Sunday, July 21, 2013

210713 : Mommy's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday! Wish her happy birthday!!! LOL By the time you guys read this its already over anyway. Procrastination early in the morning by refusing to go to church!! Typical lazy people. In the end I went to church with mom.

Before we went to church my tears just fall down. Having grouch feeling, feeling stress, kept on thinking about my work even its weekend. Cause its not time for my resignation yet. When the times come it'll be. Anyway I get ready for church eventually.

Then again I want to Thank God cause I went to church again. LOL and I really did. Listening to Father's speech which was so good. Cause I think its the first time I understand. hahahaha lame me. Today we talked about giving. The more you give the more blessing you will received. Which was totally true.

Its doesn't matter how difficult it is as long as you give and help honestly, passionately and truthfully you'll definitely be blessed. And no matter what I do now I feel so blessed. I'm so Thankful for everything even tho I'm no where good.

Oh and today is Father Micheal's birthday as well, as we sang the birthday song, silence tears went down my checks and the same time I wish my mom birthday silently in my heart and wish that she will always be with me together forever.

Our family has this awkward gene. Lol We don't wish each other Happy Birthday nor Father or Mothers Day. Cause its awkward. We never do that except when we're kid, I draw cards and stuff. We just celebrate by ourselves nothing more, nothing big, just the four of us. Family together is the most important. And I don't think I even want to celebrate my 21th Birthday this year. Just a dinner with family is enough. As simple as that.

Anyway I just wanna wish my mommy Happy Birthday! Lotsa love from me even tho I'm a stubborn daughter and awkward as well. I just hope that you'll live longer with Daddy and stay with me forever and God Bless everyone in the world!

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