Sunday, April 25, 2010

what a day again!

wake up late today
suppose to go out eat breakfast at all saints thr
bangun lambat
buy ngiu chap as LUNCH! not breakfast anymore..haha
after that sleep like a pig till 5pm then wake up
after wake up my mom ask me what  u want to eat for dinner
i was like.. huh!? macam baru makan mau makan lagi??? xD
then my bro say wanna eat KFC!
doesn't want to eat that..but no choice
don know want to eat what...
so just KFC loh!

then me n my bro download lots of stupid stuff
google chrome lah,
something thats with in chinese word (download songs very fast),
then photoscape lah ( last week..i think)
looks crowded with all stuf..but i think its fun GUA!!! XD
don know why we download lots of stuuf like those
makan tempat jak..XD

n i try to SS again so i can edit a pic..haha
LOVE!? ♥

just edited 1 pic..malas want to take a lot..
not always change profile pic oso..XD
God Bless Us All!!

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