Monday, July 29, 2013

The right way

Okay I think its like million or billion or gazillion times I was bragging and ranting shit on my work life. How or when will I stop that!? Until I find my true passion in life. No one I mean literally no one understand my passion or my life even I wanted to to share, which I did. They no understand my alien language I guess. 

I really wanted to share my passion by finding the one true work of my life just like finding one true love. How can you work at a place that you don't like. Lifeless, no self accomplishment, no I don't want all of this. All I wanted to do now was splat the letter of resignation in my boss face (in my dream) then pack my bags and go to Perth for vacation. Oh the irony of my life. haha

Was planning to do that during the end of Oct, so I can go to Perth on December for the whole month, spending my Christmas sipping hot chocolate (totally hate sweet drink except when its cold), enjoying the winter, visit amazing places, go to fishing & catch abalone and eat all the oyster! I was really planning to do so until my Aunt wanna come back to KL & KK in mid Nov till Dec, my dream crushed and oh the ticket to Perth is fucking expensive. 

Back to Reality. No I can't enjoy yet. I still have to suffer for another 5 more months, endure 5 more months. I'll be free!!! I basically or randomly told my parents that I want to resign or whatever it is. They were just like, your life, your choice, you like it do it. Doesn't sound convincing to me. Where is all the support???? Urghhhh. Story of my life. 

------------------------------------------Unrelated story------------------------------------------

Oh and my bro just got a girlfriend. I was like ewwwww and omgggggggggg the whole time when he bring his girlfriend back home. HAHAHA Mom and I was laughing all the way down. Then my girlfriends started to ask me when will I get bf. I was like WHAT!? Not until I went overseas ok. hahaha I want to find ang moh and have ang moh baby (totally jk) -.- 

Anyway still planning for my future! Will be making a big step next year. Hope that God will guide me all the way through. Hopefully I myself will take the step forward instead of staying in the same path. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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