Saturday, March 17, 2012

Champion of the Day.

Last 3 weeks ago it was our opening ceremony for the Sport Carnival
Everyone of us were getting ready for the sport by practicing cheer dance
Practice for the games which who ever is involved.
Let me refresh a bit about the last time what I've post.
1st week of the opening Sport Carnival was cheer and tug of war
Then the 2nd week, we have basketball and badminton competition
The 3rd week was volleyball and futsal competition.

So here's the thing 
Yesterday at assembly they've announced the result for this years 
Game carnival competition.


Okay for the Tug of war competition overall for male we have
3 house that won the 1st place. 
Which is Pink House, Red House and Blue House 
This one is for Male categories. 
Female is the Pink house 

Next we have Badminton. 
Both male and female in this categories won the 1st place
So this guy below represent the Badminton team.
He's pro like Lee Chong Wei. Seriously.

This is Basketball male categories

As well as Basketball female categories won the 1st place

Okay this guys is representing Volleyball male categories
The CEO's expression :O
hahahahahahahaahahaha very cute LOL

Volleyball female categories as well won the 1st place

Overall sport carnival competition goes to *drum rolls*
BLUE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!
We are the Champion for this year's Sport Carnival!!!!
Okay that guy holding the trophy was our house captain.

Look at the crowd.
Once they've announced that we are the winner we scream
#likenobody'sbusinnes #likeaboss

Okay when they started this game 
I don't feel like winning or passion to be involved in this competition
the competition's rule and system was different than last time.
The Captain was like no motivation to encourage us to join the game
nor even belief that we could do the best at all.
So my perception was like 'OH Sure won't win this year!'

But I was wrong
 all of us did their best 
even tho the captain was like no hope or
mumbling or even think that
'Aiya sure loss if we didn't improve or play well!'
We did our best to play the games.

Last year's competitor was very strong.
Some of them were the representative for our state.
So it was like so hard to win but also managed to get 2nd place.

This year they win because they are lucky 
that the competitor was not strong enough
and they have the chance to practice with the high standard tutor 
such as the state representative/ coach/ from professional referee 
So it was lucky tho.

Its a good thing that we get the 1st place this year
Because we can make good memories out of it 
instead of blaming each other for losing in the competition.
Oh well
Its over now.
Lets move on and let the bad things flew away.

Have fun and good day everyone
God Bless!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Were My Friend - David Choi

You were my friend and it just happened
Time when by and we just lost traction
You were my friend, you were my friend

You got your buddies and I got mine
We're different people we're in different times
You were my friend, you were my friend

When we were young we had our crew
Looking for trouble everyday
Actin' like fools

Then we grew up, like we all do
You got a girlfriend, and I got one too


Yeah we moved on, but we're not that far
We still say hello
But it's not the same at all

It's like we both let go
I guess that's how it is
And I guess it's good to know
He's in a happy place


Yo we made some good memories
All I remember seeing is teeth
Hey you're gone and that's ok
Honestly it's fine with me
That's the way it's supposed to be
As long as we keep saying cheese

You were my friend and it just happened
Time when by and we got distracted
You were my friend, you were my friend

You got your buddies and I got mine
We're different people we're in different times
You were my friend, you were my friend

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Opening Sport day 2012!

Sport day!!!
Went there by bus with Bibian and her sis.
We basically just support them on that day because 
we didn't join the cheer competition.
I'm helping out. 
Tied the boys leg with bell. hahaha like a dog!!
Ok back to the point.
Our house color is blue house.
Our mascot is Doraemon but we changed it to Blueramon!
 Majority of them chose this name because it is cute and sounds funny
Eventually we get used to the name and keep on saying Blueramon.

When the coach was teaching the cheer for our team
I feel like we won't win any title for it.
Maybe because of the song they use and then dance moves.
Feel like dancing rather than cheerleading.
That's why I didn't join it after I saw the moves.
They did enjoy the process of practicing.
Some were bitchy bitchy, princesses style, 
some were playing, ss, talking, laughing,
some were very friendly, helpful. So many personality.
All of them did their best during the cheer competition
Other team were awesome too.
We won't know the result for the cheer competition until
all the games competition ends.

Year 1 my so call junior. hahaha
Getting ready with their makeup 

The coach from Forever Divine
Some sort of Korean fanatic dance group

Ms. Jossy's daughter and her daughter's friend (pink outfit)

Diploma year 3 from my class <3 Semangat!!!!

Also my junior from year 2 :) Awesome people 

Ms. Jossy!

Lou Man Chian! (Dip year2) One of the mascot Giant

Another co-staring of the day
Nobita ( Dip year1)

Sizuka (Dip Year 1)
Isn't she cute :)

Basically everyone of us forget to take the picture of the starring!! 
DORAEMON and SENYU(rich kid)!! I mean BLUERAMON!!
This is the only picture with Blueramon and Senyu.
So sad!! hahaha Look so cute right all of them!?

Group photo of the cheerleading team.

After the cheer competition ends 
all of the team went to the field to get ready for the 1st match

Even though everyone was nervous but we manage to have some
fun to loosed some of the nerves. haha

The 1st match between pink house was super hard
They were so strong until my hand shakes off the rope 
and we lose to pink house.
Everyone's hand was cramped, shaking, muscle pain.

At least we won the match between the red team ONLY.
We did our best though. 

The boys did their best too. 
and they won the 1st place.
Actually 3 team won 1st place including our team for the boys match.
The system was confusing but as long as we get the highest point
then we were one step to become the champion.

Tug of War female participant *some were missing*

The last group photo before the next round of our match.

Overall It's an awesome match. 
Super tiring because it required a lot of strength and energy in this game.
But I am happy to at least join and contributed to this game.
And my transcript is looking good too. hahaha 
If you know what I mean. :P
Anyway good game!!
Hope Blueramon will win the other games 
and get the title of Champion!!

God Bless :)