Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nah Ah!

Holiday comes
still have 1 more paper to go.
 i'm official free.

Going for holiday!?? 

its been a long time since I've ate pizza
Anyone need a pizza??

Xmas is coming soon.
 wouldn't be nice if there is western food everyday to eat
or at least turkey on Christmas.
But Hey!! 
its hard to jaga animals. haha

 desert is always the best to GAIN WEIGHT!!
especially chocolate fountain and ice cream.
* drools *

 but i have no idea WHY i hate chocolate bars.

so i'm planing on getting a job
but it seems that job is not my thing yet.
maybe i'm still young to go to work.
hahaha innocent me! :P

Enjoy holiday
God Bless.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Feel like a G6!!!
exam is on 23rd, 25th, 26th and 30th OCT!
don feel like exam for me.
time flies too fast n its already nearly the end of October soon.
I can't wait for X'mas :P

thats all for the day.
back to study now
God Bless and all the best in the exam mates!

Monday, October 18, 2010


That day was our Antarabangsa Line Dance Annual Dinner.
which include 8th (KK) + 2nd (KB) Anniversary
as you can see the picture.
it looks like a kid party. but it was awesome.
Group photo was taken before we start our party. :)

ss in front of the main entrance there.
but i like this picture so much 
but its weird to put this as my profile picture at facebook.

Picture below was after our performance 

There were Jamming sessions.
 where everyone can go dance and enjoy themselves
there were about 400ppl in this party.
This group below is from John Wong's dance group :)
They always perform traditional dance. 

the picture below was taken during the highlight show.
where the Disney land thing came out of no where.
hahaha. Disney land was in Sabah!!!
The 7 dwarft were confusing because all of them look the same.
and the snow white was talllllllll!!!!

Below were the picture of some line dancer teacher.
which include from KL, and KK as well. :D

Yes i invited Bibian to this party too.
and we were like crazy people trying to take picture with Mickey and others.
and I'm like running here and there so i can eat, enjoy and accompany Bibian.
but its all worth it and it was really an AWESOME NIGHT!!
 The End!

God Bless.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Booooo to the infinity


 Recently I keep on hearing songs that i like.
I feel like wanna puke out already.
gonna get boring soon with the songs.

and yesterday was fucking nervous due to BENG presentation
but our group was the most tension group
where none of our classmate laugh on our presentation.
everyone's face look serious
but everything went well.
not that much scolding just giving some advice to us
of course Koh Li ping has the highest marks.
me!? ok lah i think got 20/30 marks
and finally i can sleep well.

Now i can't wait for my party to start.
because i get to perform with AUNTIES!! =.=
the step are so fucking easy where using 30min can finish up all the dance move.
I'm also happy because i get to dance with him(not partner, just in the group). hohoho
but i get to see him during practice anyway. :P
i just can't wait for the party to start.
this party is going to be publish in the newspaper.
since its so grand but casual!?!?!?
after the performance my exam starts like SOON!!!
urghhh headache

God Bless.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maroon 5 - Misery

This song is awesome but i dislike the MV.
hear this. its nice :D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interview day.

wake up early in the morning 
not that early actually.
getting ready for my 1st time interview
which my mom help me to find it.
found 3 different place.

1st destination.
 its at the bus terminal area.
i was quite shock that one of the employee gave me
a list of product which include quantity and price.
so i need to count all i think total is RM5154
so okay loh. then i thought i go in to the office and interview
but the employee gave me 2 piece of paper
 its a letter and a stock quantity.
so i just type it all out.
the boss didn't ask me much
and my expected salary is Rm700

2nd destination.
some where new kolombong.
i thought this time i need to do calculation.
but this time 
this 2nd interview is more sucker!!!
my expected salary is Rm800 but it DROP to Rm600

3rd destination.
its a hardware shop near inanam.
i thought it would be okay with is.
the boss seems very nice and polite
i thought i could get this time
the post that i want doesn't meet their requirement.
because i only work for 2 months 
and the contract is for 1year.
so the boss punya wife say.
stock keeper got empty post.
and the expected salary given is RM500
who want to become a stock keeper.

4th destination
this time it was my mom's randomness
its at inanam cosway
the boss is really friendly
i like it rather than others.
but the problem is
working time is not following office hour
and the expected salary given is only RM500.
i'll consider it.

Things that i learn through the interview.
need to be ready always.
must tell lie.
must know how to talk.
need to deal with different type of personality.
it suck anyways.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Now baru start to blog 
due to pack schedule in this semester.
and i'm still lagging here and there
 and currently i'm addicted to this anime.
it was fucking nice watch this at

Love in the Mask

This story was fucking nice and i recommended to you'll
Its actually a Korean anime which was already sub. :DD

Back to the point.
Due to this addiction I was unable to focus
much on my things 
and almost everything is last minute stuff.
1. Didn't manage to finish my presentation slide in 1week
2. My English presentation is on next TUESDAY!!!
3. This Saturday I'm going to start interview for my break semester, two months. 
4. Next Friday is my big day where i get to perform with my dancing group. :DDDD
5. On my performance day I need to pass up my management assignment!!!
6. I got management test after my performance
7. My final exam is the next week after my management test.

to much things to do in this month
due to time limit
and the management has a lot of chapter
 that still didn't finish teaching by the lecturer.

Ohya and the PMR already started this week.
 my best friend's sisters is facing the exam 
as well as my precious cousin, Eileen.

God Bless!