Thursday, March 18, 2010

what happen today...

early in the morning..
as usual lah..go to school loh..
i swept the floor coz our classroom's drawer is freaking dirty..
coz a guy throw all the plastic wrappers under the table..
n he was so not the drama of eating in class lagi tu..bikin panas jak..
i was a little happy today..
coz she ask me whether i want her homemade cookies or not
i say no lah coz i don feel like eating..
but i was happy that at least she try to approace me again
n trying to talk to me..i think..
n hopefully i start to talk back with her again...=)

today was ok ok lah
untill i go to the IT lab..
wow what happen to my pendrive..tiba tiba sot liao..
i think got virus..but the comp didn detect any virus at all
untill i kasi HANG THE COMP..
NOT ONLY 1 COMP BUT 2COMP..hahahhahaha XD
i was so scare to pay back i go to the 3rd comp
n i didn put the pendrive..ltr the comp hang again then mati loh me..
hahahahah XD..i don want to pay back i quitely go away..
hahaha XD

then after school i go to my mom's office..
n try what happen to my pendrive..
sekali scan got 22DETECTED!!!
palui nie...but then i don know if already deleted or not lah..
punya main byk virus!!?? i don even know if it's a virus or what...hahahhaha XD

then at night..
i decide to dance..hehe..=)
i still can chatch up a little..
i sweat alot today..n my hair looks like i've been showering..haha
n i manage to keep my dancing skill stable n nice..hoho
puji sendiri pula yerr...hahaha XD
but sometimes if i want to turn around i get dizzy easily..
@.@...then i don know whr i start again..haha
but it was really fun to dance around..
i will officialy start joining dancing class next month..


  1. i will never let u touch my computer... WAKAKAKKA!

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!! i never saw ur comp also lah..=P
    its my pendrive problem loh not MEEEE!!! XD

  3. is u make ur pendrive gt problem de lo..nex time mz show me ur dancing skill worr..wat type of dance is tat?? go dance ballet cute

  4. come lah u go also since u soo free everyday..exercise mah...its a cha cha dance mix with some hip hop..i think..haha XD its a line dance NOT lion dance...

  5. i noe line dance..i lazy dance..haha..long time no dance le

  6. come lah u also dance taman antarabangsa there..u know kan?? go lah..every month pay rm25..thats all