Saturday, November 16, 2013

Number 300,000

When did number exist in our life? Why must it exist? What if it doesn't exist? That's where money conquers humans thinking. Money and numbers rule the world if you haven't know it yet. The higher the number the higher the money. That's where people's mind is corrupted

We as human will never be satisfied with all the things we have now. Not even a single thing. You want this, you want that, you want everything he/she has it. That's the kind of world we're living right now. We will never be satisfied.

By looking at the amount of money, I could do a lot of thing. I mean really a lot. 300,000 is not a small amount of money it is really big. I could use it to help my parents to pay house loan, buy at least a better small car for parents so that, the 20 years old car could be trade off. We still own a 20 years old car. Or at least fix all the broken and old furniture, house gate, water storage, television. 

300,000 for 3 years studies, is it worth? I am seriously thinking hard on this one. Will this amount of money of studies will determine my future? Am I able to finish the studies for 3 years? 1 year or 2 years of studies later will I regret choosing the course? 300,000 is not a joke here, it can be put and use for better place.

IF I really went to studies where do I get 300,000 for tuition fee, not even include living expenses?

What will you do if you're in my situation?

Thinking hard, thinking hard.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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