Tuesday, March 2, 2010

swearing-in ceremony

today was fun..i was so happy that it was swearing-in ceremony..i've been waiting for this day..i'm really happy coz i'm the official group leaders of diploma in commerce January year 1 2010..woohoo...XD actually being a group leader is fun but then thr is a lot of things to do when it comes to a responsibility..so its a tough job for me in these year..so i hav to kepp up myself for being a good n a responsible leaders..so yeahhh!! XD...

p/s : max max max..i'm tooo beranganlah...masi searching for the right one for me..tulah over comic sdh..max ajaran sesat..hahaha XP..no lah..still too anime n over dramatic bha..just like u max..as always..u'll never find the one u r right for NOW!! wait till we mature 1st lah...baru ckp..kan max!!?? see matang sdh sy kan kan kan!!?? XD


  1. weiii.. congratz on being the official group leader woo... all the best ya!

    well, sometimes when u r in a relationship, u wish u were not... so wait until the right time for the mr.right to show up ya! gambate!


  2. thanks for the complement..=)

    i will wait for the MR.Right for the only one who r thr for me only..so i just focus on my study is better..so yeahh!! XD

    u too do ur best in ur life in THINK BIG!! haha XD


  3. no nid so berangan 1st la..at least wait til u finish ur diploma..if me, i'll tink abt the future 1st..cz most of the time,couple wil break up after finish study..may b 1 of them nid go other place continue study..make them seperate..it'll very hurt when seperate or break up..if u find a guy nw, gt 90% he is nt the 1 u marry..u still can find one 2 ply ply la..hv a puppy love..haha..and remember..better don find a guy tat come frm other hometown to study at here..^^

  4. haha..just berangan is still okay lah..but not that over reacting..

    n i never had a bf b4..soo i think i'm too desperate to hav a relationship..but i know how hard to hav a relationship..so i just back off n think carefully so i wont fell into a wrong path way..

    n thanks for ur complement anyways..=)

  5. haha..hv a relationship oso nt tat hard..bt is depends on wat relationship..haha..don worry jimui..3 of us single together..^^

  6. hahaha...mayb diff ppl diff opinion..btw thanks anyways..

    umm!! may i know who r u??

  7. yameh?? then y i view ur blog so diff de...

    apalah u...u should not write ur name like that loh...hahahaha XD

    tell me earlier b4 i misunderstand lah...n y u so tet han n view my blog leh??? nothing to do meh...XD

  8. cz i hv 2 blogs..1 is hotmail and another 1 is gmail..ur post here mz use gmail acc to comment..my gmail blog name is put dumiko..i didnt use gmail blog oled, so didnt go chg the name..btw..i everyday stay at home botmoi of cz very tet han la

  9. owh..hahaha tulah go find work lah...or go out yamcha with ur other friends lah..=)