Thursday, September 15, 2011

3rd Semester for 2011

First week of school was awesome. 
Maybe we've been relaxing for 3 weeks of school break
So quite lazy and lagging here and there
I'm really glad my result was good
and I've double check the result since 
I scared that I fail. haha
So the this semester we only take 3 subject
Due to time concerned.
Our schedule was really packed
Everyday went home around 3pm.
Since its a short semester so the schedule was packed 
And the second day of class we already finished the 1st chapter 
of the subject.
So freaking fast man.
Basically 1 week we can finish 2 chapters.
So the 2nd week we already start our quiz and test.
And eventually every week we have test, quiz and assignment 
to be complete within the time given.
So stress man. So I've been nagging my parents
to bring me out jogging and release my stress. LOL
but they we're lazy.
Recently I've been nagging so much about food too.
The stresser I am, the more I want to eat. LOL
I think I've improve in English however
my chinese became even worst then before.
As long as I know English is already the best. LOL
So hopefully I can cope up with my syllabus
and pass all my subject. this semester :D

Hello Panda!!

God Bless.