Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i really like bittergourd especially when it became
'niong fu ka'...hahaha XD
it has a slightly bitter taste..
it also has the bitter sweet ascent ..
when it was cooked n became 'niong fu ka'
it has a sweetness more than the bitterness in it..
it taste even more nicer because it was cooked with soy sauce..
then to make it more tastier..i recommend that
put 1biji of kitchai..n a teaspoon of lada..
it is based on ur taste n the amount of the bittergourd..
it tast even more nicer...especially when my grandma cooked it..
it has a nostalgic flavour it in..
it was really awesome..

so in real life..
mayb we are not that perfect
or even face a lot of dificulties when comes to family or in work
but if we manage to get through all the pain n suffering
blissfull will come through to u in no time
with all the effort or suffering u had done..
n because of the hardwork that have been made..
by adding something different or change the way of ur path
 will make ur life happy and more meaningfull not only urself
but all ur family n friends who care bout u
its like when u think back those time when u were fighting
for what u want..its all worth it..
because we make a right decision for our own life into a blissfull life..
so change ur old attitude n make ur life blissfull from now on..
n think carefully b4 u make a wrong decision..
sooo GoodLuck EveryOne..

p/s : i suddenly think of this when i want to describe the tastyness of my 'fu ka'..hahaha =P

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