Sunday, November 28, 2010

The beauty of Nature

All the picture above was all about Sabah.
Breezy air, Bird chirping, 
Sunny sun,Smell of ocean or river
Scenery of the mountain and sunset and sunrise 
Isn't that nice??
Never ever forget where was your hometown 
your country. :)

God Bless

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I like Teamin so much
He is adorable among the other Shinee members
maybe because he has the same age as mine.
Hope you guys can enjoy this music video
And I try to learn the step by my own.
Its very nice.
Enjoy  :*
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
God Bless.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Ahh yess.
it was the day when the Party was finally over.
I get to rest properly after the party.
eventually I wake up around 8.30am.
Thats way to early.
because I sleep late at night.
So during the day, I was hoping 
Bibian would call me to have breakfast.
I didn't get any call.
So I just let it be
since I know they also having their sweet dream.
And my dad drove to Tuaran just to have a breakfast
of Tuaran Mee. hahaha
and we bought 2 coconut pudding
it was my favorite.
I eventually ATE the whole thing for myself and left the 
others for my dad and mom. haha
Then the maid came in the afternoon
to clean the house.
My mom suppose to cook at night but lazy
Then I received a call from Bibian 
and she ask me out to dinner
I'm thrill to go out with because
someone was tagging along with the dinner.
So we went to Sushi King for dinner
since they never ate it before.
so we tried it out.
For them it maybe something not eatable
but for me its quite delicious. ahaha
so there was a few picture after we finish our dinner

in every picture I look fat. :(

I like Dylan's posture quite funny and
Kids were like that don't they??
Being kids were so good that i can ignore the fact of being stress.

God Bless :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ewayne's 16th Birthday Party and Groovy Farewell for Dylan (20.11.2010)

Early in the morning I was late for the rehersal at Star City
Cause I'm not following my friends car to there.
so I manage to arrived there at 10.30 a.m 
we didn't start till 1pm in the afternoon
due to staff preparation were slow, we were late for rehersal
on the MC and dance performance.
and we went back to Bibian's home around 3.30pm
and its already very late.

Some how the guest arrived  earlier than I thought.
I didn't even change and get ready for my stuff yet
luckily I bath at Bibian's house 1st. HAH!!
so when I'm prepared I started to become 
MAFIA (not actually). hahaha
I'm getting ready to work.
write the names, take angpau from their friends
and take lotsa picture of the birthday girl and the
groovy farewell party for Dylan :D

The picture below were nicer than others
so there was only a few picture.
Okay I'll explain each people and who are they in the picture.

1st picture.
It was Jayson and Cester
Male dancer for the night.
Nice pose!! :P

It's Kenny, doing the break dance!?
also the male dancer of the night.
 during disco time everyone was like a crazy person.
first they were shy to dance but slowly the floor was heaten up
and everyone start to dance together and solo up :D

Lovely couple for the night.
Ain't they sweet <3

Ewayne with Teacher Sheila
from Baila fitness.
If anyone love to dance, come and call her.
she needs a lot of dancer to perform in any event :D
Hp.No : 016-8354846 (only in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Ewayne with IS student except for Jia Jia :D

Ewayne with Tina also one of Baila Fitness student.
Okay there was that spoil brat in the picture :P

Ewayne with their schoolmate.
Bitches anyway and i hate the girl with the black dress
ugly face expression. Can't she smile???
Of course Ewayne was the staring of the night :D

Group photo during cake cutting session
with Ewayne's friends only

A group photo of the dancer at the backstage
some were missing.
when they finish all their dance I quickly go to the back stage.
Because they were screaming of relieved.
and the show was ended nicely.
and I hug Miko!?
tiba tiba this. haha

Ewayne with another group of dancer from Baila Fitness too
and also from TTSS
they call their group GISELLE!
they were pretty and hawt :D

Actually there was Dylan's picture too but
He didn't upload everything so i can't grab
so mostly was from Ewayne's
and did you notice all involve Ewayne in the picture!
In the end i didn't took any picture maybe only one. haha
because I'm the photographer of the night.
so tiring.
and my leg cramp whole day after the event.
because I'm wearing heels
anyways it was really fun that night and its awesome :D

The End
God Bless.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Finally I know my feelings towards the guy 
I like
actually its just an admiration because both of them are good in dancing.
Thats all not even having crush on them
just an normal admiration or I call them idol. 

gonna take my law soon.
I'm late a year.
but still can take mah.haha
and maybe gonna post some picture
at Ewayne's birthday this coming Saturday.
and I'm a photographer that night. weeee
but not using DSLR tho. :((
gonna be busy night.
we'll be back blogging again if there is any agenda :)

God Bless.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Manga stories were so romantic
why can't boys be like that??
is that hard??
maybe this is reality.

Love at second sight.
ever heard of it??
i create by myself because i think its true.
the first sight is usually bad impression.
but in 2nd sight you start to know someone more.
that makes me like someone in second sight.

recently I'm thinking about a guy in Bibian's 
dancing crew.
it really makes me piss off when i think of him.
it make my heart beat so fast 
that it start to aches.

i really like the feeling of in love
but it is so pain that i don't even want to think of it
it makes me cry before although we never been together
but crying for the one you like sucks and pain.
it feels like gonna explode.

i promise myself to control myself 
and not to fall for anyone.
but my heart doesn't follow me.
so i just hope things will be alright and 
I won't think too much bout it.

God Bless.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Different feelings

Recently I feel confused about
 my feelings toward two guys.

I don't know what is my feelings towards them
some times I felt loved or in love
but I'm sure that it is just a lust feelings.

I didn't put much hope in this 
because i know it won't happen 
both of them have different personality
different people
but both of them is a dancer.
that makes me fall in loved??
I think I'm a person that fall in love 
or like someone easily
or easily influence by someone's action.

my most weakness towards men
 or any guy is eye contact.
especially guys that I admire or I like
I really hate eye contact.
It crack my nerves on.
 ter-touching here and there.
even accidently ter-touch i will feel uncomfortable
I don know how to describe.
its just that I had my own reflection
 that will avoid ter-touch.

I just hope everything will be find
and hope that my first love will be the 
one that i'll be together forever :D

God Bless.

Monday, November 8, 2010


yes I'm pissed off by the new version
of blogger @google sign in.
makes me create a new blog. fuck man.
but now everything was okay.

I have interview some job.
but none of them call me.
i want a job but the job doesn't want me
i'm gaining weight now
sure no boyfriend lah nie.
but i got an admire. hahahax. :P
I'm trying to put down some weight. 
if not next year some of my classmate sure laugh at me :(

Congratz to YEE JUN LIN and VERA LO!
they are official married in the age of 18.

so joyful LOL!!

okay I'm a bit shocked when i heard the news
but i accepted them in the short time.
life is complicated anyway. haha
i don knw what is the reason for them to get married in 
such a rush but i know that Vera is not pregnant at all.
anyway i hope that they have a blessed marriage. :D

God Bless.