Friday, February 26, 2010

new feel of my blog

i'm soo happy that my blog are completely different form b4
because is more pretty n i know how to make it looks like
my own beautiful profile
thanks to bibian n aerith for the teaching..
i'm soo happy n satisfy with it..=)
so i hope that u enjoy look on it coz the theme was from nature
i love nature..hahaha XD

yesterday i read this article in the newpaper..i saw that it was
'Letter to PM' contest extended to March 19
the topic was give their opinion on the 1Malaysia concept..
i read these article over n over again n i felt intrested to
write about it..but when i think of 1Malaysia..
all of my opinion was was nothing but all bad things
was happening n it was really difficult for me to write bout it
since its all true..coz how r we going to become a 1Malaysia
since the religious conflict begun a month ago..
its hard to predict that our country wont seen this conflict hapen again
so what do i think n what u think bout the concept of 1Malaysia??
is it usefull, benefit, able to help others from getting hurt or harm??
i think we should really take this matter serious before
anything like religious or peperangan saudara come
live a happy life is what ppl why not change ur attitude now
n lead the world with better generation..AM I RIGHT??

the end!! XD

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