Friday, January 29, 2010


today at school was quite ok lah
yek ling n me r trying to fight for an iphone during classes
actually is not fight lah..just wanna play the games only
raymond is like sooo freaking kaya..wat also got
especially all gadgets that i like the most
makes me even more n more n more jelez of him..hahaha
coz all the things that i want always other ppl has it 1st...
y lah my parents not rich..haha XD

continue story at school...
it seems that now our progress on prctising our singing is quite good now
but i don knw whether they really got attend or not in the 1st break
hope they stay at class especially the boys lah...
we still have 1 week to go b4 our performance leh..
freaking scary tuu if we didn prepare enough..
but i really want to sing in a partner lah
i even ask sean bout singing with me but tidak payah lah
i don evan want to think bout him..n i try to ignor him when he try to smile with me
hahaha..i'm soo evil hate to saw his face now...
bikin panas jak..XD

anyways....i'm going to ALL SAINTS school tomorrow
yay!!! with isabella sis..yay..
at least i got friends..but she only kawan me till 8am only
alah i want till they finish merentas desa lah..hmphh!!
nvm as long as i can met some of my friends n tchers
hahaha miss my friends sooo much...yay!!
i want to hav fun with them..=)

hope collier get 1st on merentas desa...
n hope that 2mr's weather are bright n shiny..haha XD
may God Bless Us All...!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

miserable n unconditionaly day!!

after school was a disaster..makes me running here n thr
n talk a lot n been scold by tcher (konon)
b4 the business maths finish..or even start that class
i ask them that stay for audition
but then they say they r buzy n all stuff
i also canot stay also u think i want to stay kah??
 hate it also loh..but then can see jovi, sean n issac..
then i dicuss a lot with tcher..
i think i'll volunteer myself to sing with jonathan liew
if he want lah n don mind my ugly voice...=)

i find sean n he was like y she finds me!!??
i also don care lah...u not liang cai also...i find u pun bukan pasal ko!!
hahahahahaha XD
then i find cathy n ask her bout things..
in the end only 5ppl sing for the audition!!
bikin panas nie..coz everyone is like looking at us..
especially isaac...GAHHHH!!
he even smile at ME!!!
i wanna say f*** already shit liao..

at least that time i sing well but its without a microphone..haha XD
bagus...hate it got audition..but only 2minits sdh habis..n i was relieve
thx God for the time past so fast...that time only lah...

then i wait at school till 5pm like that..
its fun juga lah coz i get to see other ppl perform sikit...
n i saw jovi like...SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!
hahahahaha XD n dancing like in the pub n make it a sexy moves
love it..n i notice him watching me or mayb someone lah..i don knw
hope tomorrow i can make a decision n been approve by tcher
that i can sing with someone if i found who wants to sing with me
if max ada..i want u to sing with meeeeeee!!!

missssss u max..T.T
got a lot of things i want to share with u..
but then ur not besides me..
coz at least we can make jokes n talk bout BOYS!!!

p/s: i knw thr's lots of problem in ur family max but keep up i knw ur a strong women..
i'll always support u when ever u need me!!
terharu kah??? XP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thinking of it

i'm still thinking of it whether i should go to the
leadership camp or not..
mayb i'm scare of my trauma coming back again...
but i hope n never hav this trauma..
if not i'll be able to do stuff that i want to..
but nevermind..
as long as thr's my frens n my family who support me its fine..
i sms 'him' today bout the leadership thing again..
i think he starts to ignor me n malas want to sms me..
its not even everyday we sms..
n when i sms its all about the schools activities mah..
but biar lah..i oso start to malas bout 'him' already...
lazy to care bout 'him' but i still want to see him..XD
budu this..haha XD

n thr's new update that is our talent night has postponed
its going to be at 7feb 2010..
n our audition its going to be at next week wed...
its really nice to hav lots of activities going here n thr
but i just wanna hav fun without stress or burden
when i think bout burden..
it remembers me of the ALL SAINTS school's songs
hahaha..i miss my old school n my friends soooo much...
till i want to go back the time..haha
but it wont..just hoping that all of them r healthy n happy always..
miss them sooo much...

n bibian is now at same class with me...
i was soo shock when she says that she wants to go thr
 n i'm like woahhh..its last minute girl u still want to go..
but eventually she didn act like anak manja..
haha thx God!!
but she seems to have a lots of fans even only in the 2nd day of school
haha..i'm jelez but i oso got fans i really see through it..
konon lah..but as long she's with me i'm not that lonely..
n my classmate r funny juga lah...but sometimes bikin panas oso..

hopee my friends r happy n healthy always..
may God Bless Us All..

p/s : i miss 5i..♥~

Monday, January 11, 2010

institut life..

i think college life start boring when it comes to study...
thr's lot of activities going on in college..
its fun coz i get to knw a person...'sean yap'
the 1st thing i knw is...he's good in eng..
in the end i like him..sweat this...haha XD
i think i'm a person who easily fall in love with...
but still okay..hope wont like last time...haha
but i'll will tell him that i like him if he graduate..
its sad when he graduates
but he's going to continues his study...T.T
wish him goodluck
today we met malaysian studies lecturer..
he seems gay to me...coz his weird action...haha
but still okay...he's just a part time lecturer in our IS
malaysian studies = SEJARAH
haha...its in eng...bikin panas nie..but it seems interesting
mayb bcoz its more bout modern days now...
i really hope that i can absorb lots of information n on the studies
coz i want to be a most excelent student in diploma...
i wanna get the schoolarship...weeeee!!
soo i need to study hard...

thr's a new student again...n its going to be lot of classmate
hate it...i prefer only 15ppl
when we has just started our 1st day...haha but nvm
we can get along soon...yawww!!

mayb in the same time i can be more friendly to him
 mayb we can bcom friends or couple..hahaha
berangan owh mee...XD
but i like the way is it now...n i hope i can spend time with him more...
like himm soooooo much...XD
i think lah...not that much yet...still on the proses...
i want to spend time when on leadership camp...
n hope can duet with him in IS talent night...hahah XD

anyways...goodluck everyone...lurve my friends a lot...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

survival race

its fun today n happy coz wong got go to school
she dont want to go but last last she go osos...yay
then i'm divided into group fun n happy
we only hav 8ppl in the group then the t'cher let two in to our group
but it came out 11ppl...???
i oso blurr blurr..haha but still okay..then we start our race frm
the lower ground...we finish already all except one place
hiazz..still left one more n we're finish in time...
but we manage to won the 1st prize...yayayyyyy!!!
i'm soo freaking happy this...haha
i was hoping that 'S' is thr taking pic of us.but eventually he already went home
i think lah..haha coz i thought he yang took pic of
our group when we won...but no...i'm sad owh..haha
but its really fun n when we play this survival race
he also got took pic of us..n i got smile with him...
yayayyy...for me for smiling with
but i really hope he still remembered me when he graduates...
i'm gonna miss him...=(

but anyways...i like him...haha
in the proses of liking him...
haha XD
hope malaysia is a peacefull country..=)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

college life

cant sleep well last night
coz i'm going to college today...
early in the morning sms wong...4 wat
coz scare not friend at college lah
apa lagi
its fun today
we heard a lot of speech frm CEO, vice president n etc.
is fun lah
i get to met a lot of my friends
since frm kindergarden, primary n even frm church n of course my own school lah
but some of then like huh!!?? who is she again??
remember their face but names...ohno who's tat person name again??
today had a lot of briefing n some speech bout club n regulation
bla bla bla
sleepy tis...zzzZZZZ
their canteen calls cafe' like woah...
apa nie...n call t'cher by miss or mister lee or watever
change a lot their style in call some stuff
n i'm going to learn a lot of english as u all knw i'm going to college...
eng is COMPULSARY!!!
n i become class woah..tiba2 tis
sooo malu owh introduce myself infront of students...T.T
but okay lah
bcoz or mayb i bcome class monitor i terpaksa speak n learn more in eng
gonna work even more harder than b4
but its fun to study in college...
hopefully i get 2nd bage in national service...
i wanna get slimmer...haha...i'm FAT NOW!!!
n tomorrow its going to be fun day again...
hope everyone also have a great day always...

Friday, January 1, 2010

NEW YEAR 2010...

early in the morning of new year...
do uu knw  what i do???
i wash away nail colour 1st thing in the morning....
haha XD nothing to do bha....
i wan to go yamcha with my friend pau shin..but she seems buzy
enjoying with her others friend...haiz what to do kan..all her friend
balik from other country oso...
at least i'm happy to see her...n she's getting fatter my mom say lah
in my oppinion ok ja ...nothing change at all
since its new year...i'm going to start school next week..T.T
study in institut sinaran with wong...yay!!
at least i got  a friend...i'm not alone...huhu
the thing is i don hav books to buy n transport to go home
but soon i will solve this problem...hehe
new day new year new life..
hope everyone will hav a great year
although sometimes will go down n up
all the best human!!!