Thursday, March 4, 2010

ok ok lah

early in the morning was a hot day..
usually morning is the most refreshing time..
but then it was really hot when i arrive at my school
my classroom is soo freaking hot..coz got haba..XD
then we started class as usual
but b4 that when Aerith talk bout her dancing club..
it freaks me out n makes me scary..
i don like the way they perform..i think
coz its scare me no more scary thing for me..AMEN!!

then i keep on going to the staff room over n over again..
just to find tcher n ask bout the moral field trip
wow..its was a tiring day for me today..
but it was really worth it..coz Miss Angie accept my topic..FINALLY!!!
i was soo happy n Miss Angie smile at the topic..hahaha
now moral hings has set up..n now hav to prepare for my maths presentation
wow that lots off assignment to do..but i will take it easy for awhile
n do it slowly n without any stress...

but the thing is..bout my PLKN!! its like march already..n i haven't find anything
to solve this matter..coz i was soo interested in the plkn
but now i hate it..n i don want to go lah..=(
then today i as raymond bout this thing..
n he was like TOTALLY IGNORE ME!!
hei what the heck lah..i didn do anything wrong to u
i notice this feeling already since last week..
i think ur influence by rachel..coz she hates me..
who cares..i can ask Tan anyways..n he is the one who reply my question
but i was asking raymond bout the plkn..
so whats the meaning lah??
HATE ME!!???

n were having our sport meet soon n it was going to be next week..
n i just write down the lyrics on the blog..
some part i didn write it down coz that part we didn cheer for it..
soo yeah!!..or hse cheer lyrics its weird n funny..
my friend laugh none stop..hahaha XD
i saw the name list of the hse..its about who join for the competion
n i go check the tug of war name list..
n i was so sad that thr is now wong's name n belle name..
mayb Jerrard knows that they were skinny..n not ngam for this tug of war
so they didn write down their name..alah takkan sy 1 org jak??
nvm as long as i hav fun with it..hahaha XD

i think i will go for the audition for next tuesday..
coz i wanna be an EMCEE!!!
wish me luck if the lecturer chose me to become one..
n i hope that i wont go to the PLKN!!
so that i can be the EMCEE for the IS night n Graduation day on June..XD
so yeahhh!!!
n hope that everyday is a peacefull day..=)


  1. plkn ar... u can try talk to raymond ma... he escaped plkn :p u wana be emcee or MC? hahaha... lol... all the best n take care dear!

  2. ur school will contact the plkn 1.i tink la..u go ur school office ask..tug of war..jia you oo..u r in orange hse?? gt rusted u don wan join, nw go join orange team..only me at rusted alone...

  3. henry : raymond ah?? u didn read my blog properly leh..i got say bad things bout him de wor u don mad meh?? haha XD
    yaaaa i wanna b EMCEE NOT MC!!! hahahaha XD
    thanks henry...'dear'?????

    salad : i don think the school will contact if we didn tell them...i like tug of war man..haha XD i've been joining this since form4 leh..haha XD coz i very kuat bha..XD
    ceh that time cikgu laini say i can choose which colour i want the loh..then i choose collier loh..i setia to red hse bha...haha XD from primary school i already from red hse the loh..=) that time i don know u yet loh..but now i'm orange..=(...i want red tooo...