Friday, April 9, 2010

study and time!?

just start my study..
still dont hav the mood to study
since my assignment still not yet finish
but i try to study now
coz exam is going to be next week
n i'm very nervous about it..

n now i hav to pay my new semester fees already
when i received the letter i felt like
time passess so fast in just one blink
everyday do the samething like nothing happen at all
but time runs every day, every hours, every minutes, every second

and my parents are getting older n older now..
pain here n there..makes me heartaches
but then what did i do for them??
nothing but lazy lazy n lazy..
so i try to study very hard if my brain want to absorb it..haha
make more $$$$$ for my parents so that they can live a more comfortable life
that is what i think my point of study..i think..

or i just married a rich guy
then i bodek all his $$$ or cheat him so i can get alot of $$$
hahahahaha LOL!!! just imagine only..

All the best in my life
n God Bless Us All..

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