Monday, March 29, 2010


today's accounting quiz was a DISZASTEROUS!!! SHIAT
i've mistaken between trial balance n balance sheet..
n i lost 9.5% of the marks shiat!!!!!
so not good for me today..
hopefully i didn fail..n i didn hav time to finish my 3rd question...
alamak!!! only my 2nd question done well..but it doesn't seems to make my marks high

today got presentation eng today..
they did well today..
but as long as the time gonna reach next week i'm getting nervous..
coz it going to be my turn SOON!!!!
but actually my presentation is on next week lah..hahahaha
BUT I'M NERVOUS when i saw them presenting..
it seems that it was my turn to present..shiat
hopefully i hav time to prepare lah..=)
all the best peeps!!! XD

Saturday, March 27, 2010


today i went to the stadium..
i'm suppose to go thr bout 11.30am like that but
we arrive to early liao n i didn manage to see max n shaza..=(
i thought i can saw them n hug them..
i really mis my friend..hope that they we're good at the kem especially max..
max adalah org yg paling lemah sejak sy kenal dia..hahaha XD

n i have nothing to talk bout these seems ok ok lah
n our exam is getting near n i'm still lagging off my time with fb only..
didn really hav the mood to study at all
even my assignment i didn start to do..n the deadline is NEXTWEEK!! SHIAT!!
haha..very malas bha..

n i've been thinking negetif stuff again..
i really hope i wont think of it..but eventually it came also
it creaps me out sometimes..
i really don like my trauma..n i still sleep with my parents..
i'm wondering when i'll be able to sleep alone again!?
hopefully i will be brave n become even more braver again..
go away trauma!!!!!

n recently i've been thinking bout couple stuff again
i think i'm really desperate to hav a relationship..
but i got think the consequences after having a bf...
so i try not to fall in love with anyone..
if i really fall in love i cant change it anyway...
so i'll let it be that way till my love or like towards him hav gone..
soo i really hope i wont like someone..i hate the feeling off broken heart
although i never ever hav a bf...=/

the end of my story

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

moral test2 day

hmmm i don think i do very well owh..not even full page..
hopefully Miss Angie wont cut my marks HALF!!!
i will be terribly sad..
when i do the essay my mind was full with answer
but when i write it into an essay it became so short..

n today was a happy day too..
coz ngam ngam we finish our test n already pass up our paper
it start to rain..this time the rain more heavy a bit
but for awhile only lah..
i was really happy n the tree's is SAVE!!!

Blood donation day(19/03/2010)

it was the most tiring day for me..
i think the others also tired..
i thought i wont work on the blood donation day
coz i didn volunteer to work for it
but eventually i hav to work also coz i'm the commitee of the welfare student..
but it was a fun day tho..i get free bage..haha its purple as u can see the pic..hahahaha XD


i'm tooo boring n i took pic of it..make it as kenangan..=)
soo i work till i nearly fainted...
too tired n i didn even eat heavy stuff to get my energy..
haiyo..haha but i hav lots of fun get to see ppl donating their precious blood..hahah XD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

what happen today...

early in the morning..
as usual lah..go to school loh..
i swept the floor coz our classroom's drawer is freaking dirty..
coz a guy throw all the plastic wrappers under the table..
n he was so not the drama of eating in class lagi tu..bikin panas jak..
i was a little happy today..
coz she ask me whether i want her homemade cookies or not
i say no lah coz i don feel like eating..
but i was happy that at least she try to approace me again
n trying to talk to me..i think..
n hopefully i start to talk back with her again...=)

today was ok ok lah
untill i go to the IT lab..
wow what happen to my pendrive..tiba tiba sot liao..
i think got virus..but the comp didn detect any virus at all
untill i kasi HANG THE COMP..
NOT ONLY 1 COMP BUT 2COMP..hahahhahaha XD
i was so scare to pay back i go to the 3rd comp
n i didn put the pendrive..ltr the comp hang again then mati loh me..
hahahahah XD..i don want to pay back i quitely go away..
hahaha XD

then after school i go to my mom's office..
n try what happen to my pendrive..
sekali scan got 22DETECTED!!!
palui nie...but then i don know if already deleted or not lah..
punya main byk virus!!?? i don even know if it's a virus or what...hahahhaha XD

then at night..
i decide to dance..hehe..=)
i still can chatch up a little..
i sweat alot today..n my hair looks like i've been showering..haha
n i manage to keep my dancing skill stable n nice..hoho
puji sendiri pula yerr...hahaha XD
but sometimes if i want to turn around i get dizzy easily..
@.@...then i don know whr i start again..haha
but it was really fun to dance around..
i will officialy start joining dancing class next month..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i really like bittergourd especially when it became
'niong fu ka'...hahaha XD
it has a slightly bitter taste..
it also has the bitter sweet ascent ..
when it was cooked n became 'niong fu ka'
it has a sweetness more than the bitterness in it..
it taste even more nicer because it was cooked with soy sauce..
then to make it more tastier..i recommend that
put 1biji of kitchai..n a teaspoon of lada..
it is based on ur taste n the amount of the bittergourd..
it tast even more nicer...especially when my grandma cooked it..
it has a nostalgic flavour it in..
it was really awesome..

so in real life..
mayb we are not that perfect
or even face a lot of dificulties when comes to family or in work
but if we manage to get through all the pain n suffering
blissfull will come through to u in no time
with all the effort or suffering u had done..
n because of the hardwork that have been made..
by adding something different or change the way of ur path
 will make ur life happy and more meaningfull not only urself
but all ur family n friends who care bout u
its like when u think back those time when u were fighting
for what u want..its all worth it..
because we make a right decision for our own life into a blissfull life..
so change ur old attitude n make ur life blissfull from now on..
n think carefully b4 u make a wrong decision..
sooo GoodLuck EveryOne..

p/s : i suddenly think of this when i want to describe the tastyness of my 'fu ka'..hahaha =P

Monday, March 15, 2010

not feeling very well

since last sat after my competition..
i really don feel very well..muscle pain everywhr...ouch..even now
i don think it was because of the ahcohol loh..
i just drink a even campuran with sprite + carlsberg = sandy
thats mom very hebat need sprite also can..
n i think i will faint in anytime n anywhr..
i don want to faint or anything happen to me lah..
i feel scare n insecure loh..
n ii hav lots of stuff to do..
i really have a buzy life now since i start my college life..
n i've been sick for 3rd time including this time..
its like 1 month sick 1 time...
wow what a group leadar am i..hahaha
i think i hav low antibodies now...just like max..
overload with works n stuff makes me sick..haih..
i want to relax more but it seems that things are starting to come one by one
after i solve it..hmmmm i better take it easy b4 i really faint.. me to pray for me..i need ur support..
thanks n GOD BLESS US ALL..=D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tug of war day

going for the competition at 1pm
but they postpone till 2pm
coz the basketball team not yet finish their match..
so they can hav an hour rest b4 they start the tug of war

b4 2pm i call max so we can go out since she hav car 2 drive
soo we went to yen ai thr..coz max is not feeling well n doesn't have the mood to eat..
she even muntah her all her herbal tea out..eewww...haha
but then she feel more better after muntah lah..
ur getting more weaker n weaker max..aiyo..=/

then going to stts thr to start my competition..
the 1st round boys start 1st..
but then our team orange hse came late so they were sad
then the next team is our turn after the boys..
even the girls also very little ppl..but they gave us time
find ppl lah..n some of them manage to come back in time
so we hav enough time n did not disqualified..

then after our turn we heard that our hse has been given a chance to start the match again..
soo its very lucky that the red hse gave us another chance..
haha..n the boys win over red hse..hahaha XD

then girls won 2times just lost to the red hse only..
i'm tired now..but we hav a lot of fun thr..
n i get to know more friends through thr..=)
happy happy day..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM result

we r suppose to take our result at 10am..
but all the tcher were buzy print all the cert n get ready to open the counter
soo eventually it start on 11am..
soo yeahh!!!..
saw a lot of students gets a lot of A's..
sooo jealous of them..they really deserve it..n i was hoping
that i get lots of A's too..
but eventually nooooo..
i only get 1A's...
i was hoping to get ATLEAST 3A's
i'm quite sad tho...
i was suppose to be very happy coz i pass all..since thr is no D..
but then i cried loh..coz i really thought i get really good grades..

the end

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today!? (10.3.2010)

it was a normal usuall
but we hav a rushing time when on the last period..
we ask permision to go out early for the was fun actually
just follow the script n read it out loud..
thats all..but then me n bibian just thought that it was only Miss Deborah
but there is Miss Angie that was scary..
it was not me who is was BIBIAN!!
she was a bit shock that Miss Angie was one of the judge..
haha..i was okay for it..only her..haha
n we manage to make Miss Angie impress..i think
hopefully we can be the EMCEE for the graduation day..
i want that jobbbbbb!!! haha XD

n this thursday its going to be SPM result taking day
sooo now i'm a bit nervous..
n wow its already past for 3months..
time pass very fast these day..
so yeahhh..i think i will follow Christable's car..i think
if her mom let me follow lah..
n i'm getting excited also coz i can meet my friends again..
then we can hang out together..
misss u guys sooooo much..
upperstar mau?? haha XD
soo hope that everyone of us get good result..=)

Monday, March 8, 2010




haih..i'm thinking of making a decision whether
postpone or just go for it..
i really don feel like going to plkn..i feel scare n insecure
n i don want to waste my time just to go thr..
then i hav to start all over my studies again..
now the important thing is i need to make a right choice..
so i wont regret for it..hopefully i make a good decision..=/

n i think thr's a stalker in my fb..i think..don know lah..
malas mau ckp..not in the mood

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucky Day

today we hav a Royal China there..D Junction thr was really awsome day coz we it was a happy n simple day for us..when we arrive at thr..we saw a couple with a children..1st 1st i thought it was their daughter..but eventually its their grandaughter..hahahaha XD i was sooo miss understanding with the concept of looking in their age..they really look alike..n the kd its very cute n prety..i kepp on watching the kid with my sparkling eyes(konon)..hahahahah XD

that kid is very brave she wants to go up the stage n sing it out loud..but she return to her sit n ask her grandparents to accompany her to sing..haha XD she was really cute..i wanna took pic of her but then i scare that she cry or run away from me..n my hp camera sucks..XP..

then on the lucky draw time..we were sooo lucky that we won a was funn..we got
4ticket loteri = (4 x RM3per ticket loteri) + RM30 2nd lucky draw = RM42
hahahaha aren't we lucky..but then we don know if we got win the loteri or not lah...

but then my mom said that its was her 1st time to get a lucky draw price for twice..were soo lucky..although it was a small price but we felt very  happy n satisfy with it..coz we really enjoy our dinner n lucky draw night..soo it was really worth it n awesome day for us...

that why i was sooo freaking lucky to get chosen for the plkn..soo hopefully i can braven up myslef so i wont scare anymore..n i really want ur support my friends who read this blog..hopefully i can perform well in plkn n do my best to get a lot of experience..MAY GOD BLESS US ALL...=)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ok ok lah

early in the morning was a hot day..
usually morning is the most refreshing time..
but then it was really hot when i arrive at my school
my classroom is soo freaking hot..coz got haba..XD
then we started class as usual
but b4 that when Aerith talk bout her dancing club..
it freaks me out n makes me scary..
i don like the way they perform..i think
coz its scare me no more scary thing for me..AMEN!!

then i keep on going to the staff room over n over again..
just to find tcher n ask bout the moral field trip
wow..its was a tiring day for me today..
but it was really worth it..coz Miss Angie accept my topic..FINALLY!!!
i was soo happy n Miss Angie smile at the topic..hahaha
now moral hings has set up..n now hav to prepare for my maths presentation
wow that lots off assignment to do..but i will take it easy for awhile
n do it slowly n without any stress...

but the thing is..bout my PLKN!! its like march already..n i haven't find anything
to solve this matter..coz i was soo interested in the plkn
but now i hate it..n i don want to go lah..=(
then today i as raymond bout this thing..
n he was like TOTALLY IGNORE ME!!
hei what the heck lah..i didn do anything wrong to u
i notice this feeling already since last week..
i think ur influence by rachel..coz she hates me..
who cares..i can ask Tan anyways..n he is the one who reply my question
but i was asking raymond bout the plkn..
so whats the meaning lah??
HATE ME!!???

n were having our sport meet soon n it was going to be next week..
n i just write down the lyrics on the blog..
some part i didn write it down coz that part we didn cheer for it..
soo yeah!!..or hse cheer lyrics its weird n funny..
my friend laugh none stop..hahaha XD
i saw the name list of the hse..its about who join for the competion
n i go check the tug of war name list..
n i was so sad that thr is now wong's name n belle name..
mayb Jerrard knows that they were skinny..n not ngam for this tug of war
so they didn write down their name..alah takkan sy 1 org jak??
nvm as long as i hav fun with it..hahaha XD

i think i will go for the audition for next tuesday..
coz i wanna be an EMCEE!!!
wish me luck if the lecturer chose me to become one..
n i hope that i wont go to the PLKN!!
so that i can be the EMCEE for the IS night n Graduation day on June..XD
so yeahhh!!!
n hope that everyday is a peacefull day..=)

cheering lyrics

Who rocks the house I say
Orange rock the house we say
When we orange rock the house
We rock it all the way! x3 (soft to loud) ahhhhh!

Give me an 'O' (year 2) O
Give me a 'R' (year 2) R
Give me an 'A' (year 2) A
Give me a 'N' (year 2) N
Give me a (year 2)      G.E.W.I.N
O...R...A.N.G.E x3

{Bo peep dance}

Turned off the radio that's not right
Orange house x2 put up a fight
1 2 3 & 4
1cat 2cats 3cats 4, 4 mice 3mice 2mice 1
Pink hse Red hse Blue hse gone!

Orange house, are u ready?!?! (yeah!!!!!)
Orange! Wave ur hands in the air
Orange! Like u just don't care
Orange! We'll be winning over here
Orange! We'll be winning over there
Orange BOYS! Make some noise!
Orange Mamas! Show ur nana's

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

swearing-in ceremony

today was fun..i was so happy that it was swearing-in ceremony..i've been waiting for this day..i'm really happy coz i'm the official group leaders of diploma in commerce January year 1 2010..woohoo...XD actually being a group leader is fun but then thr is a lot of things to do when it comes to a its a tough job for me in these i hav to kepp up myself for being a good n a responsible yeahhh!! XD...

p/s : max max max..i'm tooo beranganlah...masi searching for the right one for me..tulah over comic sdh..max ajaran sesat..hahaha lah..still too anime n over dramatic bha..just like u always..u'll never find the one u r right for NOW!! wait till we mature 1st lah...baru ckp..kan max!!?? see matang sdh sy kan kan kan!!?? XD

Monday, March 1, 2010

cheating is sooo cheap

today we hav exam for malaysian study..
i study hard for this subjek although is just a revision for a few hours..
but then i really study hard for it..
n i manage to write my essay with all i know
but the second question of essay i didn do so well
but i'm really satisfy with all i did..
then i heard someone says a lot of ppl cheat on this exam
it makes me pissed off even more..
i study so hard of it n u all CHEAT!?
other ppl study so hard for it n some of them cheat on it
its so unfair to those who didn cheat on this exam..

i'm really pissed off n i really want to tell tcher bout this thing
but i didn do so..why?? COZ LTR THEY HATE ME EVEN MORE!!
i really don think i do this thing right..i really want to tell tcher already if i'm really pissed off

the malaysian studies tcher also not strict to us bha..
didn ask us to keep all our books in front of him...
so that no one could cheat on anything
i hope i wont hear those things anymore..
its really unfair to those who work hard on it..n some of us cheat..
it soooooo UNFAIR!!! be a REASONABLE PERSON!!!