Monday, December 27, 2010

School Reopen SOON!!

Few more days 
till school reopen.
And I hate school
I need to enjoy more first before I start to suffer
Study is not my thing 
what is my thing then??

Ah yes!!
My future job
A Photographer.
After two more years.
I will rather start to get a job 
or study to become a photographer.

I'm so desperate to become a photographer.
I even beg( not really) my dad to buy me a SLR.
I requested that I won't spend any $$$ for celebration nor party
for my 19th & 20th birthday.
in order to save money to buy a SLR on my 20th birthday
I may use up all my savings or angpau for a SLR!! HAHA!!
Hope my wish will come true. ahaha :P

God Bless.

Friendship Betrayal

Do you have a friend??
Yes I have!
Lots of it.
Do you have Best Friend Forever (BFF)??
A BFF that knows everything 
you know everything about your BFF??
Do you have??

Yes I have!!

What will happen when one day you betray your friend??
In the end 
we wouldn't even talk much, and
I wouldn't care much since he/she is not that close to me
rather acquaintance, not true friends.
I try not to hurt them too deep tho.

What are friends?
Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they're really your enemies, with secret indentities
and disguises, to hide they're true colors
So just when you think you're close enough to be brothers
they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't lookin 

What will happen when one day you betray your BFF??
In the end 
I lost someone who is precious to me
and a person who believes me for the entire life.
Even their parents who believes in me for taking good care of my BFF
Will never talk nor contact each other
Trustworthy had drop to 60%
BFF always have their forgiveness in their heart
because of the memories and bond in the friendship.
(forgiveness does not mean your bff will trust you again)


"Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks"

"Each betrayal begins with trust." ~ Phish

P/S : to my Bff
We know each other for a long time.
I guess 5 years.
You trust me and I trust you
There were still a lot more that you don't know me.
Because one day I might betray you
due to greed, jealousy, or anything else
So please be cautious when I start to betray you. ahahaha :P
Sometimes your words are too strong for me
I may not accepted it well and might turn you down. 

Quotes : 
Trust can take years to build, but only a second to break.

and remember that

"Sometimes your closest friend is your greatest enemy."
- Jason Fong

God Bless.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Korean Dance Competition 2010

Last week we decided to join this competition.
that time we left 10 days before the competition.
so everything was quite last minute for us.
Yes we were suppose to ceorograph our own step.
and basically girls step were created by Shanice.
and that time we still left 7 days
the boys step were ridiculous at that time.
and there was some miscommunication and
 circumstances till BEH TAHAN!!
Lastly we call Teacher Sheila to help us out.
Everything turn out to be fine and we manage to 
finish all the step the day before the competition. HAH!!
The day has arrived

It was Sunday on the 19th of Dec 2010
we had our last practice at the studio from 11am till 12pm
as well as the Kian Kok group a.k.a SuperSenior
Kenny received a msg from the event planner 
that the time has postpone to 6pm 
so we went to our own home 
eventually I go to Bibian's hse to help her out.
It was a rainy day in the afternoon.
then we reach at Tcher's hse around 3.30pm
and we get ready all our things 
makeup, costume.
Everything Lah!! haha

Our group photo 
our costume was not fully completed yet.

Baila New Generation with SuperSenior

I hate that leader's face :P

During the dance

Another uncompleted group photo :)

Baila Crew with KPM members
and the unknown I  KK guy :P

 to hold that dslr
But the way I hold the dslr seems wrong hahaha :) 

3rd Runner Up 
goes to.............
Baila New Generation

2nd Runner Up 
goes to......

The Guys :)

Winner goes to KPM  

We did not aspect to win any in this competition
because we take this opportunity to expose to outside 
and it was also our big challenge
and we really did our best job 
and we were very proud :)
After the competition we went KFC for Supper :)
Thanks for the food Teacher Sheila. :)
Besides that we need to perform on the 28th Dec in beach hotel
so that we can get our price $$$ :)
It was really a great experience for me :)

God Bless :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hang out day with Baila Crew

We gather at Suria on the 7th Dec 2010
Its Tuesday and it was  public holiday
So we hang out with the baila crew
we went to watch movie.
Rapunzel 3D.

Everyone heard about and even read about Rapunzel
But this time the story was a bit different than the original story
So enjoy!!

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baila Annual Dance Party (4th Dec 2010)

I was invited to Baila's Annual Dance Party
It was also a birthday party for Nov & Dec
 farewell party for Chester
There were few picture below.
Enjoy :D

Last but not least
The photographer of the night.
but I really enjoy the night :D
I look fat :(

God Bless1

Friday, December 10, 2010

Antarabangsa Year End Jamming Party (3 Dec 2010)

It was our year end party.
No description this time just enjoy it.
There were few picture below.
Enjoy :D

My mom don't know look where. haha

God Bless :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kian Shiong & Sandy's Wedding (1.12.2010)

We arrived at Sutera Magellen around 4.30pm
and it started to rain heavily.
So that night I am the photographer for Bibian's dancing group
and we managed to take lots of picture

1st picture
The lovely couple for the night
Kian Shiong & Sandy

Ain't Dylan adorable :D

Dylan with his break dance 
someone compliment him during the performance :)

Preview dance with all group members

Ewayne, Dylan & Me
That sunglasses was creepy.
I can't see at all. HAH!

A group photo before the 2nd dance started
It was not completed

Me with the cute flower girl of the night ♥♥♥

Bibian & Me 
I think I'm gonna make this as profile picture ♥♥♥

Claindy & Me
She is also one of the Giselle dancer

This picture was completed with all the dancer

Bibian, T.Sheila & Ewayne

Me & One of the belly dancer
Didn't ask for her name :P

Miko & Me
He is the most lovely guy.


Uncompleted group photo.
Miko was missing.
This picture was taken after the show and the wedding dinner

Last but not least,
Yvonne Voo
Photographer & Videographer of the night.
Most of the picture taken without flash were blur
and my hand shake too much during the night.
But most of the picture were very satisfied.
Besides that,

This guy below block my view during the time 
I'm recording the video of the dancer.
I think the video has my sound saying EXCUSE ME!!!!
For 2 to 3 times. HAH!!
Anyway he was the professional photographer of
All About Love Studio
and he won a lot of award 
Want to know more about it, go to this website

Why am I promoting him since he block my view??
Okay weird me.HAHA!!

God Bless.