Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot Day

Whats wrong with the weather????
Its getting hotter and hotter and hotter everyday.
Fuck the weather. 
It really makes my hair itchy, scalp is hurting due to sweat.

but theres 1 benefit of hot weather :)
That is exercise. HAHAHA LOL!

Since hot weather makes you sweat,
Why don't sweat more :)
I'm going to sweat as much as possible to make myself healthy
And I'm joining back my dancing class again.
Hopefully I'm not left out.
Why don't I try

Yoga is not my thing yet. haha

By the way
I'm going to color my hair.
I mean dye my hair!?
I choose this brand below :)
It is chestnut brown.

Hope it turn out good :)
Going to do it on Sunday :)

God Bless.

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