Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tug of war day

going for the competition at 1pm
but they postpone till 2pm
coz the basketball team not yet finish their match..
so they can hav an hour rest b4 they start the tug of war

b4 2pm i call max so we can go out since she hav car 2 drive
soo we went to yen ai thr..coz max is not feeling well n doesn't have the mood to eat..
she even muntah her all her herbal tea out..eewww...haha
but then she feel more better after muntah lah..
ur getting more weaker n weaker max..aiyo..=/

then going to stts thr to start my competition..
the 1st round boys start 1st..
but then our team orange hse came late so they were sad
then the next team is our turn after the boys..
even the girls also very little ppl..but they gave us time
find ppl lah..n some of them manage to come back in time
so we hav enough time n did not disqualified..

then after our turn we heard that our hse has been given a chance to start the match again..
soo its very lucky that the red hse gave us another chance..
haha..n the boys win over red hse..hahaha XD

then girls won 2times just lost to the red hse only..
i'm tired now..but we hav a lot of fun thr..
n i get to know more friends through thr..=)
happy happy day..