Monday, May 13, 2013


Oh Hi guys! Back here for a little self diary time. Been tumblr-ing and weheartit everyday every night lately. So much amazing, pretty, cute picture. Tumblr : Weheartit : Do follow me! I loved being follow! Not stalker please. haha

So apparently, yesterday was mothers day and we celebrated with grandma on Saturday one day early. We have sushi for dinner! So happy and grandma is happy except for grandpa. LOL haha Anyway grandma told me that she might plan to go overseas with my yee yee (mom's sis) again. 

So I decided to join as well. and of course I proposed USA! I WANT TO GO TO AMERICA!!! My dream is just getting nearer thinking that I could go to overseas, to the place that I've always wanted to go CALIFORNIA!!! 

Anyway did some chatting with yee yee today. Apparently my dream kinda scattered all around, kinda heart broken caused yee yee said its too far away and expensive as well. :( Mad sad!!! Seriously sad. Cause I've been dreaming for 2 days. I know, weird right? As long as I've plan/ proposed I get so excited easily. As if I'm really going overseas anytime.

So I was over excited till my yee yee said not going to America. I'm overly emotional now! FUCK U HORMONE AS WELL! I've been dreaming that I could bump into youtubers or celebrities!!!! OMG HAHA. I WATCH TOO MUCH Youtube lately! Oh youtubers who saw my blog! Please come to Sabah! I'll definitely bring you to the best place in every corner of SABAH, East Malaysia! 

SO I said Korea maybe? She said yes. Since grandma wanted to go again. At least I can go to a place that I've never been so maybe I should take it step by step and save money as well. I really wanted to go to Cali tho. :( 

Lesson learn : Don't get excited over things that doesn't even happened yet. :(

Anyway hope I get confirm on the next trip!
Sorry to hear me nagging all way long.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. :D

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