Saturday, March 27, 2010


today i went to the stadium..
i'm suppose to go thr bout 11.30am like that but
we arrive to early liao n i didn manage to see max n shaza..=(
i thought i can saw them n hug them..
i really mis my friend..hope that they we're good at the kem especially max..
max adalah org yg paling lemah sejak sy kenal dia..hahaha XD

n i have nothing to talk bout these seems ok ok lah
n our exam is getting near n i'm still lagging off my time with fb only..
didn really hav the mood to study at all
even my assignment i didn start to do..n the deadline is NEXTWEEK!! SHIAT!!
haha..very malas bha..

n i've been thinking negetif stuff again..
i really hope i wont think of it..but eventually it came also
it creaps me out sometimes..
i really don like my trauma..n i still sleep with my parents..
i'm wondering when i'll be able to sleep alone again!?
hopefully i will be brave n become even more braver again..
go away trauma!!!!!

n recently i've been thinking bout couple stuff again
i think i'm really desperate to hav a relationship..
but i got think the consequences after having a bf...
so i try not to fall in love with anyone..
if i really fall in love i cant change it anyway...
so i'll let it be that way till my love or like towards him hav gone..
soo i really hope i wont like someone..i hate the feeling off broken heart
although i never ever hav a bf...=/

the end of my story


  1. didn i tell u bout it?? i think i didn tell u guys lah...if we go out yamcha i will tell u lah..=)