Thursday, March 4, 2010

cheering lyrics

Who rocks the house I say
Orange rock the house we say
When we orange rock the house
We rock it all the way! x3 (soft to loud) ahhhhh!

Give me an 'O' (year 2) O
Give me a 'R' (year 2) R
Give me an 'A' (year 2) A
Give me a 'N' (year 2) N
Give me a (year 2)      G.E.W.I.N
O...R...A.N.G.E x3

{Bo peep dance}

Turned off the radio that's not right
Orange house x2 put up a fight
1 2 3 & 4
1cat 2cats 3cats 4, 4 mice 3mice 2mice 1
Pink hse Red hse Blue hse gone!

Orange house, are u ready?!?! (yeah!!!!!)
Orange! Wave ur hands in the air
Orange! Like u just don't care
Orange! We'll be winning over here
Orange! We'll be winning over there
Orange BOYS! Make some noise!
Orange Mamas! Show ur nana's

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