Saturday, February 12, 2011

IS Election Day 2011

Election Day was a HOCK day for me. 
When I arrived school
I search for my wallet.
so I decided not to vote
there was this attendance thing so
I have to seek for the lecturer for the approval
that I'm in school.
And the thing was my group tutor.
Mrs. Jossy scold me for forgetting to bring my wallet
and she said in the future what are you going to do when you want to vote.
Sorry I won't vote in the future.
 Because I just can't trust them for being a great leader beside thinking of money.
Back to the point.
The thing was Mrs. Jossy's problem she can't even wrote a letter 
to show that I'm present in the school.
She even ask other lecturer how to write or even me.
If she don't know how to write then she shouldn't be a lecturer.

So I finally I got the letter.
I have to wait for the voting because I'M LATE!!??
Wasted my time for 30 minutes just for 1 minutes voting session.
What a stupid coordination of  voting session
They should work like last year where
everyone arrived school and start on 9am.
but this time they start on 7.30am.

Anyway below was the candidates that I voted
President ~ Nathanael Chong
Treasurer ~ Eileen Tam
Secretary ~ Kelly
A & P ~ Crystal Foo
H & E ~ Abigail Moh
ECA ~ Alfred Fung
Student welfare ~ Clarice 
IT ~ Dean
Unfortunately Crystal and Clarice were not the chairperson for their post.
I have high hope for them tho. 
Hope the others were chosen. :)

God Bless :)

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