Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gonna be it.

still left 1 month till our final exam
thats mean we still have 4 weeks to go
31 days to go
because starting tomorrow is JULY!!
within this week we have a lots of work to do
MICRO assignment, TEST, yearbook page.
still gonna make it through
nothing to say much.
because it starting JULY 2MR..

God Bless.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy ft Unknown??

okay, i'm still a bit confuse bout their attitude 
actually i'm happy when they start to talk to me
but then after few weeks later they
start to become their own style back again
it's like ignoring, gossip, hatred, 
argument, dislike.
don know what they think about.
because its like 4 month over already
what a long time already
time past through, and nothing change
just 1 thing, selfish and ignorance

may be sometimes i'm selfish too
but i know how to make it good
so who ever it is won't mad at me
is it because we're getting old??
and our thinking became different??
then how are we going to survive together 
for 2years more??
it's not like i'm the only one who is good

everyone has their bad and good side
but it depends,
I've try to make it up with u guys,
but what I've got in return??
nothing but combination of carbon dioxide and oxygen
i just hope that u guys wont hate me
so next year i'll definitely wont become a group leader anymore
i'll let u guys know how suffering to become one of it.

God Bless Us and please strengthen me.Amen

Friday, June 25, 2010

Disaster of Maths

After today's IT class
the lecturer gave back our Statistic test paper
and i got
soooo shit man
the lecturer say : i have high hopes for u, what happen arh!?
urghhhhh.. =(

when i know the formula
i don't know how to do the calculation
when i know the calculation
I don't know the FORMULA!!

God Bless ME!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Am I in LOVE??

i really hope that i wont fell in love with someone
coz i dont want to experience those kind of unknown
coz although i never ever even have a bf b4
thats y i'm scare to be hurt.
no experience, and not even any expectation on it
actually i'm really envy
Cassandra n Christopher
to have such a long relationship..
kahwin lah tuu..XD

so i just hope i wont really fell in love
anymore again
although this feeling will come anytime
anyways God Bless~

IS Night


It was the night of all senior, junior and lecturer's dinner night
and that day was also full with all activities such as
IS Graduation ceremony, IU day, Asiasoft whatsoever, and IS night
Its a day with full of scarcity..hahahaha

I didn attend the graduation ceremony coz i was lazy
and i need to arrive at Bibian's hse early
and that night was an awesome night
although something happen that night
i just don wanna talk bout it..
i just hope that u don mind what had happen
you know who i am talking about.

so that night we took a lot of pic
and had quite fun lah..since i didn eat that much
and need to walk here and there to take picture..
overall still ok..its just that not having much fun

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday i went to dancing class with with my mom
on the way to the stadium there
i saw a moon and a star.
just both of it shine through the night
i thought it was just another scientific reason

then it catch my eyes
when i arrive at the stadium
in 1second time
i saw a flash of light
it was a METEOR!

in my mind i was thinking what should i wish for
then I've make a wish
but i don't know it is relevant or not
when i think back what i wish for 
it was such a childish thing
and the wish that i make doesn't seems good
but then it's already over

i hope it really came true
hopefully lah
God Bless!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday we have a great day at school
i just went there to see the rehersal
and help Bibian to record video
overall ok but others not that nicer then hers
then after our rehersal we change our cloths and wait for Bibian's car
in the meantime IP MAN talk to us. and only Bibian is the one who reply him
i'm only mmmm..yaaaa thats all XD

then when we arrive at Howards birthday party
all places is a bit full
so we sit at the corner with Christopher
and we really had fun chating and a bit take pic
i'll tell u guys who did come to Howards party
Ms.Eve, Ms.Matha(Jossy), Mike, Showe, Jonathan, Christopher, Mandy, Bibian AND ME
thats all for IS students and lecturer..
what a failure man..he ask so many ppl to go to his party
and all coming was like soo sikit only
too bad they can't get free food..=P
didn't ate so much coz too full ody

and at night we're having bbq lagi
OMG!! mesti very full this, at last didn ate so much also
coz felt like wanna puke out haha
because we're celebrating for father and mothers day
just a combine. so we're having fun
and the whole family sit together and chit chat
screaming here and there when the ball
didn reach the goal (watching football)hahaha
we really had a great day
and my uncle and his wife is leaving at 4pm sunday
sooo bye bye gonna visit u when the baby is out LOL!!

God Bless Everyone!

Friday, June 11, 2010


went to jia po house today and left Bibian at school today
haha. coz need to fetch my uncle and his wife
because my uncle and his wife came back to kk
for 3days 2 just a visit or came back to do their registeration
and my uncle's wife we call yee yee is already pregnant for 6months
but he stomach not that big yet..still a bit thin and small
mayb kekurangan nutrition but then yee yee still very healthy

had a really great day with my family today
because my grandma talk bout all those pregnant stuff
what should or should not do or eat lah..
when i heard those stuff i feel like its so hard to pregnant
and really need to be carefull of evrything

and today's dinner not really that luxury
we went to gaya inanam there
and all of us have a great day chatting and talking what happen
that make us so funny and laugh till tear drops..
its so happy that whole family sit together and
share all those happy and information together

and i can't wait for tommorow
its going to be a great day
because we are celebrating mothers and fathers day
at my house = BBQ DAY!! = tiring day!!

hope tommorow will be a fun and happy day
and wish all of us a great day
God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abhor ft happy!?

nothing say much but there is someone who 
i have bad impression of
is a girl from A-level.
the way she talk to us is totally fake
she thinks that she is so pretty till she want to tell us something
like we don't know everything what happen
and she hurt my friend..and i hate her bitchiness
although i know i some times i do that way
everyone now how to become bitch to get what they want
but the way she do to us is such a fake 
and it is so obvious..
make us want to vomit in front of her face

appear a person in Bibian's house
Vanessa came to Bibian house.
Bibian and me was so surprise that she came to the house
and eventually we had nothing to talk about
just surprise that she come to here thats all
and she walk around the house 
we try to talk bout each others life
and we try to accompany or entertain her
but nothing works we just quite ourselves for a while
thats all..haha LOL!

anyways life...........haih malas mau cakap!!

God Bless

Monday, June 7, 2010


Bibian didn go to school today because she's having JPJ driving test
Fortunately, she pass and she will get her P license soon enough
Didn wish her goodluck through sms but I sincere pray for her passing
and it did pass Thank God.
She update her blog too. FINALLY!

And having a great time at school although Bibian is not there
Now we have the 1st assignment for this 2nd semester
It was MICRO(bengong punya subject)
And almost 3 to 4 group was picking her
I mean fighting(not really fighting) so that Bibian will be one of the group
Unfortunately, I'm not the same group as her. haha TOO BAD!!

Ohya and today i went to city mall
Do u know what i saw??
I saw the same ---- that i bought last Ssturday!
hopefully none from our school bought that ----
On that night it would be a shame and embarrass!

God Bless

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Failure and Success

Today's class party was a totally failure
no one bring food and drinks except me,bibian & christopher
others come with their hungry stomach
especially Ms.Jossy
keep on complaining and must have a bbq
what a waste of $$$
thr RM100 is suppose to be for claiming all my $$$
but now all was gone with stupid bbq food.
better eat at the restaurant lah
for what again buy bbq stuff and food.
waste $$$ only. what a total failure

me and bibian went home early
actually go 1b
who want to stay at the beach for so long
'choi kia tiu tu so loh' (hakka)
so we spend our time shoping at 1b
bout 12pm shop till 3pm
finally i bought a ---- same goes to Bibian.
so it's actually a success..XD
now try to match up everything that i bought now
need to see what is left out & what i need to buy again.
and i can wait for that day to come
hopefully is was a success..=)

and now i want to buy cardigan
any recommend??

God Bless!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 days of Holiday

Just went to shopping with parents and my bff
mostly is EAT EAT EAT N EAT!!
since its holiday my mom lazy to cook dinner.
so everyday go out and eat eat eat and EAT!
i think i've gain weight...urghh!!
how wish that i wont be fat eventhough i ate a lot

yesterday went karamunsing and shop for dress
not even 1 dress that i'm in love LOL!
and didn try anything but touching all the dress only haha
then we went to sing karaoke! near karamunsing thr also
but the service is very terrible thr.
The waitress and waiter is not polite at all
and all the equipment at thr very chiplak.
price is okay lah. only the service is terrible.
and we went home early since Bibian's mom want her to go home early

didn enjoy much though but i sang till voice got a little bit sore.
and just spend my holiday with my family
supposse to go sandakan but didn go.
balik kampung just because want to eat the steamboat at thr..LOL
my mom eat eat only till i follow my mom eat non-stop!
fat ody..need to exercise now. can't wait to start my dancing class again

God Bless!