Monday, March 15, 2010

not feeling very well

since last sat after my competition..
i really don feel very well..muscle pain everywhr...ouch..even now
i don think it was because of the ahcohol loh..
i just drink a even campuran with sprite + carlsberg = sandy
thats mom very hebat need sprite also can..
n i think i will faint in anytime n anywhr..
i don want to faint or anything happen to me lah..
i feel scare n insecure loh..
n ii hav lots of stuff to do..
i really have a buzy life now since i start my college life..
n i've been sick for 3rd time including this time..
its like 1 month sick 1 time...
wow what a group leadar am i..hahaha
i think i hav low antibodies now...just like max..
overload with works n stuff makes me sick..haih..
i want to relax more but it seems that things are starting to come one by one
after i solve it..hmmmm i better take it easy b4 i really faint.. me to pray for me..i need ur support..
thanks n GOD BLESS US ALL..=D


  1. ur mum still need shandy meh? drink tiger or heineken la.. carlsberg taste like sh*t...

    The CleverMunkey

  2. carlsberg tats like pee..when CNY, my mom friend gv us some carlsbergs..nw still havent finish them..put at ones wan 2 drink it

  3. henry : aiya ppl never drink b4..try also canot meh..=Pi know u like alcohol bha..don like that eh dear..hahaha XD

    sharon : what pee just taste bitter only bha..go sell it lah if u dont want to drink..haha got $$$$$$$$ back de wor...hahaha XD