Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hi Peepooo

First time in my life I've been sick for 1 week! So awesome! It started with sore throat that my voice totally changed into man voice. Two days later I had flu accompanied with cough. My sore throat got better and I can sing in high note, literally hahahaha I think I sang too much for the past few days that leads to sore throat (my own assumption lol) 

Yeah, last week I celebrated my birthday! I'm officially legal but I'm still not able to do the driving -.- You can read my birthday post Officially Legal. Oh! I got lazier and lazier this month, didn't do my proper pilate like last month, so I'm gaining weight but in physically I slim down, why arh???? Body problem. hahahaha

Gonna talk a bit about my working condition now. Now I have more work to do which is a good thing and I learn a lot lately. Thanks to a great supervisor who supervise properly which lead to no problem in my work but still busy lah. I was kinda starting to doubt if I should go to study eh. But I still insist starting my plan. I no care, must go study before I regret.

Oh and I hope I could make a blog post on baking in my 2nd blog soon! My girls and I suddenly were interested in making vegan dessert and non vegan as well. So I hope I manage to write down and capture the steps and make it into blog post soon. hahaha. I like to eat and everyone likes to eat lol.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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