Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today!? (10.3.2010)

it was a normal usuall
but we hav a rushing time when on the last period..
we ask permision to go out early for the was fun actually
just follow the script n read it out loud..
thats all..but then me n bibian just thought that it was only Miss Deborah
but there is Miss Angie that was scary..
it was not me who is was BIBIAN!!
she was a bit shock that Miss Angie was one of the judge..
haha..i was okay for it..only her..haha
n we manage to make Miss Angie impress..i think
hopefully we can be the EMCEE for the graduation day..
i want that jobbbbbb!!! haha XD

n this thursday its going to be SPM result taking day
sooo now i'm a bit nervous..
n wow its already past for 3months..
time pass very fast these day..
so yeahhh..i think i will follow Christable's car..i think
if her mom let me follow lah..
n i'm getting excited also coz i can meet my friends again..
then we can hang out together..
misss u guys sooooo much..
upperstar mau?? haha XD
soo hope that everyone of us get good result..=)


  1. miss the chicken chop at lintas upperstar n the salad sos at damai upperstar..yummy^^