Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM result

we r suppose to take our result at 10am..
but all the tcher were buzy print all the cert n get ready to open the counter
soo eventually it start on 11am..
soo yeahh!!!..
saw a lot of students gets a lot of A's..
sooo jealous of them..they really deserve it..n i was hoping
that i get lots of A's too..
but eventually nooooo..
i only get 1A's...
i was hoping to get ATLEAST 3A's
i'm quite sad tho...
i was suppose to be very happy coz i pass all..since thr is no D..
but then i cried loh..coz i really thought i get really good grades..

the end


  1. 1A = 1 set meal... thank GOD! hahaha.. just kidding! :p

  2. =( i was hoping more than 1A ..=P
    so thats mean i hav two sets of meal..=P