Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank You Post

Hi Monkey Girl! Just in case you are going to read this blog again lol. Thank You for your great motivation. Even just a word it really makes a big deal for me. I felt really touched and motivated! This blog has been really private. I share to no one at all when I've graduated from high school so I only have a few reader on this blog than the other one that I've always shared. Anyway, let's Hi five for being 22 *virtual high5* 

You know taking risk of being jobless is hard especially when I personally don't even know what will happen 3 months later. But of course I have other optional for working back on what I'm certified as an account student. No worries about that. I still can start over by getting a job and when I'm ready I'm going for it again until I can earn income from my dream job.  We're still young! 

Telling parents about this is really great but I've always aimed for timing. When its the suitable time I'll eventually tell my parents about it. I'm just scared that they weren't as supportive and oppose my decision. I'll get through about that soon. haha

Oh btw I love Kuching!! Crazy about their cheap and delicious food! Can't wait to go there again! Thank You again Monkey Girl!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

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