Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucky Day

today we hav a Royal China there..D Junction thr was really awsome day coz we it was a happy n simple day for us..when we arrive at thr..we saw a couple with a children..1st 1st i thought it was their daughter..but eventually its their grandaughter..hahahaha XD i was sooo miss understanding with the concept of looking in their age..they really look alike..n the kd its very cute n prety..i kepp on watching the kid with my sparkling eyes(konon)..hahahahah XD

that kid is very brave she wants to go up the stage n sing it out loud..but she return to her sit n ask her grandparents to accompany her to sing..haha XD she was really cute..i wanna took pic of her but then i scare that she cry or run away from me..n my hp camera sucks..XP..

then on the lucky draw time..we were sooo lucky that we won a was funn..we got
4ticket loteri = (4 x RM3per ticket loteri) + RM30 2nd lucky draw = RM42
hahahaha aren't we lucky..but then we don know if we got win the loteri or not lah...

but then my mom said that its was her 1st time to get a lucky draw price for twice..were soo lucky..although it was a small price but we felt very  happy n satisfy with it..coz we really enjoy our dinner n lucky draw night..soo it was really worth it n awesome day for us...

that why i was sooo freaking lucky to get chosen for the plkn..soo hopefully i can braven up myslef so i wont scare anymore..n i really want ur support my friends who read this blog..hopefully i can perform well in plkn n do my best to get a lot of experience..MAY GOD BLESS US ALL...=)


  1. i wish that u win the lottery then u will treat me everyday when im in kk... muahahahha!

  2. NOOOOO!! i will put in the bank anyways..haha XD its my mom's property liao..haha XD