Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

Meaning of this songs :D
It's about a messy break up
She's still completely in love with this guy
and she thinks he doesn't care and its only affected her.
She thought they'd last forever.
She brings across that she's trying to show him that she doesn't need him but inside it's killing her.

Only my close friends understand me with this song
What about all of you??
Any hardship in relationship??
Stay strong and be independent
Nothing can break us down!!
Throw away old ones and you'll find even better and best for your life.

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali guys
Wake up early in the morning just to update this short post.
Today is a good day since everyone
can get to sleep longer than working days
My mom went to pasar for some groceries
then went to Antarabangsa for a morning exercise
Will fetch mom for breakfast after the class ended :D
Enjoy your day everyone

God Bless!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

End Semester of 2011

I've been so stress last week!
Been studying hardly for our last semester this year!
Due to stress and continuous exercise for 2 weeks
I've slim down or called fit!
But my weight did not change at all!? Stressed much
So basically our finals ended 
and we went to Amp Square Suria Sabah to release stress
Picture tell us everything :D

The best thing is that we sing, dance and jump like in the club
for the last song
Have a great holiday everyone!
Will update more on blog!
God Bless :D