Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank You Post

Hi Monkey Girl! Just in case you are going to read this blog again lol. Thank You for your great motivation. Even just a word it really makes a big deal for me. I felt really touched and motivated! This blog has been really private. I share to no one at all when I've graduated from high school so I only have a few reader on this blog than the other one that I've always shared. Anyway, let's Hi five for being 22 *virtual high5* 

You know taking risk of being jobless is hard especially when I personally don't even know what will happen 3 months later. But of course I have other optional for working back on what I'm certified as an account student. No worries about that. I still can start over by getting a job and when I'm ready I'm going for it again until I can earn income from my dream job.  We're still young! 

Telling parents about this is really great but I've always aimed for timing. When its the suitable time I'll eventually tell my parents about it. I'm just scared that they weren't as supportive and oppose my decision. I'll get through about that soon. haha

Oh btw I love Kuching!! Crazy about their cheap and delicious food! Can't wait to go there again! Thank You again Monkey Girl!

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

A little bit of Motivation

Its been so much of an overwhelming week. I couldn't believe that its already the end of March soon. I promise myself that I would brave up myself and told my parents about my plan, my future. But its so hard to speak out. So I'm still keeping everything to myself except for the partner I'm working with. I just keep everything from my parents and rather to spurt out everything in the social media. Not all was reveal cause I wanted to keep it to myself until it was a success plan to reveal everything. I'm that kind of person that don't even want to talk anything because its not worth to talk about it anyway. Maybe some day or one day I will talk everything about it. 

I've been reading lots of motivation quotes from people I've admire from bloggers to celebrities. It really push up my spirit to pursue for what I belong. A place where I should belong. Of course there's uncertainties because we haven't officially start to get any client so we don't know how it will goes. There maybe difficulties coming towards us soon but I know in the end of the success its going to all worth it. No Pain No Gain. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Freaking weather

Its been crazily hot, I mean after CNY its getting hotter and hotter by day even at night. I could literally sweat like mad cow without even exercise. Especially when I'm running errand outside on the noon it literally burns my skin. My arms are so tan right now I don't even need to go sun tanning at all. With just 1 hour of sun is enough for me to get tan skin.

Oh I even sweat so much that my weight drop. LOL I practically loss weight from all the heat of the sun while running some errands. I don't know if it a good thing or not. Not to mention the construction site is building up. All the dust and sand literally makes our house really dirty some more with no rain making it more worst to the air. The air is so dirty that sometimes I could feel like I couldn't breathe at all. Even shutting down all the window is just making the house stuffy. 

I miss having those days where we would wear sweaters at night and the rain is pouring down making me want some hot choco while cuddling with my huge comfy blanket. ahhh I miss those day! Definitely going to wait till end of the year where monsoon weather is invading the cities. I'm sweater weather girl ya know. Need some rain! Rain oh rain please fall down so that the haze doesn't get worst. Need some fresh air man.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Doubt

I am seriously terrified by all the decision I've made lately. I get so insecure right now. I think I'm getting more worried when I stop full time working to pursue my passion. It is so scary and so uncertain about my future right now. That's why they say going for our dreams is hard and risky. Because I have no proper income, expenses is really huge right now. Even tho I've only planned all the expenses needed it really doesn't seems to cover up for another 3 months when I'm going to start. 

So practically I'm going to be jobless, no income, no customer and all the money I've save up for this dream only get lasted for the next 3 months after I've completely resign from my current work. With the suddenly expenses rising up and all the cost I need to pursue my dream is terrifying! 

I started to get stress from it, all the sudden plan and arrangement is making me so stress up! All the stuff I'm preparing is getting on properly. Its almost 50% done before I could set up other stuff. So much things to do yet so little time, not to mention all the expenses pilling up! 

Sometimes my partner thinks that these dream is so easy to fulfilled but actually its not. Just with my own start up its making me headache. I had to plan properly for it so that I could survive for the next 3 months lol Gahhh I just hope everything goes on smoothly and well planned. My mom is going to be so pissed at my decision. Oh well life still goes on. I don't want to regret. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Happening

I can't believed I've already made the decision to resign. I've never felt this happier ever in my life. But I do somehow get insecure because I'm taking a risk for being jobless for the next 1 month time. Which means no income for me to start my own freelance work. It's happening right now! I can feel it. I'm making plans for all the things I need to buy (means a lot of expenses as well) I'm hopping the budget I have now could really go through it till I've got my first customer. 

To tell you the truth, I'm afraid of this failure even when I haven't even started planning yet. Cause this is so big risk to me. I'm doing this because of my passion and I want to make my dream comes true! What not doing things I like than struggling everyday hating the job I hate working. I wanted to go through my life meaningful without regrets.

We may fall down through this journey but I'm sure it will be worth it. I really hope that my family would be proud of my success. I want to make my passion a success! Let along this journey begins! Do visit my main blog for more updates and all the happening that is going through out this journey! 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Its Time

The day has finally come. Its the day where, I figure it out that I couldn't hold it anymore, the day that I have to get away from these miserable life of mine. I've been waiting for more than 6 months or more than that, waiting for boss to lecture me about the life of being a successful account executive. Once and for all it happened to be today. I cannot believe boss finally told me that I could do better and the stories goes on. That's where I realized I've endured and secure this position for too long.

Last year, around this time of the month I was waiting to resign and get better job offered but I'd stayed. After all the tremendous amount of interview session I realized that money and position as account is not what I want. I want to fulfilled my passion. My longing passion that I've kept aside. Because I told myself that I still can endured until I found a job that is my dream job. Now I even realized that I can't pursue my dream because I am in the constant pause. I kept delaying and torturing myself with the current work which makes my life miserable.

No matter how I endured to secure this job I hate it, I'm constantly losing motivation to move on. I told myself I could stay at this current company until I'm old enough to replace the current Executive. But I was wrong, Because I knew that I hate my current job, I couldn't solve any problem, I couldn't think straight, I couldn't absorb all the things I've wanted to work on later, I couldn't move on and learn more. I STOPPED. My heart has finally stop all these endurance I'm giving to myself and telling me to move on a better job that I've always dreamt off. 

Finally its time to say goodbyes to the current one and pursue what I've kept aside. Wish me luck!

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What The Fuck Am I Thinking?

Good job opportunity is in front of me. I just wouldn't want to step forward. Not at all. My mind says go for that abundant money but my heart refuses to accept it even with the current work I'm working. I have no heart to work further anymore. I couldn't get hold on myself. Seriously. I get better offer this time more better than the previous one that I've rejected. 

I promised myself that in 2014 I will grab the opportunities in front of me. I really wanted to grab and venture different company but I'm not happy at. I'M NOT HAPPY AT ALL. No matter how much money I earn from work, I'm still not happy. Because I'm not doing things I like. I hate it seriously. Even if I rejected the offer would I be better later? I don't think so. Its going to be same.

Everyone said that its easy to move forward when there's opportunities but what if its not the one that I like? Whats the purpose anyway? Unless I take the risk to really go for my passion. Its a big risk tho. With no proper income, with all the expenses covered by my own, fighting with creativity, get own client. How am I going to that? Its not easy to take risk, even business has their own risk. Each step we took has the risk. 


Decision Decision Decision

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.