new country! I went to Taiwan on the end of March. It was a great experience for me. I'll definitely go there again for their food and shopping paradise. Not to mention I went to Pulau Sapi for the first time on September. It was the first time I went to Pulau to have fun. I went to Pulau with my favorite colleague! Also it was my first trip with Sharon to KL! Went to KL meet few of my favorite blogger as well, then stayed at uncle's place, went to shopping and ate all the fast food in KL. 

4. This year I finally turned 21 years old. I am not sure if I am fully matured or not. But I am sure I am growing up to become a better person. I really hate the feeling of growing old. Because the older I am the more I need to know the real world. This world is really scary. How the society ruin people's physical and mind is really a challenge for us. Sometimes we cannot act according to our feelings but rationally that wouldn't harm or disadvantages us. As we are growing up older our surrounding people aged as well especially our loves one, parents. It makes my heart aches even more in pain. It also shows that the time I'm going to spend with them is going to be lessen. I'm happy to become a grown up but my heart is in pain to watch them grow older as well. 

5. Participate with Church activities really makes me happier. I am fortunate and lucky that this year I've managed to participate caroling! Its been 6 years since our Church has stop caroling. It was amazing. It brings back a lot of great memories. But of course this was a lot more different. This year Church member has finally expanded their activities and getting more active than before. It took a long time to make this happen, and I am happy to see a lot of new faces and old members getting involved with Church actively. It was really a great start. I can feel the strength and faith for making the Church more active than before. Praise The Lord. I hope I can make time for Church as well. 

What is my 2014 New Year Resolution? 
1. Seek job opportunities when the time comes.
2. Travel as much as possibles.
3. Love my parents even more.
4. Go to Church and participate as much activity they conducted
5. Exercise more and loss more than 10 kg fat. 
6. Forgiveness. 
7. Be more considerate and work hard on every wishlist I created. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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