Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pooping System

Shit is way too rude, feces or stool or constipate sounds way too nice. So pooping makes thing cute. LOL. Just ignore my randomness.  Hahahaha

Have you ever wonder that if you didn't poop for days what would you feel? Since I've been working my pooping system gets better. I pooped everyday. Okay but I just got so pissed off for this week cause I pooped once every two days. I felt uncomfortable and bloated. 

Previously while I was studying I pooped once every two days, cause as a student we eat a lot of junk food so its kinda hard to poop in the school. Hahahaha 

Then every time I brag on twitter or any other social media except for fb that I can't poop then few minutes later I pooped. LOL What sorcery is that????? hahahaha lame pun. Oh cause of the pooping system isn't doing its job well I get fucking horrendous pimples in ma face plus ma fucking hormone imbalance as well. 

Oh wells sucks being girls sometimes. Fuck you hormones. Sorry for the ranting post again. NOT. :P

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

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