Monday, December 23, 2013

Little bits of this and that

Hi guys! Hadn't had a proper time to do blog post! Busy with caroling and church and lots of event coming! Never had such amazing and busy December. My time was packed with caroling and church event and others as well. I am so happy to participate this year's caroling, it really brings back great memories I had back then.

Really anticipate the coming of Christ! I never anticipate as much as before but I'm glad I did. To spread the word of God, to spread the news of the coming of Christ. So amazing, words really can't describe how grateful and amazing things had happen to me. Feeling so blessed despite all the grouchy emotional from the all the previous post I have been posting in this blog.

There's a little bit of unsettling lust in my heart lately. It keeps fluttering. I don't recall anything or people that I like. It still the same, I do sometimes think too much. Even though I still haven't decided that if I wanted to study or continue to work, I really hope God will guide me with the choices that I've made.

Anyway this week I'm full with event! Monday (today!), Christmas song practice and also sharing from one of our church member! Tuesday, Going to church at night with my friend! Wednesday (Christmas Day!), church in the morning and youth party at night! Thursday, Sacred Heart Church Youth Party at night! Friday, Company dinner! I love love love December! So much event to attend! I feel like my life is not so meaningless at all. Feeling really really blessed and happy now!


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