Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi I'm back with ranting again. haha Literally. I just wanted to share a little bit of my thoughts lately. I've been thinking of changing job again. Yup I wanted to find another job. Oh and I DID found one. Photography!!! Like finally there's wedding studio offered it and its also my FAVORITE wedding studio ever! Do visit their blog! ALL ABOUT LOVE They are more into art and most of the wedding picture were outdoor! Super love their picture.

Oh the bad news is I can't apply cause they ONLY NEED MAN! WTF! Totally screwed. By the way they offer Sales Admin as well, which I'm totally okay with it.

I told mom about the vacancies she was okay about it. Sometime you need advise from parents cause they know more than us. Mom was okay about it until I told her the location of the wedding studio! She didn't say no but the way she told me was TOTALLY NO. So no means no. *depressed mood*

It totally makes sense for mom saying no. I have no transport to go way up to their wedding studio. I proposed by buying my own car but my mom again saying no. I have to pay installment every month, even I have cars I need to pay road tax, parking fee at Lintas is not cheap, maintenance, petrol and allllllll fucking expenses.

I mean how could we live like these. So much debt and expenses. We're so much poorer than beggar. I've been saving money. I bring lunch box to office everyday, I don't own any smartphone cause I don't want to pay for the monthly plan fee. hahaha I do still spend when I'm out with friends but I try not to buy expensive stuff. but somehow all the things I've been saving doesn't seems to have a lot. I was wondering where did my money gone to? Maybe because my salary wasn't high at all. lol.

Instead of buying stuff or unnecessary things, I tend to spend money on food! HAHA I LOVE FOOD! Oh and travelling as well. Planning for the next trip soon! hahaha I'm a happy kid but my wallet suffered. Oh wells, government sucks and everything sucks when it comes to money.

My dad is nearly on the age of retirement but he doesn't want to retire, cause of house loan and other stuff,  JUST BECAUSE OF FUCKING MONEY. If money doesn't exist we're the world most richest people. LOL  To those people who were rich STFU DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT MONEY IN FRONT OF US.

Anyway, get advice from your parents, cause they help out a lot in terms of money lol. Can't possibly waste money so much these day. NEED.SAVE.MONEY.FOR.FUTURE. Sorry for my rant post and I calmed down a lot when I write this. lol

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

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