Monday, March 1, 2010

cheating is sooo cheap

today we hav exam for malaysian study..
i study hard for this subjek although is just a revision for a few hours..
but then i really study hard for it..
n i manage to write my essay with all i know
but the second question of essay i didn do so well
but i'm really satisfy with all i did..
then i heard someone says a lot of ppl cheat on this exam
it makes me pissed off even more..
i study so hard of it n u all CHEAT!?
other ppl study so hard for it n some of them cheat on it
its so unfair to those who didn cheat on this exam..

i'm really pissed off n i really want to tell tcher bout this thing
but i didn do so..why?? COZ LTR THEY HATE ME EVEN MORE!!
i really don think i do this thing right..i really want to tell tcher already if i'm really pissed off

the malaysian studies tcher also not strict to us bha..
didn ask us to keep all our books in front of him...
so that no one could cheat on anything
i hope i wont hear those things anymore..
its really unfair to those who work hard on it..n some of us cheat..
it soooooo UNFAIR!!! be a REASONABLE PERSON!!!

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