Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making a choice

Recently I've been searching for Uni? College?
Looking for courses they offer
 Curtin has the best offer especially for business student
Most of the business student would like to go there
for diploma or degree or master.
And their course are very specified.
But the living expenses are more expensive.
So my mom ask me to go KL and stay at my Uncle house.

I also search for another College and Uni as well
Which is the picture below :)

Erm so basically I choose these two above because
near my uncle's house at KL!?
and my cousin is going there as well after her spm!?
Which is next next year?? hahaha
So I looked into their website and search for courses that I want
Sunway and Taylor are more on Science course which they offered
and I looked into their business section
they offered onto more wide choice not so specified
Most important is that they need IELTS!!!(super dead)
Maybe I should get IELTS after my Diploma.
Btw I'm going degree after my diploma in IS
Weee! I'm super excited and anxious too :)
So I'll see where my cousin go then I go to that college too
haha more convenient actually 
I can even save more money instead of going overseas. :)

Searching for college or Uni too??
Come and visit their website for more info:
Choose wisely peeps 
Enjoy :)
God bless

Monday, November 7, 2011

New color

Bought a new nail vita yesterday
This color is very pretty
from Skin Food, cost Rm8.90
Pinkish + orange color
This light colors make your skin look more brighter and whiter
The amazing bright covers your dark skin,
also makes you look more younger :P
Suitable for any age and skin color :)
Its the newest and latest color that offers in the market
Btw even my mom tried it
Look so good on her

Why not try it girls!

I'm using this color :)

Colors in the photo were more orange
but when I apply into the nails its more Pinkish color.
Do try it! Make it more funkier than me! Haha

Ignore my face. hahaha

Enjoy :)
God Bless

My life during this November!

From 29.10.2011 ~ 6.11.2011
Last Saturday ~ went to Sandakan
Last Sunday ~ back from Sandakan and went to my class party at night
Monday ~ stayed at home all day but went to. Jogging in the afternoon with Carrie
Tuesday ~ went to 1b with my mom but my mom working and I walk alone at 1b.
Wednesday ~ went to KK with Bibian and Sharon
Thursday ~ went to 1B AGAIN! But with Diana & Carrie and we watched Movie In Time 
Friday ~ went to Damai, RAM Studio with Bibian and Ewayne to remix songs
Saturday ~ I went to my cousin's hse to do my year book thing
Sunday ~ went to Suria Cousin and met up with Wong for a girls day out :)

So much of walking, eating and shopping (included sweating -.-)
Most awesome week ever!
None stop going out with friends
Having so much fun even though I'm so tired

I'm having a Blessed week :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

In Time

Went to 1b with Carrie and Diana this Thursday
We shop, went for movie and have a tea time
It was fun when we search for the dresses
I found a pretty dresses :D
but I didn't buy it yet 
No money eh haha

The movie In Time
Was the most awesomeness awesome movie EVER!!!
5/5 rating for me!
Both of the actors are super duper hawt!

This is actually a very meaningful movie
It told us that time is very precious to human
So don't waste any of your time(in reality)

Enjoy the trailer 
It makes you wanna watch this movie :)

Enjoy and have a nice day :)
God Bless

Hang out with F.O.S (1 meal)

Wake up early and went to Inanam 
Had Milo and pisang goreng for breakfast
then went to the bus stop with Bibian
and headed to KK Karamunsing :)
We went there too early and not even 10 shop open that time
So we walk around the mall and we sat down 
for a Mcd breakfast
I didn't eat any tho looking at Bibian
 eating her favorite Egg muffin burger
when all the shop opened we went to the IT level
 and search for external hard disk and laptop
It was fun walking in the same level for 3 times I think
hahaha there's lots of hot guys but some were too skinny!
They should eat more LOL!

After that we took bus to the station and another bus to wisma
Eventually we miss the turn to go down 
and ended up dropping at Center Point bus stop
So we called Sharon and talked about it
and we meet up at Yoyo Center Point
We walk and talk and took some picture

It was fun although its only a few hours we spend together :)
We treasure our moment together very much :D
Love you girls <3<3<3
Btw I look fat in all of this picture :(

God Bless

Year End Class Party 2011

Class party was awesome
Bunch of student waiting in front of the school gate 
waiting for all the students to arrived
After all the arrivals we straight away went to Jonathan's house
We're celebrating our class party at Jonathan's house
Since he's the one who volunteered to.
So we arrived to his house around 6.30pm
His house is HUGE!!!!
I mean big land,
 but quite creepy when you walk the hall way alone
hahaha seriously
They started the fire unsuccessfully since its raining
In the end it turn out good.
We were having really fun that night
we joke around, taking picture all the time,
some of them are watching movie in the room,
playing at the pool table,
some were bbq-ing the food for us
Such an awesome day
Last but not least we celebrated Ms. Eve farewell party as well 
Gonna miss her so much <3
Let the picture do the talking :D

I think we are the awesomeness group ever :D
God Bless