Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was wondering what happened to my life for all these 20 years. (21 in August soon)

Am I doing the right thing?
I always thought that I'm making the right choice in working as a clerk for the rest of my life. LOL. Saving up as much as money for my parents and my future and my obsession in traveling. Paying for house loan (soon) and stuff. I haven't gave my mom monthly fees for food and gas at all except for paying bills during dinner. I'm a bad daughter huh?!  Hahahaha same goes to my bro, bad son. LOL

Am I making a great choice?
I must admit that I think I made the wrong choice working as a clerk. Cause you know kid like me just doesn't have the right path or ambition in life. I haven't found yet. Funny right, 21 soon but I still have no ambition and living purpose. 

Am I satisfied with all I have?
Yes, I'm satisfied with what I have now. Great family, amazing bff, peaceful country in Sabah, and I have God by my side. But I want more than that as well. I know being famous as celebrities or blogger or a fashionista is amazing but I can't do things what I'm not capable of doing it. I wanted to have this, have that, have those amazing things that people will envy on, but I can't, cause that's not me.

What's the purpose of life?
I think I have no sense on that yet lol. As you can see or have been reading my blog this year, I have been ranting a lot on my work life. Its just not there yet.

I'm going to make a decision soon. Real soon. Hopefully.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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