Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Okay I think I'm going to make a big decision by going back to study again next year. I hope the course I'm taking this time will lead to my goal. I'm planning to retake the diploma course but its totally a different thing not commerce or science btw. So I have to decide within this year whether I should study or not. Cause I don't want to start my study so late. By the time if i really go for degree I might be already 26 or 27 years old when I graduated. LOL

Cause I don't want to waste time working, sitting in front of the computer every time. I want something different and I finally found the course that I wanted and my Aunt has been raving to me all these years. But I thought that the course is all about taking care of sick children but apparently no. I got it all wrong. Cause maybe I was stupid that time so I kept on saying no. But now to think of it I think its the best since its very niche in market now.

I tried all source of working, online sales especially clothes and accessories and stuff but no one buys from me at all. I mean no one at all. I tried to become a full time blogger but KK is not the same as KL, epic failed. I tried to work part time for like starbucks or whatsoever, but no one wants me. Photography is the most epic fail, only need guys n mom is against it.

This time I'm taking this course will it lead to my future? I don't know. It depends. But I hope this decision will prove me right! Oh btw If I really didn't make the decision by going to study that course, I might be still at the same pace like right now. So I hope I can make this big decision!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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