Thursday, June 12, 2014


To tell you the truth I'm not good in sociable, making deal & closing deal, nor good in talking. Most importantly I'm afraid of changes. I got used to sitting down in office working, but then I got irritated for sitting in a desktop for too long. Now that I've got the chance to change. I could improve everything that I'm lack of. Like seriously. PA is such a challenging job for me. I wanted to try out because I can learn a lot, and see the bigger world around us. Not only I'm afraid of changes but also not confident. Where's all the confident I have during high school & college? I lose all of this when I started work.

Not to mention I went to interview & that GM is really nice that I've got nothing to say. She's good in everything especially confident. She could really become an entrepreneur. She kept saying that I'm scared, its not true. I am just speechless. My brain couldn't generate question. I have nothing to ask cause I just can't think of anything. 

I find it so weird. I think that God is leading me somewhere better but I always questioned. I think this is  a great opportunities to explore & learn more. But I'm confused & scared. I'm in doubt. Sometime its hard to get out from our own comfort zone & challenge one self. In the end I still think that going for my passion is the right thing. It may take time to get out of my fear & comfort zone but I believe going for what I really want will eventually lead to better way. Even tho I'm struggling in my passion but with hard work I will definitely achieved it. All I need to be right now is thick skin so I can improve my confident. lol

Anyway I'll be MIA for 2 weeks since I'm travelling again this time. Korea here I come! Mean more blog post to share to you all on my main blog! Click down below to view my blog. :)

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Favorite Country

If I have tons of money I would definitely go to this place.
Its like my dream country to visit Paris. 
Lets work hard from now on! 
Oh I'm flying off tomorrow for my next trip. 
I was overwhelming from the last trip to Penang so I kinda felt nuisance. lol
How can I say no to travel?

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless