Friday, February 26, 2010

new feel of my blog

i'm soo happy that my blog are completely different form b4
because is more pretty n i know how to make it looks like
my own beautiful profile
thanks to bibian n aerith for the teaching..
i'm soo happy n satisfy with it..=)
so i hope that u enjoy look on it coz the theme was from nature
i love nature..hahaha XD

yesterday i read this article in the newpaper..i saw that it was
'Letter to PM' contest extended to March 19
the topic was give their opinion on the 1Malaysia concept..
i read these article over n over again n i felt intrested to
write about it..but when i think of 1Malaysia..
all of my opinion was was nothing but all bad things
was happening n it was really difficult for me to write bout it
since its all true..coz how r we going to become a 1Malaysia
since the religious conflict begun a month ago..
its hard to predict that our country wont seen this conflict hapen again
so what do i think n what u think bout the concept of 1Malaysia??
is it usefull, benefit, able to help others from getting hurt or harm??
i think we should really take this matter serious before
anything like religious or peperangan saudara come
live a happy life is what ppl why not change ur attitude now
n lead the world with better generation..AM I RIGHT??

the end!! XD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1ST day of CNY

wake up late..but actually not that late also..
my relative came late today
my cousin went to watch movie
so yeah! i wanna watch too..XD
its quite boring lah..coz no friends to talk or do something
not like last year..=/

early in the morning i sms all of my friends n wish them CNY
but then only half of them who reply back to me..
aiyo..hahaha but i truly wish them all the best n hav fun..=)

in the evening my mom stop playing mahjong n start to cook for dinner
thats is when i start to run away..haha XD
i didn run away thought..coz ltr kena marah i just help my mom out with the dinner
while i was doing all these helping..
i sweat A LOT!!! the sweat was like dropping from my head just like kena hujan
n its a lot..when i wipe my face the towel is totally wet!!!
hahahahha XD..actually CNY is a great day for exercise
its only when we help out our parents
if not i'll became a pig thr..

so yeah..i was soo freaking tired today..
n i feel sleepy..zzZZZ
but then i still on9 n blogging..haha XD
then i realise that i was so being selfish to my friends, my family n myselves(sometimes)
especially my friends...i think i'm too easy influence by a small stuff
especially bout the name list on the fixed n free campaign time
but i think i was doing a right thing..
but then it became a hatred to me n my friends..
i didn talk to them at all especially rachel n man yi..

i have these hatred in my heart towards them..
mayb i'm jelous or wat?!
i also don knw..
2nd week of the school we use to talk a lot..
but then now?? NO!
i don knw y..but i feel even more lonely since they just like ignor me a lot
actually i feel sorry to them..coz mayb i was the group leadr..
so its hard to do according to wat they want..
so I'M REALLY SORRY!! for what i did or didn do to u all guys
especially all my classmate..

i just wanna live a happy life with my friends n family..
nothing more n nothing less..
n again..i just wanna say..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


i was so happpy bcoz my dad came back from outstation
my dad became more darker..
sunburn bha tu
can become orang hitam already...hahhaha XD
we had a wonderfull night..eating steamboat buffet at
tanjung aru Windbell
the food wasn't that nice but then it was free
coz we're using coupons for no loss for it
n had a walk at the night market..not the oficial night market thr lah
just arround the corner thr..
they sell lots of makes my eyes sparkling(konon)
hahahahhaah XD
but the flower was really attractive...n the accent smell great

then we went back home with limau besar, flowers n some fruits..
then i quickly go to the kitchen n eat my durian..
love durian soooo much but then i was quite full already
so i just eat a little..n its still satisfy my tummy =P
then my dad on9 till midnight baru tidur
i was suppose to sleep at my own room at the night
but then i wake up coz i'm hot n i feel weird when i sleep in my own bed room
so i wake up n go to the comp room
n i saw my dad still playing comp
so my dad ask me to sleep with mom..
so yeaa! i did sleep with my mom
n my mom was like
haiyer why u don go ur room n sleep owh..
then she go back n sleep lagi n don care me already
hahahahahah..i'm soo evil..
nvm..............THE END!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i don like them(konon)

mayb i'm moody...
its just that i hate some of my classmate
mayb hate lah..but then i think it was just my feelings only
i feel that they keep on gossip bout me n say something bad bout me
althought i'm not that care bout them talking things bout it
but actually it hurts my feeling
i don feel save n friendly towards them
i don hav the sense of friendship among us
mayb its their rutin or what so ever is that
but i feel annoying n heart broken..
i just wanna have lots of friends..
do u think become a leader is good!!??
then next year u try to become one then..
try the suffering of becoming a leader..then u knw how hard it is
they wont coorperate much even girls..some of them
i don wanna mention it..but then they we're like
saying bad things bout me..i also wont care
n i didn talk to them started yesterday
coz they didn talk to me also..n i ignor them like nothing happen
n they keep on relying on me bout all the information that has been inform
HEI!! i'm not ur orang gaji lah!!
the notice board n the TV plasma got show the loh
don have eyes kah???
hate if next time they didn saw the notice board don blame me
blame yourselves n find out the updates ur own lah..
keep on relying me!! i'm  not ur ah sei loh..

then it makes me pissed off is the pic of diploma
they put 12ppl in the pic..then the others leh??
doesn't exist kah??
u thought its only ur class??
hei IS is NOT STTSS lah!!!!
do u think that IS is now part of STTSS only?? NO lah!!
its OURS!!!!???
i feel that i'm the one who do all the thing in the class not u guys
everything was done bad n u all blame it on me
especially bout the attendence on the fixed n free campaign
hey its all ur own fault who didn attend it..n u ask me to CHEAT on it!!??
hey its soo freaking obvious that our groups seat are empty..
n some tcher r hairan why got a lot of empty seats..
hey its ur own don't blame on me
blame ur laziness!!! XP

lastly.. i pray for my anger that will gone n JESUS!
please forgive all my sins n all the bad stuff i treat or do to my friends
so that i would fell better n not guilty

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday!! = talent night

in the morning time i was so relax..then when the rehersal time
evrything is still as same as b4..only bout few ppl only that come to the rehersal..
i'm fade up my classmate especiall some of them..
they don coorperate..excuss excuss n excuss only..
hey do u think i'm free!!?? i also don want to incharge of these things
i prefer singing with a partner than with a lot of ppl
then when do i find a partner??
now i don even want to think bout it anymore
as long as we already practise in the for whole week liao

then we already set everything properly..
then in the night we don knw anything n some part of it has change..
bout the acting part..its totally change n it become weird
then we've been argue for bout more than 10 minutes
just becoz of those changes..
n we decided to do it only without changing anything..
only some part has been change n cut off

i really hate those things that involve with a lot of ppl
n they don coorperate...
other group can make it greatly n coorperate but why our group just like a kid playing around in the practice time
HEY!! u all r not 11 or 14 years old already
be grown up n coorperate with me then we will do it greatly on the night

in the end we do our things without anything wrong n we pull it through
but i think we r still sucks on the performance
coz i don like the result of it..
so no more next time on this things..i really hate it!!=(
n i don think we really do it greatly n we don deserve any prices at all
beter gave it to those who r really doing great for it..=/
i wont join or incharge with those things already
i've been wasting $$$$$ just to sms them to come for practic

the end!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

what should i do?

everything was fine yesterday..but then
it became worst...
it suppose to be 1 pair of boys n 1 pair of girls
in the end they we decided to change it into
2 pair of couple
n i hate my partner..
hate him soo much i'll just telan n accepted him as my partner
what to do???
n my friends partner also don want to play that role
n i hav to beg my assistants to replace him..
n again my assistant refuse to do it..
but he'll thing of it..hopefully my assistant can replace liam lah..
now i really don care n just act on it then WE'RE FINISH!!

n i need to arrange what should they wear n all the equipment we should ready
n tcher ask us to bring torchlight..for wat lah!!??
weird lah n whr i get fake flowers n basket to them??
n i need to arrange for the transport lagi if we really stay back
n i need to hand in our report lagi n i didn even start doing it lagi
n got a lot of homework lagi..
n songs for the cheer i wont do it anyway..i have no idea at all..

then what should i do knw?? start frm whr 1st??? haih!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what a day!

is it that i'm too free or wat..
everyday came back from school its just INTERNET!!
internet internet internet n internet
all the time...its like i cant get out from it..but owh well
just forget it...
i'm really desperated to hav a dslr actually
but now my pasion on it even getting higher n higher...
but when do i get it??
time pass very i really hope that i get it this year..
i really want it sooooo much..hmmmm

today at school was ok..untill we start our practise..
haihhhh..if i'm not the leader i wouldn't hav involove a lot of things
i could do wat i want all the time
but then it feels so good to hav that position
coz u can meet a lot of frens n learn more things that we never learn b4
so its good n challenging exactly...
in our life learning never stop unless u stop urself frm learning it

so hopefully i can get dslr b4 i graduated or some activities has became a past
n hopefully that 2mr its going to be a easy day for me to start a new day
especially to handle my classmates problem n my assignment problem
Goodluck n God Bless Us All!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


haih..max max max..

miss u babe...miss everything that we do in school....
when u merajuk i pujuk u...
when i'm crying u try to make me laugh...
when we gossip we do stupid action....

remembered when we 1st meet each other...
thats the most weird thing i said to myself when i 1st saw u in form three..
me : (in my mind) hmmm..who is she?? never saw her b4...want to introduced to her?? aiks napa bha budak nie buka zip pinafor dia nie?? weird lah..les kah dia?? hahahahahahaha XD

max this is what i think bout when i 1st meet u in form3
hahahaha..budu kan?? then we slowly became more n more friend after we masuk form4
thats when we start to make stuoid action n i was like super duper highper active that time
remember kah?? n that time also we create a lot of stupid animals name for all the boys that we like kan!!??
hahaha budu this...miss those time...
n that time u start to like orang tinggi n i like babi!!! haahahahahahaha
stupid owh kita dulu..apa bha kita fikir time tu ah!! MAX

then times slowly flew through us..n we had already finish our SPM now!!!
n i can still felt the warm n friendly smile from u max!!
the day when both of us really hugs tightly on the last day of our SPM!!
n u walk away with our memories of tears...
hmmmm..i really miss those days when we spend our friendship for 3years...
it will never fade max it will never fade...

p/s ; MAX I HEART U!!! alll the best especially uuuuuu n meeeee!!!

its on the proses

everything was fine now..
especially our practise time...but still very the freaking cacat lah
no voice at all...but better than last time..
last time was such a shit man..
punya main bida boys punya sound..haha XD
ok ok lah seems that nothing to watch anymore (boys)
but still want to find him during recess n pulang time
but didn manage to find or saw at least one of them
i'm so sad this..but i'm still happy that i'm not liking anyone
its hard to forget someone when i really in love with someone..
but its nice to hav a feeling of falling in love..
its undescripable..haha XD

but then i wont think to much bout it lah..
coz i hav lots of work coming on n thr..
projek, test n assignment n presentation is getting mor n more now
i hav to concentrate on it 1st b4 i enjoy more of it...