Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reaction Post : G-DRAGON - 삐딱하게 (CROOKED)

Ok guys, I'm not really a fan of G-dragon itself but since everyone is raving all over the internet so I joined in the crowd. lol Basically I'm writing this post while listening to the song Crooked shown above. 

My reaction towards the M/V was okay for me. High fashion, very unique, great location (does this even included???)  Overall it was really good. I really love this song, nice catchy tone and sounds like lotsa fun. But nearly in the end of the M/V GD cried. OMG who cares if he cries. I did read a few of the comment and some from my friends as well and they seems to be so emotional about it. 

Most of the comment we're like "lemme hug u T.T" "OMG I SO SAD" "Don't cry" "I feel so sad for him" etc etc I'm really sorry if I offended you guys and sound so sarcastic which it is. Cause maybe I don't really understand the lyric nor know what is he singing about! At least I did try to search meaning of it and understand a bit. But I did know that he's currently very emotional. LOL based on the Coup D'etat song and this as well. I don't like Coup D'etat anyway, it sound so weird. 

But after reading most of the comment and understand few lyrics. Yes I do feel sad about him and I feel like comforting GD but its because everyone is making me absorb into it with all the comment. Which makes him look really emotional and sad and needed to be comfort. -.-

Anyway it was really a good music! 4/5 rating! :)

*All are based on my own opinion, if you have anything to comment about feel free! But it doesn't mean I will reply especially those that feel offended by my post*

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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